Complete Poffin Recipe Guide for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

I placed two Sweet berries in here, so why did it turn into a Sweet-Sour Poffin?

Poffins, or Pokémon Muffins, are food in the Sinnoh region that you feed to raise one or more of your Pokémon’s five attributes: Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, and Toughness. These attributes need to be high if you want to win Super Contests in Hearthome City.

Winning Super Contests can do two things for you:

  • Get your Pokémon framed inside the Super Contest Hall.
  • Earn you an invitation to the Ribbon Syndicate in the Resort Area later on.

However, you can’t just give your Pokémon random Poffins and hope that they’ll get those attributes maxed out. Here’s a Poffin recipe guide to help.

What is Poffin Smoothness?

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Before we talk about how to make Poffins, let’s first cover Poffin Smoothness.

Every Poffin fed to your Pokémon makes its Sheen go up (which you can check in the Pokémon’s summary). Once those line of Sparkles at the bottom reach the end, you can no longer feed them anymore Poffins. The value that’s added to your Sheen is dependent on the Smoothness of the Poffin you give them.

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The Smoothness of your Poffin, meanwhile, depends on the Berries you use to make it. Every Berry flavor raises a particular attribute: Spicy for Coolness, Dry for Beauty, Sweet for Cuteness, Bitter for Cleverness, and Sour for Toughness. Each Berry has one or multiple flavors with varying intensity (10 to 40). The stronger its flavors are, the higher its Smoothness (and attribute boost!) will be.

Below are Berry flavor values for your reference, grouped by their Smoothness.

Berries with a Smoothness of 20:

Leppa Berry10101010
Oran Berry10101010
Persim Berry10101010
Lum Berry10101010
Sitrus Berry 10101010
Razz Berry1010
Bluk Berry1010
Nanab Berry1010
Wepear Berry1010
Pinap Berry1010
Pomeg Berry101010
Kelpsy Berry101010
Qualot Berry101010
Hondew Berry101010
Grepa Berry101010

Berries with a Smoothness of 25:

Cheri Berry10
Chesto Berry10
Pecha Berry10
Rawst Berry10
Aspear Berry10
Figy Berry15
Wiki Berry15
Mago Berry15
Aguav Berry15
Iapapa Berry15

Berries with a Smoothness of 30:

Tamato Berry2010
Cornn Berry2010
Magost Berry2010
Rabuta Berry2010
Nomel Berry1020
Occa Berry1510
Passho Berry1510
Wacan Berry1510
Rindo Berry1015
Yache Berry1015
Chople Berry15  10 
Kebia Berry1510
Shuca Berry1015
Coba Berry1015
Payapa Berry1015

Berries with a Smoothness of 35:

Spelon Berry3010
Pamtre Berry3010
Watmel Berry3010
Durin Berry   3010
Belue Berry1030
Tanga Berry2010
Charti Berry1020
Kasib Berry1020
Haban Berry1020
Colbur Berry1020
Babiri Berry2510
Chilan Berry2510
Roseli Berry2510

Berries with a Smoothness of 40:

Liechi Berry301030
Ganlon Berry301030
Salac Berry301030
Petaya Berry303010
Apicot Berry103030

Berries with a Smoothness of 50:

Lansat Berry3010301030
Starf Berry3010301030

Berries with a Smoothness of 60:

Enigma Berry4010
Micle Berry4010
Custap Berry4010
Jaboca Berry4010
Rowap Berry1040

The Poffin’s Smoothness is determined by the average Smoothness of the Berries that you use (rounded down) minus the number of Berries used. Therefore, a Berry with a Smoothness of 20 and 25 together will yield a Poffin with a Smoothness of 20.

But a word of caution: do not use more than two of the same Berries when cooking. This will turn the Poffin into a Foul Poffin. Not only are Foul Poffins automatically low-levelled, but they will also boost three random attributes, which won’t help you if you’re trying to max out certain ones.

How to get the right Poffin flavor

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The Poffin’s flavor isn’t just determined by the intensity of certain flavors in your Berries—what these flavor are weakened by also matters. Below is a quick chart:

Berry flavorSpicySourBitterSweetDry
Weakened byDrySpicySourBitterSweet

Therefore, if you use a Magost (Sweet and Bitter) and Aspear (Sour) Berry, you’d end up with a Sweet-Sour Poffin.

The only exception is when the weakened flavor overpowers the flavor it's weak to. So, if you had a Shuca (Spicy 10, Sweet 15) and Belue (Spicy 10, Sour 30) Berry, you'd end up with a Poffin with all three flavors. This is called a Rich Poffin.

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Successful Poffins can have up to three flavors. If it's double flavored, the flavor that comes first will raise that particular attribute more. As such, a Dry-Sour Poffin will raise Toughness a little bit, but bump the Pokémon's Beauty a lot.

The Mild Poffin that you received with the case, which raises all five stats, cannot be replicated. However, you can still create Mild Poffins by cooking any Poffin that ends up level 50 or higher.

How to make high level Poffins

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A Poffin’s levels are determined by the quality of berries that you use and how well you do during the cooking phase. If you don’t burn or spill the mix, the Poffin’s level is equal to the strength of its strongest flavor. For example, a Poffin created with just a Magost Berry will end up a level 20 (because of its Sweetness). If you do burn or spill it, expect to get level deductions.

If you use two or more Berries, its Poffin level amount to the total number of its strongest flavor. As such, a Rabuta (Bitter 20) and Rindo (Bitter 15) Berry together will end up a level 35 Poffin. If there's a Berry that's partially Sour, the flavor value of Sour needs to be deducted since Bitter is weakened by it.

Poffin levels can be raised if you cook faster as well, so try and mix the batter as fast as you can without spilling. The minigame automatically ends at 60 seconds, and the Poffin level is set to its base number when it happens.

How to make great Poffins

To summarize:

  1. Always use Berries with stronger flavors on the attributes you want to raise.
  2. Avoid Berries with weak flavors, as the Poffins they make will just increase Sheen without maximizing the attribute.
  3. Always cook with as many Berries as possible. This will make the Poffin’s Smoothness lower.
  4. Keep in mind what flavors cancel others out.
  5. Do not use more than one of the same Berry to cook or your Poffin will fail.

And that’s all you need to know, really. We hope this guide has helped you understand why Poffins don’t always turn out the level and flavor that you want them to be, at least. Good luck, Contestant!

For more help with Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, we at Pro Game Guides have you covered.

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