Remnant: From the Ashes Armor Sets – How-to Find Hidden/Secret Sets!

We're taking a look at how-to track down all of the armor sets in Remnant: From the Ashes!

Our Remnant: From the Ashes Armor Sets Guide features a full list of the sets that are available in the game! These locations can sometimes be difficult to find, so our guide focuses on locating these hidden areas and letting you know exactly how-to acquire the armor.

There's a lot of different armor sets to choose from in Remnant. While some of it can be earned by completing quests, there's a fair bit of sets that are hidden and much harder to locate. If you're looking to collect 'em all, check out the options we've gathered up below.

Remnant: From the Ashes Armor Set List

Here's a look at a list of armor sets you can acquire in the game. We're still compiling the full list currently, so let us know in the comments if you've found one we're missing!

Adventurer Armor Set

This is the armor set you start out with. The hat is currently not available is far as we know.

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Opportunist

Increases chance to get loot from destroying breakables.

  • One Piece: +10% Chance
  • Two Pieces: +20% Chance
  • Three Pieces: +35% Chance

Akari Armor Set

You need to find Glow Rods, these can randomly be found on the ground in dungeons. Three are required to unlock all of the armor, but you will likely not find them all in a single play through. Once you find one, head to the Vault of the Herald where you can place the Glowing Rods.

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Opportunist

Perfect Dodging enemy attacks increases Melee Damage and Crit Chance for 10 seconds.

  • One Piece: +15% Melee Damage and Crit Chance
  • Two Pieces: +30% Melee Damage and Crit Chance
  • Three Pieces: +50% Melee Damage and Crit Chance

Bandit Armor Set

The first thing you are going to need to do is collect the Pocket Watch. This can be done using our other guide. As a quick summary, you just need to go to Mud Tooth's Hideout, talk to Mud Tooth who is in the broken down helicopter in a tree, listen to all of his stories, and he will reward you with the pocket watch. If you need more information then that, check out the guide!

You'll need to then find the boss Brabus. This is a random boss event on Earth, you will just need to luck into it unfortunately. Once you do find this boss, he will ask you about the pocket watch. Tell him that Mud Tooth gave it to you, and he will ask for you to give it to him. Here's where you have to make your final choice. If you hand it over to him, he will give you the Bandit Armor. If not, you will fight. Keep in mind, if you don't have the watch on you, then this will be an immediate fight!

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Freeloader

Chance to replace spent bullet on hit.

  • One Piece: 10% Chance
  • Two Pieces: 20% Chance
  • Three Pieces: 35% Chance

Cultist Armor Set

Obtained from Rigs when starting as an Ex-Cultist. You'll be able to purchase this from Riggs with other classes.

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Blood Pact

Critical Hits generate additional mod power.

  • One Piece: +15% Mod Power on Crits
  • Two Pieces: +30% Mod Power on Crits
  • Three Pieces: +50% Mod Power on Crits

Drifter Armor Set

To locate the Drift Armor Set, head to the Founder's Hideout on Earth. Head up the stairs and into a room with a bulletin board and a bookshelf. Break the bookshelf and you will find a hidden area with stairs behind the wall.

Go up the stairs and you'll eventually come to a room with a lore book. In this room will also be the Drifter's Overcoat and Drifter's Trousers. This isn't the full set, but the other piece can be found after the first boss in the street. I will update this with the exact location in the near future!

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Wanderer

Stamina usage is reduced.

  • One Piece: -10% Stamina Usage
  • Two Pieces: -20% Stamina Usage
  • Three Pieces: -35% Stamina Usage

Elder Armor Set

You can obtain this on Yaesha via a random dungeon. the area looks like a temple and there will be a wolf door that lights up. You'll need to survive the onslaught of enemies to gain access to the armor.

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Believer

Chance to not consume Dragonheart on use.

  • One Piece: 10% Chance
  • Two Pieces: 20% Chance
  • Three Pieces: 30% Chance

Hunter Armor Set

Obtained from Rigs when starting as a Hunter. You'll be able to purchase this from Riggs with other classes.

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Sharpshooter

Increases Weak Spot damage on targets greater than 15 meters away.

  • One Piece: +7% Weakspot Damage
  • Two Pieces: +15% Weakspot Damage
  • Three Pieces: +25% Weakspot Damage

Osseous Armor Set

You will need to use the Rhom Wasteland Merchant waypoint. Look for the small connecting hallway between two larger hallways right near the waypoint. In this area, you'll find a bandaged dog and a blind merchant. What you need to do is keep talking to him and giving him 100 scrap for each of his secrets. Once you've exhausted everything he knows, he will have the option available to purchase the armor. The helmet is 700, husk/body piece is 1,750, and the boots/kilt are 1,050 scrap.

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Bloodlust

Killing an enemy increases damage dealt for 5 seconds.

  • One Piece: +7% Damage
  • Two Pieces: +15% Damage
  • Three Pieces: +25% Damage

Radiant Armor Set

You can obtain two pieces of Radiant Armor from the Stuck Merchant on Yaesha. Just talk to her and run her out of dialogue and she will reward you with the chest and leg pieces. You can find the helmet to complete the set inside a dungeon on Yaesha which can be opened with a key from the Stuck Merchant's chariot (behind it). The vendor in Yaesha does not always spawn, so you have to get lucky.

Here's the location of the helmet piece:

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Momentum

Critical Hits increase Crit Chance and Crit Damage for 2 seconds. Stacking up to 10 times.

  • One Piece: 0.75% Crit Chance and Damage
  • Two Pieces: 1.5% Crit Chance and Damage
  • Three Pieces: 2.5% Crit Chance and Damage

Scrapper Armor Set

Obtained from Rigs when starting as a Scrapper. You'll be able to purchase this from Riggs with other classes.

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Challenger

Increases damage dealt to all enemies within 2.5 meters.

  • One Piece: +5% Damage
  • Two Pieces: +10% Damage
  • Three Pieces: +15% Damage

Slayer Armor Set

You will need to kill Ixillis, it's part of a story mission quest (it's pretty late in the game). You will then obtain the Guardian's Heart. Once you have that, travel to The Elf Queen in Corsus. Hand over the heart to the Elf Queen and she will reward you with the Slayer Armor Set as well as a new Crossbow.

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Assassin

Reloading increases the damage dealt on the next shot within 1 second.

  • One Piece: +10% Damage
  • Two Pieces: +20% Damage
  • Three Pieces: +35% Damage

Twisted Armor Set

To get access to the Twisted Armor Set you'll have to run into a random boss fight on Earth where you fight The Root Shrine. You just need to survive the area, a bunch of monsters will spawn and you'll need to kill them all.  Once you finish the quest, you'll be able to craft the Twisted Armor. It will cost you 10 Lumenite Crystals in total to craft the whole set.

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Regrowth

Slowly regenerates health over time.

  • One Piece: +0.15 Health Per Second
  • Two Pieces: +0.238 Health Per Second
  • Three Pieces: +0.333 Health Per Second

Void Armor Set

Head on over to The Monolith which is located on Rhom from Ward 13. Right where you spawn via the checkpoint is a puzzle you'll need to solve. You press down the floor plates until you've pushed down 10 of them. Once you've completed that, a room will open up in the area and you can go down into it and collect the Void Armor. You can do this by trial and error, because each puzzle will be different. If you fail the puzzle, some monsters will spawn, so be careful! Here's an example of someone solving it:

Once you go down into the area, you'll be able to purchase the three pieces of the Void set. Skull costs 500, Carapace is 1,250, and the Greaves are 750 scrap.

Armor Set Piece Bonus: Vengeance

Taking enemy damage increases damage dealt for 13 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.

  • One Piece: +4% Damage
  • Two Pieces: +8% Damage
  • Three Pieces: +13% Damage
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  1. On the void armor set there is a solution to the floor puzzle on one of the walls directly behind the building at the monolith crystal. Example:. On my playthrough mine was on the back of the wall to the right of the opening leading to the Undying King’s tower, tho I have seen it on the wall to the left of that same opening almost all of the way over.

    1. Edit:. The symbols on the wall are the same as the symbols on the tile equalling the direction that you have to go with each symbol equalling one floor tile.

  2. For anyone else wondering, I found the drifter’s helmet in the first dungeon, laying next to a skeleton. Seemed random.

    1. It’s random.. I found mine after the root mother hidden in a building..