Remnant: From the Ashes Weapons – How-to Find Hidden/Secret Guns & Melee Weapons!

We're taking a look at all of the hidden weapon options in Remnant: From the Ashes!

Our Remnant: From the Ashes Weapons List Guide features a list of weapons that are hidden or secret that you can find around the map or by slaying monsters in the game! If you're looking to change up your loadout, then we've got a bunch of options listed below that will do the job for you.

Here's a look at a list of a bunch of different guns and melee weapons that you can acquire in the game. We're still compiling the full list currently, so let us know in the comments if you've found one we're missing!

Remnant Long Guns

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle can only be acquired in a random event called Supply Run, in Sorrow's Field Dungeon on Earth. You have to complete the dungeon to get access to this weapon, but you need to find the Monkey Key located within this dungeon to unlock the door to claim it.

Beam Rifle

The Beam Rifle can be found in Rhom, in The Lost Gantry random event. You'll need to survive while a bunch of monsters spawn in waves. Once you've completed that, the nearby door will unlock where the weapon is hidden.

Chicago Typewriter

To get the Chicago Typewriter, you must complete the event A Tale of Two Liz's. This is a random event in Land's End located on Earth. The weapon can only be acquired if both Liz's are alive after the event has ended, to get the key to where the Typewriter is located. If one falls, you will not get the key.

Eye of the Storm

Fires a projectile that deals 40 SHOCK damage and applies the OVERLOADED effect. Overloaded enemies will explode when they get close dealing 200 SHOCK damage within a 4.5 meter blast radius

In Yaesha, when you're just about to the Totem Father boss fight, you'll see a totem nearby you can shoot. Make sure the BLUE totem is facing towards you (you might not need to do anything). Go and slay the boss as normal, this will earn you the Totem Antler. Take that to McCabe in Ward 13. Give her the antler, 7 Lumenite Crystal, and 650 Scrap to craft the Eye of the Storm.

Particle Accelerator

Fires a concentrated gravity core which upon impact deals 50 damage and opens a black hole pulling enemies towards it for 5 seconds. Overflowing from the energy drawn in, the black hole will become unstable and explode dealing 250 damage within 5 meters

To obtain the Particle Accelerator, you will need to fight and kill Claviger, who can be found in The Spindle at Rhom. You'll need to prevent the boss from absorbing one of the Vyr monsters that spawn throughout the fight. If you do so, you will earn the Void Silver item.

Go back to Ward 13 and head over to McCabe. This will cost you the Void Silver Material, 7 Lumenite Crystal, and 650 Scrap to craft.

Ricochet Rifle

The Ricochet Rifle can be found in Yaesha in the Forgotten Undercroft. Upon locating the weapon, the Blink Thief will appear and steal it. You must then chase the thief to three locations. In each of these locations you have 12 seconds to defeat the Blink Thief. If successful you will get the Ricochet Rifle.

Sniper Rifle

Head on over to The Church on Earth via the checkpoint fast travel system in Ward 13. Run straight into the church area, and go into the left doorway. Once inside, go all the way down the hall into the room with pipes and a stairwell on the left. Go down the stairs on the left, go into the room with the broiler, and there will be a breakable crate. Break this create and you will find the Sniper Rifle.

Remnant Hand Guns

Magnum Revolver

You will need to find the Strange Coin key item. This is found near a corpse at the end of the first dungeon. Bring the coin to Ward 13 and give it to Ace. She'll give you the revolver as a reward.

Machine Pistol

To get the Machine Pistol, you have to restore power to the main floor of Ward Prime in the Subject 2923 DLC. Once this is done, head to the small office and interact with the computer located in the middle. Enter the password in the following order:

  • 2
  • 4
  • 1
  • 3
  • 5
  • 1

The door will open and the Machine Pistol can be acquired.

SMG (Submachine Gun)

At Ward 13, which is the main hub, go into the room where there's a directory, you'll see a stairwell nearby. Go down the stairs to B2, go into the room and you will need a Ward 13 keycard to open up a door. Scavenge around the area, there's some pretty good items and things to find around here. You'll eventually find a fuse, once you do, take that down to B3 which is the research area. Insert the fuse into the fuse box and then turn it on. This will allow you to unlock the door that opens up the area. Once you've opened the door, go back to the fuse-box and turn off the power. Go back to where you opened the door, and go through the now turned off exhaust fan so you can get the Ward 13 Master Key.

Go back up to B2, and head down the long hallway and you'll eventually run into a door that requires the key. Unlock the that door, and you'll find the Submachine Gun on one of the desks. This process is slightly confusing, so check out this video if you're having trouble:

Twin Shot

Image via fextralife

The Twin Shot can only be obtained in the Subject 2923 DLC. You must complete the random event Creeper's Peepers in the Reisum—Watcher's Hollow. Finish Watcher's Hollow, and acquire the Servant Cage Key. Go back to the entract of the dungeon and open up the cage. Kill Emin to acquire Creeper's Peepers.

Now go outside the Dungeon, and look for a statue missing an eye. Insert Creeper's Peepers into the statue, and a nearbyu door will open, and inside is the Twin Shot.

Remnant Melee Weapons


Cold Strike—Strikes Apply Frostbite stacks.Charge attacks apply 2 stacks per hit.

Frostborne can only be acquired from the Subject 2923 DLC. Players need to complete the Felmourn Burrow event, and destroy the bookshelves, then the wall behind them to reach this melee weapon.

Riven Scythe (Melee)

Leeches damage dealt to the target and returns it as Health to the wielder

This is more of a late game item, you'll need to slay Ixillis in Crosus for the Guardian's Heart. Head to the Undying Throne in Rhom via the travel stone. Bring the Guardian's Heart to the Undying King and he will reward you with the Riven Scythe. Keep in mind that you can also choose to bring the Guardian's Heart to the Elf Queen for the Slayer Armor. Learn more about that here.

Scar of the Jungle God (Wolverine Claws, Melee)

Has a 36% chance of applying the BLEEDING effect on the target dealing 150 damage over 15 seconds. Charge attacks have a 100% chance to apply the BLEEDING effect.

This one is a bit harder to explain, but on your way to the Ravager boss you'll come across some bells. If you play the "Lullaby Song" by hitting the bells in the right order, you will calm the beast. Here's the song you will need to play, just shoot the bells with the correct symbols in order:

Credit to Gareirg on Reddit for the image. Speak to Ravager, he's in the cave on the left side of the area. You'll go through some long dialogue, but at the end of it he will give you Stalker's Claw. Head back to Ward 13 and go to McCabe. Give her the Stalker's Claw, 7 Lumenite Crystal, and 650 Scrap and she will craft the the claws!

The Lost Harpoon (Melee)

Increases damage on each successive hit by 10% for 15 seconds. Can be stacked 5 times.

You'll need to find The Harrow boss. Once you engage with him, you need to hit him in the leg with some fast high damage. This will stagger the boss, once this happen, run around to his back and you should be able to grab The Lost Harpoon from the boss's back! Go ahead and slay the boss as normal, and you should end up with The Lost Harpoon!

Wastelander Flail

The Wastelander Flail can be acquired by completing the random event called The Clean Room in Rhom. The main premise of that event is that you will continously be losing Health. To regain health you must kill enemies which will restore you health. You need to get to the end of this dungeon to acquire the Flail.

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  1. I found a hunting pistol as a reward for getting into the end of a quest… it’s pretty much a sniper pistol… a very good early game weapon as it one shots most enemies at the cost of 16 ammo carried at a time, and great for Sniper builds

    I forgot what the name of the quest was but it’s the one where the person is very sick and tells you about her safe room and gives you the key. Also there is traps everywhere

    1. It the hunter pistol or hunting pistol.