The Bawabawa boss in Type Soul
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All Boss Drops, Locations, and Respawn Timings in Type Soul

Know all the drop rewards for each boss in Type Soul!

The best way to get various accessories and other materials in Type Soul is by defeating the different bosses in the game. So, if you don't know what these bosses drop, their location, or the respawn timings, here is a guide outlining all the mentioned aspects.

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All World and Raid Bosses in Type Soul - Roblox

Below, I have mentioned all the bosses in Type Soul, both World and Raid Types. Use the table below as a reference and farm the materials/items of your choice.

World Bosses

Boss NameLocationTimingsDrop Rewards
BawabawaThe boss is inside a black pit in the western side of Hueco MondoSpawns every 40 minutesSR Hibernal Cloak, Saunder Cloak, Arrancar Hibernal Cloak, Vokun Furcloak, Cacoa Ruler Cloak, Hollow Essence, Soul Ticket
JidanboYou can find the boss near a staircase inside the Soul SocietySpawns every 40 minutesMugetsu Mask, Mugetsu Wrapping, Keisuke's Robe, Shinigami Asura Pants, Arrancar Asura Pants, Soul Ticket, Neutral Asura Pants
SachielSachiel is present at the construction site in Karakura TownSpawns every 40 minutesDimensional Shard

Raid Bosses

The Kisuke Raid Boss NPC in Type Soul
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Unlike the world bosses, you can only face raid bosses in the game by entering into the raid boss world. To do this, party up with your friends and speak to the Kisuke NPC sitting on a bench in a small alley of Karakura Town. You can easily find this alley if you go towards the right side of the Nelliel NPC, who stores all your valuable items in the game.

A Type Soul Raid Boss Voting System
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After your interaction, you will be transported into the raid boss world. Here, you will be presented with a list of raid boss options to fight. Vote for the boss you want to fight and close the menu. Once the voting period expires, the boss with the most number of votes will spawn on the server. Battle the boss and defeat it to get rewards.

Boss NameLocationTimingsDrop Rewards
Afro, Captain of the 8th DivisionInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingCursed Pants
Cassie, The UnohanaInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingStorming Beast, Bleeding Willows, Cursed Pants, Benevolent Scarlet
Dark Feng, Head CaptainInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingFeng Star, Dark Feng Headband
Data Bach, The AlmightyInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingAlmighty Cloak
JJacky, Captain of the 3rd DivisionInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingFlying Hurricane
Josh, The Bone KingInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingBone Mask, Bone Armor
Kalin Jaegerjaquez, The Tiger KingInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingTrue Kalin's Cape, Tiger's Kings Pant
Khan Sosuke, Captain of the 6th DivisionInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingForbidden Blindfold
Min Starrk, King of Hueco MundoInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingStarrk Pelt, Min Starrk Mask, Wheel of Adaptions
Prox Du, The FearInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingSun of Revival
Ryuroi Zarak, The First KenpachiInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingBerserker Wraps
Set Sozosei, Captain of the 7th DivisionInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingSeventh Thunder
Shoba Abarai, Former Captain of the 12th DivisionInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingStrongest Shades
Tang Shutara, Captain of the 2nd DivisionInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingCrimson Spider Lily
Wrath Hyosube, Captain of the 9th DivisionInside the Raid Boss WorldBased on VotingSiphon's Ticker

How do you defeat a boss in Type Soul?

Irrespective of the boss type, you can easily defeat any boss in Type Soul by following the given steps.

  • Aggressive Approach: Always be aggressive towards your enemy from the start by attacking and blocking their moves. Doing this compels the boss to use their powerful/game-changing abilities pretty early, allowing you to play more freely in late-game scenarios. So, be ruthless and bait out such moves very early.
  • Combos: Similar to a PVP Fight, perform a lot of combos against your bosses to emerge victorious. If you are a soul reaper, use a lot of shikai and weapon-based combos where hollows can use their segunda and other forms to inflict damage.
  • Bringing Team Mates: Nearly all the boss fights in the game allow you to team up with your friends and complete it as a co-op mission. So, invite your in-game or Discord friends to make the fight much more effortless.
  • Cheesing: Though I don't recommend cheesing, it is one of the best ways to farm bosses in Type Soul. For example, there is a famous bug that provides permanent immunity to players if they counter pressure shifts at the right time. So, ask your friends to hit you with such abilities before any boss fights to win easily.

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All Boss Drops, Locations, and Respawn Timings in Type Soul

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