All Vehicles in Roblox Adopt Me | Rare, Ultra-Rare, and Legendary Adopt Me Vehicles

There are so many vehicles in Roblox Adopt Me that players might not know what vehicles are in the game or were in Adopt Me in the past. If you are trying to figure out the rarity of a certain vehicle, wanting to learn which vehicles are on sale, or any other reason, read this article!

Adopt Me Vehicles List

The list below compiles all of the past and present vehicles seen in the game Adopt Me. They have been divided into categories by rarity. There are also sections for vehicles that don't have a rarity ranking, like event vehicles. Please note that No Longer Available means not for sale, but that it may be traded. Unobtainable means a vehicle can not be purchased or traded. Some items are marked as Gifts, meaning they are part of a random probability gift box system of Adopt Me, which has multiple tiers of pricing.

Common Vehicles

Vehicles with common rarity are your base vehicles. These are the items that you can get for cheap prices. They will have a high chance of being earned from random gift drops. Common Vehicles are often in more simplistic colors and designs, not really including the iconic vehicles you may see other players flaunting.

Scooters (No Longer Available):

  • Black (Gifts)
  • Blue (Gifts)
  • Neon Black (Gifts)
  • Pink (Gifts)
  • White (Gifts)

Skateboards (No Longer Available):

  • Black (Gifts)
  • Blue (Gifts)
  • Pink (Gifts)
  • White (Gifts)

Snowboards (Unobtainable):

  • Adopt Me 1 (Gifts)
  • Adopt Me 2 (Gifts)
  • Black (Gifts)
  • Blue (Gifts)
  • Blue Neon (Gifts)
  • Gold (Gifts)
  • Green Neon (Gifts)
  • Ice (Gifts)
  • Orange Neon (Gifts)
  • Pink Neon (Gifts)
  • Roblox (Gifts)
  • Snow (Gifts)
  • White (Gifts)
  • White Neon (Gifts)

Showroom Cars:

  • Bike ($75)
  • Motorcycle ($400)
  • Multi-Bike ($300)


  • Roller Skates ($300 - No Longer Available)
  • Standard Unicycle ($120)
  • Standard Roller Skates ($300)

Uncommon Vehicles

With Uncommon Vehicles, you get a slightly more rare vehicle than the Common variety. These vehicles are still very accessible and have a decent probability when it comes to random prize gifts. They will have more unique designs such as glass or golden, which you cannot typically find with Common vehicles.

Scooters (No Longer Available):

  • Ice (Gifts)
  • Glass (Gifts)
  • Gold (Gifts)
  • Wood (Gifts)

Skateboards (No Longer Available):

  • Glass (Gifts)
  • Golden (Gifts)
  • Wood (Gifts)

Snowboards (Unobtainable):

  • Glass (Gifts)

Showroom Cars:

  • Car ($900)
  • Tiny Convertible ($1100)

Miscellaneous (No Longer Available):

  • Unicycle ($130)

Rare Vehicles

Your rare vehicles are the middle of the road for rarity, despite what their name implies. For casual players who do not want to spend a lot of time or money on trying to get the rarest vehicles, this is probably good enough for them. Your chances of getting these vehicles in random gifts are low, but not impossible. This is where you will begin to see more unique vehicles types, like the Futuristic Unicycle.

Scooters (No Longer Available):

  • Adopt Me! Boy (Gifts)
  • Adopt Me! Girl (Gifts)
  • Cupcake (Gifts)
  • Doge (Gifts)
  • Duck (Gifts)
  • Emoji (Gifts)

Skateboards (No Longer Available):

  • Bethink (Gifts)
  • Doge (Gifts)
  • Fidget (Gifts)
  • Fissy (Gifts)
  • Melon (Gifts)

Showroom Cars:

  • Camper Van ($1600)
  • Offroader ($1200)

Showroom Cars (No Longer Available):

  • Convertible ($2100)
  • Moped ($800)

Star Rewards Vehicles:

  • Blue Rider (320 Stars)
  • Human Bubble (140 Stars)


  • Butterfly Roller Skates (Gifts)
  • Futuristic Unicycle (Gifts)
  • Surfboard ($600)
  • Pizza Unicycle (No Longer Available)
  • Speedboat ($2,500)

Ultra-Rare Vehicles

Ultra-Rare vehicles are the rarest of vehicles that are regularly attainable. These are still available in random gift prizes, albeit with very low chances. Unlike Legendary vehicles, you can still get most Ultra-Rare vehicles without spending Robux. These vehicles come in fun and different styles like neon, hoverboard, and more!

Scooters (No Longer Available):

  • Neon Blue (Gifts)
  • Neon Green (Gifts)
  • Neon Orange (Gifts)
  • Neon Pink (Gifts)
  • Neon Red (Gifts)
  • Neon White (Gifts)

Skateboards (No Longer Available):

  • Neon Black (Gifts)
  • Neon Blue (Gifts)
  • Neon Green (Gifts)
  • Neon Orange (Gifts)
  • Neon Pink (Gifts)
  • Neon Red (Gifts)
  • Neon White (Gifts)

Showroom Cars

  • Muscle Car ($1800)

Star Rewards Vehicles

  • Rocket Racer (500 Stars)

Premium Vehicles:

  • Go-Kart (Unobtainable)
  • Heart Hoverboard (Heart Hoverboard Gamepass)
  • Limo (V.I.P Gamepass)

Miscellaneous (No Longer Available):

  • Donut Unicycle (Gifts)

Legendary Vehicles

Legendary vehicles are extremely rare, meaning you likely won't see these everywhere when you log into Adopt Me. These vehicles are typically obtained through means like Star Rewards or by paying for them using Robux from the Roblox main site. The Legendary vehicles come in very stylized designs like Ice Cream Truck and Royal Carriage.

Star Rewards Vehicles

  • Witch's Caravan (600 Stars)

Premium Vehicles:

  • Axel (Supercars Gamepass)
  • Bubble Car (Ultra Cars Gamepass)
  • Douglas (Supercars Gamepass)
  • Ice Cream Truck (Ice Cream Truck Gamepass)
  • Luxury Car (Millionaire Mansion Gamepass)
  • Magical Girl Car (Ultra Cars Gamepass)
  • Prince Carriage (Royal Carriages Gamepass)
  • Princess Carriage (Royal Carriages Gamepass)
  • Royal Carriage (Royal Carriages Gamepass)
  • SUV (Celebrity Mansion Gamepass)
  • Tiffany (Supercars Gamepass)
  • Wing Truck Car (Ultra Cars Gamepass)

Legendary Gift Vehicles

Legendary Gift Vehicles are obtained by purchasing them from Gift Boxes seen on display right beside the school. These are given randomly to the player who has no idea what they will be getting when they buy the gift box. Many of these are not currently available, but it is possible they could come back into rotation in the future.

No Longer Available:

  • Bathtub (Gifts)
  • Banana Car (Gifts)
  • Bunny Carriage (Gifts)
  • Choo Choo Train (Gifts)
  • Cloud (Gifts)
  • Dogmobile (Gifts)
  • Donut Cycle (Gifts)
  • Hoverboard (Gifts)
  • Horse Cycle (Gifts)
  • Mono-Moped (Gifts)
  • Monocycle (Gifts)
  • Rocket Sled (Gifts)
  • Travelling House (Gifts)
  • Unicorn Cycle (Gifts)


  • Dino Truck (Gifts)
  • Hovercar (Gifts)
  • Imagination Box (Gifts)
  • Squirrel Car (Gifts)

Event Vehicles

There have many events in Adopt Me throughout the years. They even started adding vehicles as part of event items starting around 2018. The list below shows all of the vehicles that were offered in past events. These are not available for purchase, but they could be again in the future. We are not sure whether or not any of these vehicles can be traded. Event Vehicles are pretty rare since they are only available for a limited time.


  • Mystery Machine (Free)


  • Clown Unicycle (Monkey Boxes)


  • Daisy Unicycle ($500)
  • Sled (Christmas Gift)


  • Clown Car (Monkey Boxes)
  • Cookie Unicycle (Advent Calendar)
  • Flower Wagon ($3,000)
  • Ghost Vehicle (8,000 Candy)
  • Ice Queen Sleigh (Christmas Gift)
  • Lunar Muscle Car ($2,000)


  • Santa's Sleigh (Christmas Gift)
  • Pumpkin Carriage (63,000 Candy)
  • Ribcage Carriage (3000 Candy)

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