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Anime Crossover Defense Tier List – Roblox

Know the best characters in Anime Crossover Defense!

Anime Crossover Defense, a top-tier TDS experience, showcases various characters/units from multiple anime universes on the Roblox platform. While thrilling, this extensive roster can challenge new players when selecting their loadouts. But don't worry; if you're a beginner feeling unsure, we've got just the thing! Look at the tier list below to gain a strategic edge and understand the combat potential of all the units in the game.

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All Characters Tier List - Anime Crossover Defense

The below tier list ranks all the characters according to their rarity, price, and combat potential in all the game modes. Be sure to read until the end of the tier list to learn all the characters and pick the ones that match your current ranking in the game.

SModoro, Time Maid, White Moustache, Rengogo, Butterfly, Broccoli
AByakari, Blossom, Deo, Bob, Boulomi, Dark Invader, Eric
BMosshead, Curly Brows, Nirito, Joe, Carrot
CCat Burglar, Peaceful Jedi
DSneaky Toe, Ichytoe, Henry

Best Characters in Anime Crossover Defense

Below, I have listed all the units in Anime Crossover Defense and why they belong to a particular tier.

S- Tier

  • Modoro: Modoro is the best character in Anime Crossover due to his insane damage from his fireball ability, which can travel a long distance without any fall-off in its damage. The other best is the range and stun abilities, which can stop long queues and tilt the battle in your favor. I recommend spinning and obtaining Modoro if you want a solid loadout for your team.
  • Time Maid: The Time Maid is the best support unit in Anime Crossover Defense. It has everything you need from a support unit, like healing your allies, stopping time, and buffing all the nearby units. It is a must-have unit for every type of loadout in the game.
  • White Moustache: White Moustache is a tank-type unit in Anime Crossover Defense. Like most tank units, he has a lot of HP to soak up hits from enemies but lacks damage numbers. So, to use him best, place him near other damaged units.
  • Rengogo: Rengogo is a bleed-type unit in Anime Crossover Defense. Instead of dealing much damage quickly, his fireball attacks will passively chip off enemies' health over time. To get the best out of this unit, place him near the start of the levels.
  • Butterfly: Butterfly is one of the best units in the game because of its dual paths. The first path allows users to use her like a bleed-type damage character like Rengogo, while the other acts like a buff unit, scaling nearby enemies' speed and damage numbers.
  • Broccoli: If you want to farm coins in infinite mode, Broccoli should be on your list due to his fast attack speed and range. Pair him with other units like White Moustache and Rengogo for a balanced loadout.

A- Tier

  • Byakari: Byakari is a solid unit for dealing with AOE-type attacks in the game. It is mainly possible because of her homing missile, which has a significant damage area and range. She also has a unique ability that passively increases her attack numbers when she is near any allies.
  • Blossom: Blossom is the best buff unit for beginners in the game, as it is easily available and offers excellent speed/damage bonuses to nearby units.
  • Deo: If you love melee units, add Deo to your loadout. He has a very high damage number and can also periodically stun enemies. Though these are great, his highlight feature is the ability to increase his attack speed while hitting multiple enemies.
  • Boulmi: Boulmi is the best money unit in the game. Place her down to generate a lot of money, which you can use to equip other expensive units like White Moustache or Rengogo. Additionally, Boulmi can buff the damage stats of different units making them even more powerful against the waves of enemies.
  • Bob: Bob is a top-tier unit in Anime Crossover Defense due to its knockback effect, allowing you to stall enemies in endless modes where enemies tend to rush a lot. Other than that, Bob also has a decent range of damage numbers to target single-type units.
  • Dark Invader: The Dark Invader is a good range and damage number unit. On top of that, the unit also has a unique ability that increases his attack range when he is near multiple enemies.
  • Eric: Eren offers significant damage, attack speed stats, and a low-cost upgrade. The only downside is his range, which can prevent him from being used in large, open-spaced maps.

B- Tier

  • Mosshead: Being a free starter unit, Mosshead is an excellent unit in terms of damage numbers and range. You can use the unit to clear the initial story quest in the game without breaking a sweat, making life easier for newbie TDS players. The only downside is the costly upgrades as you progress.
  • Curly Brows: Sanji is a decent mid-tier unit with money generation and damage capabilities. While his damage skills are decent, you should incorporate him into your team mainly for his money buffs, making him the best alternative to Blossom.
  • Nirito: Nirito is known for his excellent AOE Type attack. Use him in infinite game mode to deal with much damage and eliminate group-type enemies.
  • Joe: Joe is a nice single-type unit in the game because of his damage and critical hits. Other than that, it is a standard mid-tier unit that suffers from range-related issues.
  • Carrot: Though Carrot has phenomenal range and damage numbers, it mainly suffers due to its single targeting factor. It can only switch to AOE/multiple enemy types after two upgrades.

C- Tier

  • Cat Burglar: The Cat Burglar is a decent support unit for beginners. Firstly, it provides money per wave and increases the nearby ally's attack speed.
  • Peaceful Jedi: Peaceful Jedi has one of the lowest DPS numbers in the game. Though the numbers are not that impressive, his upgrades are incredibly cheap, and with few upgrades, he can replicate damage numbers similar to units from B-tier.

D- Tier

  • Sneaky Clone: The Sneaky Clone should be a C-tier unit based on its damage and range numbers compared to other units in this tier. The only reason it belongs here is that it takes a lot of money to upgrade it to become effective in the game. Only equip Sneaky Clone if you have a lot of money-producing units in your loadout.
  • Henry: Like Sneaky Clone, Henry also needs help with the same problem of being valuable after multiple upgrades, even after having excellent damage and range stat to take down single-type enemies.
  • Ichytoe: Ichytoe is like the worst unit in Anime Crossover Defense as he only targets single units and has low damage numbers. Swap Ichytoes with other units from the upper tiers as soon as possible.

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