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GPO Fruit Tier List – Best Devil Fruits in Grand Piece Online

Wondering which Devil Fruit you should be looking for?

Devil Fruit is the most critical feature of Roblox's Grand Piece Online. Obtaining them can be challenging and require you to spend a bit of time farming, waiting, and hunting. Once you get one, though, PvE and PvP become a breeze. They give your character a special ability, each unique to the Fruit that you find. Some Fruits allow you to fly in the air, turn invisible, or walk on top of water.

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Best Devil Fruit in Grand Piece Online - GPO Fruit Tier List

Tier Devil Fruits
STori, Mera, Magu
AGoro, Hie, Suna, Pika
BGura, Bomu, Zushi
CHoro, Mero, Bari
DKilo, Suke, Spin, Gomu

All Devil Fruit Tier list in Grand Piece Online, ranked

While there are several different rarities of Fruit––commonrarelegendary, and mythical––that doesn't always mean the higher rarities have the best abilities. Each Devil Fruit has the power to assist with different things: ship farming, PvP, or PvE. The best Fruit will give you the strongest boosts for every aspect of GPO, whether you're fighting enemies, taking down ships, or battling other players. Here is a tier list of all the best Fruit from worst to best.

S Tier


Tori is a mythical Devil Fruit with the power to transform into a phoenix (and phoenix hybrid) at will. It is known to be the most animated Devil Fruit in the game, looking like a glowing orange and blue fruit with leaves that act like feathers. It is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, enabling the user to perform passive healing when harmed. It has an impressive 11 unique moves granting the user versatility while being able to heal up to 50% of all damage dealt.


Mera is a Legendary Devil Fruit of the Logia type. It grants its user the power of fire, being able to turn into a fire elemental and bend the element to their own will. Its passive grants Physical Immunity and +55 Striker Speed, adding burn damage and fire status.


Like Mera, Magu is another Logia-type Legendary Devil Fruit that grants its user the power of magma. It has very strong AoE, granting its user Physical Immunity passive and Water Walking.

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A Tier


Goro is a Legendary Logia-type Devil Fruit that grants its eater the elemental powers of lightning. It has great combo potential, making it excellent for PvP combat. Its passives grant Lightning Dash together with Physical Immunity.


Hie, also known as Ice Fruit, is a Legendary Logia-type Devil Fruit that gives its user the power to control ice. As you can probably guess, it's great for stunning other players in PvP by freezing them in place. High combo potential is also a factor with this Fruit, making it an excellent choice for arenas.


Suna is known as the Sand Fruit. Being a Legendary Logia type of Devil Fruit, it grants the user a Logia bar. This fruit also gives its eater extra pull range and Golden Hook mechanics, as well as Physical Intangibility.


Pika is a Legendary Devil Fruit of Logia type that grants its user the ability to control the light element. Its passives include Light Dash and Physical Intangibility. Its Light Ray ability is useful for farming bosses at safe distances, and Light Flight gives players the ability to forgo ships and travel between islands at great speeds.

B Tier


Gura is a Legendary Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gives users the ability to create tremors and powerful shockwaves. Its passive improves Bisento's Shockwave Slash to 3 slashes instead of 1 and increases the Heavy Sweep range. It's especially useful in PvP thanks to its block-breaking status on all moves. That being said, it doesn't deal enough damage to effectively fight PvE monsters, so use it carefully.


Bomu is a Rare Devil Fruit of Paramecia type, that grants its eater the ability to explode! This auto-destructive ability doesn't physically damage the user, no matter which body part detonates. Despite that, every move this fruit provides has some kind of AoE, making it an excellent crowd-control tool, especially because it uses very little stamina.


Zushi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit of Legendary rarity. It gives its user access to Hoverboard and Gravity Blade when consumed. It's passive provides +50 Speed to Hoverboard and Pull for Gravity Frenzy. These abilities make this fruit an ultimate commute tool, allowing you to quickly travel between islands.

C Tier


Horo is a Rare Paramecia-type of Devil Fruit that has the spooky ability to materialize ghosts and apparitions. It has good stun potential, making it useful for PvP fights.


Mero is the love fruit of Grand Piece Online, making everybody fall in love with the consumer. A Rare, Paramecia-type Devil Fruit grants the player love-related attacks and stuns that turn other players to stone, having a lot of PvP potential.


This Fruit is a Rare Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants the ability to set up invisible barriers. The eater also gets the Bullet Resistance (Barrier) passive, providing them with great defense as well. It is the only defensive Fruit in the game and is a great addition when fighting tough dungeon bosses.

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D Tier

Kilo Devil Fruit is a Common Paramecia-type Fruit that allows users to manipulate their own weight. Its Kilo Crash ability can deal extremely high damage and large AoE when performing attacks, albeit at a high stamina cost.


Suke is a Common type of Paramecia Devil Fruit that grants the eater invisibility. As a result, the player gets a passive that prevents NPCs from seeing the user while they're invisible. It is fairly easy to obtain but pretty useless, aside from enabling you to perform occasional sneak attacks.


Guru Guru no Mi, also known as the Spin Fruit, is a Common Paramecia type of Devil Fruit that allows players who consume it to spin their various body parts. The Spinning Cyclone is a great tool for extending combos and is known to deal extreme amounts of damage to opponents if the wielder invested enough into Devil Fruit Mastery.


Gomu is a Rare, Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that turns the consumer's body into rubber. It uses rather funny-looking attacks, with the Pistol attack being great for sniping and spamming opponents. Other attacks have longer cooldowns, and some, like Bazooka, are completely useless in fights.

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GPO Fruit Tier List – Best Devil Fruits in Grand Piece Online

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