How to Double Jump in Arsenal

If you've been playing some Arsenal in Roblox and have seen some players double jumping around the map then you might be wondering how you can do it! Well,  we'll explain exactly how to double jump in this guide. This is a pretty useful trick, so knowing what to do should help you get more eliminations and win more games of Arsenal!

How to Double Jump

To double jump in Arsenal, you will need specific weapons that allow you to jump twice in the game. Once you have one of these weapons equipped, you can hit spacebar twice on the PC or double tap the jump button on mobile to execute a second jump. You generally don't have much control over which guns and weapons you get to use in Arsenal, so you just have to wait until you are randomly equipped with one!

Double Jump Weapon List

Here's a look at the weapons you can double jump with:

  • Lever Shotgun
  • Spencer Carbine
  • Henry Rifle
  • Ice Stars
  • Golden Knife

Once you have one of these weapons equipped, you can then jump into the air and hit the jump button again to get a second boost. This is useful for getting up to higher areas quickly or escaping from harm. This is also particularly worthwhile when you're on the Golden Knife and you're trying to surprise someone to get the elimination!

Boost or Rocket Jumping

There's technically another way to "double jump" but it is more of a boost. You can use certain weapons to fire at the ground that will launch you in the air. You generally want to jump prior to doing this so you get a bigger boost.

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Razor Bomb
  • DBS
  • Concussion Rifle
  • DB Shotgun

You don't take fall damage in Arsenal, so launching yourself high into the air is great for surprising your opponent or getting to an area that players won't expect you to be in! However, you will take 1 damage from exploding yourself upward, so don't do it if you're at 1 health!

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  1. Thx now I can be epic pro arsenal gamer

  2. You could put the M79 and M16A2 also because you can also launch yourself with it but it has an upside down… Never shoot the M79/M16A2 into the ground with a roof or an object above you. You could get killed instantly. It’s a tip I learned.

  3. Thanks, really helpful.