How to get Rick’s Boom Box in Roblox

Another one of the seven relics for the Ready Player Two Virtual Treasure Hunt quest has been found, and it's Rick's Boom Box! Rick's Boom Box was found in the Roblox Vehicle Simulator game. Vehicle Simulator is very popular within the Roblox community, so many of you might already be familiar with how to play.

How to get Rick's Boom Box

To get Rick's Boom Box you will have to go into Vehicle Simulator. For this quest you will need the CMD Hovercar aka the DeLorean. If you don't have one, head over to the Supercars Car Dealership and buy one for $1985 in-game cash. You can hover in the DeLorean by clicking Y.

  • Drive to the Pawn Corp. Laboratory building (see map below), located near the Radio Tower. Once inside, head to the vending machine and type in the code in this exact order:
    • Chocolate. Dog. Cola. Pink. Glazed. Dog. Cola.
  • Take the elevator, which raised from the office desk. Once downstairs, walk around until you find the Pawn Labs AR Goggles on the floor.
  • Open your Phone and click Settings. Turn on Pawn Labs AR Goggles by clicking the check mark.
  • Now you have to find eight different hard drives, which are scattered across the map. See the map below to find all eight of the hard drives.
  • After collecting the hard drives, return to the Pawn Corp. Laboratory vending machine. Enter in the same code as before and go below ground. Enter the doorway that was previously locked and go down more stairs.
  • At the bottom, go left. Do not go into the green ooze. Instead, walk along the side of it until you reach the other side of the green ooze.
  • Spawn your car and drive to the end of the path. At the end is a room with a rocket.
  • Enter code 1985 to launch the rocket. Enter the rocket and sit before it launches!

Watch the cutscene and congratulate yourself for getting Rick's Boom Box!

Hard Drive Locations

To find all eight hard drives, reference this map below. The numbers on the map correspond to the list below. You will know you are near a hard drive because a ringing noise will chime.

  1. Ocean Academy: Enter from the front of the building. Take a right and go all the way down the hall. Follow this path left until you find the glowing hard drive.
  2. Drag Strip: This hard drive is located under the billboard outside of the Drag Strip.
  3. Fire Station: This hard drive is located just around the corner from the Fire Station, in front of a closed "Commerce" garage.
  4. Ship Yard: The hard drive is located inside of an open shipping container.
  5. Barn: This hard drive is located in front of the open barn doors.
  6. Hospital: This hard drive is located on the right side of the Hospital, in front of "Bon Bon Fire" graffiti.
  7. Mountains: This hard drive is located at the camp fire, in front of a tree.
  8. Mountain Loop/Ocean Dash: This hard drive is located at the top of the crane. Climb the crane to get the floppy disk.

Finding the hard drive locations can be difficult, so I recommend watching this video from DeeterPlays if you prefer some video assistance!

Need help finding the other Ready Player Two event quest items? We have guides in our Promo Codes List page for all of them. 



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How to get Rick’s Boom Box in Roblox

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  1. After I entered the code in the rocket area, the rocket just stays up in there is stuck. I wish they fixed that glitch.

  2. Thank you!You have helped me get th Rick’s Boom Box.

  3. here is some help. if you wear the goggles, once you are near the hard disk it will beep.

  4. Number 4 i think you had put the number at the wrong place.

  5. why i cant play vehicle simulator ? it s always crash and i cant play it.

    1. i think you must use another device, the crash happens to me also but i use another device and it work

  6. there is 9 hard disks where is 9?

    1. there is only 8 hard disk

  7. uh when i go to the first hard drive location at ocean academy, i just see a sentence says: ” Gotta Go Fast”, and the hard drive is nowhere. I tried to rejoin the game and all kind of stuff and still no hard drive. Does this mean the Rick Boom Box is unobtainable?

    1. you need to use the goggles on the settings

  8. I finally got it the Rick Boom box on the phone! I did it without the map

  9. I can’t find it in the fire station. Where is the one from the fire station?

    The firestation got updated.

    1. its somewhere around the fire station. they didn’t update it.

  10. Can someone please help me find the third hard drive? There’s no map on the mobile version which makes watching video tutorials very frustrating

  11. Can anyone tell me the location of the hard-drive the fire station, I cannot find it because it seems they updated the fire station?

    1. Can anyone help out with this?

      1. If u spawn as a police, go down then u will finda path going left and right. take the right path then u will see a bridge. it will be close there

        1. i kind lost the hard disk but i found it. its around the fire station with the red brick wall

  12. I got all of them it says I only have 7 thought
    can you help me and tell me ifthis happened to other people

  13. Don’t use i phone to get the boombox because there is no map.

  14. i finaly got all 8 hard drives

    1. Very nice!!

  15. I am still stuck trying to get the hospital one

  16. bro you need a phone for this? After putting in the code, your screen will glow green, go in the lab and loook for the goggles, you cant do this on pc or lap top or other device, only phone, bro thats so unfair

    1. There’s a phone settings in the game, Lol are you serious?

    2. Huh? I completed this on PC.

  17. I was putting in the stuff for the vending machine in the lab, and nothing happened. it didn’t even say I bought anything, I tried to reload the game and it still hadn’t worked.

  18. but do we only need the hovercar to fly through the green thing

  19. Where is num. 4

  20. i the hosipital one is even hrader i finished after watching the vid for the harbour but the hosipital one is so hard because the vid dont show u how to get to it it just show them getting it

    1. watch twiisted pandora

  21. ive been trying for two days now and i cant find it

  22. if its red without the ar gogles on i think ive found it but i cant find the hard drive

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  24. Why This Game For Get Rick Radio

  25. i typed and clicked on the things multipul times but nothing came up

    1. Are you sure you found all 8 of the hard drives?

  26. I want to ask a question if by chance your internet dies while doing the event will it save your progress because it was so hard to find the ship disk and after that i wanted to go to hospital but my internet died so will it save or not?

    1. I believe your progress will save, but I can’t 100% confirm.

      1. it saves

  27. I cant find no. 7 and 4

    1. Those ones are real tricky. You might have to run around some more until you find it. Listen up for the audio queues as well.

  28. Do you think that, let’s say, I found 3 hard drives but then somehow I lost connection of the internet and when I return in the game, do I need to restart all over again?
    btw thx a lot, for showing me this!

    1. While I don’t know for certain, I think that your progress would save. Fingers crossed!

  29. Hi, so I looked in the map in vehicle simulator, then I tried to create a path to pawn corp. laboratory, but how come I can’t find the laboratory?

    1. You can’t create a path directly to the laboratory. Instead, create the path to the Blue Flag. The Pawn Corp. Laboratory is the white building on the map, which is to the left of the Blue Flag.

  30. Thanks for help,i just need this boombox all time.And i dont know how to get it,this site is very helpful for easter eggs and treasure hunts!Yea its difficult to find 8 hard drives,anyway thanks.😉