How to get the Helm of the Rip Tide in Roblox

Another one of the seven relics for the Ready Player Two Virtual Treasure Hunt quest has been found, and it's the Helm of the Rip Tide! The Helm of the Rip Tide was found in the Roblox SharkBite game. SharkBite is very popular within the Roblox community, so many of you might already be familiar with how to play.

The quest to get the Helm of the Rip Tide requires multiple steps and is pretty difficult, so have patience. Luckily, most of your progress will save throughout this entire quest. So don't worry if the timer hits zero - just jump back into a new server and continue where you left off! Most importantly, have fun and don't give up!

How to get the Helm of the Rip Tide

To get the Helm of the Rip Tide you will have to go into SharkBite. For the first part of the quest you must play as the shark. Since playing as the shark is random, keep rejoining a server until you are the shark. You can also increase your chances of by spending 15 Robux. Or, you can set up a VIP server which will make being the shark easier, but a Sharkbite VIP server currently costs 10 Robux.

Note: This quest is much easier if you play during the Day portion of the time cycle. Playing during the Night cycle will make it much more difficult to see where you're going.

Step 1 - Play as the Shark

  • As the shark, slam into the 4 red buoys. When you hit all 4, your boost will turn into a Super Boost.
    • The red buoys are floating on the water's surface, generally found around the four corners of map. Swim around until you find all of them.
    • Make sure you actually hit the buoys, since the shark moves super fast!
  • Still playing as the shark, use the Super Boost to ram into a green crack under the water.
    • The green crack is below the lighthouse, under water. Swim around the lighthouse underwater until you find the green crack.
  • A clown fish named Lennard will appear where you rammed into the crack. He will tell you to clear the trash from the bottom of the ocean.

Step 2 - Play as Human

  • Back in the lobby, walk toward the front entrance but do not go outside. Instead, look at the wall with 5 pictures of fan art; one of them says "SharkBiteFan7."
  • While facing the wall, type and enter this phrase into chat: you're gonna need a bigger boat
    • Pick up all of the super buoys that shoot out of the wall.
  • Take a boat to the island with two trees. Under the water is the Titanic, a sunken ship. Swim around this location until you find it.
    • The Titanic is a big sunken ship with a blinking light around the center.
    • Tip: Lowering your graphics settings all the way down for this part will make it easier to see further distances and find the Titanic. Return graphics to normal when found.
  • Once found, attach 2 of the super buoys toward the front of the ship, close to the right and left of the blinking light.
  • Two hooks are located on the back of the ship. Find these and attach the last two super buoys to them.
  • A cutscene will play when all four super buoys have been attached. Watch as the titanic floats to the surface.
  • Still in human form, return to Lennard's hideout where you destroyed the crack in the wall. He will give you a diamond gift, but the diamond needs energy from the Sun.
  • Travel to the top of the lighthouse where there is a telescope.
  • Use the telescope to stare at the sun. Your screen will turn yellow when you've found it.
  • Follow the new pathway, which will take you to a boss battle.

Step 3 - Boss Battle

Surprise! You're in the Oasis and a particular fish wants revenge. This boss is difficult, and can only be damaged by using his Missiles against him. If you get hit even once you will most likely have to start all over.

Lennard has 3 phases of attack: Laser Beams, Missiles, and Falling Rocks.

  • The Laser Beams spin around the entire circle of the arena. Charge forward and avoid getting hit by the lasers at all cost.
  • The Missiles are the only way to damage Lennard. When he shoots them, drive as close to Lennard as possible so that the Missiles hit him instead of you.
    • If you wait too long, the missiles will disappear and a new phase will begin.
  • The Falling Rocks appear scattered throughout the arena. They cover large areas. Avoid the highlighted areas where they fall.

Once defeated, you will teleport to a shrine where you can collect the Helm of the Rip Tide + Outfit!

Because the Helm of the Rip Tide quest is challenging, I recommend also following along this video from DeeterPlays where he guides you through the entire quest.

Need help finding the other Ready Player Two event quest items? We have guides in our Promo Codes List page for all of them. 

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How to get the Helm of the Rip Tide in Roblox

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  1. For the Ready Player Two event Helm of the Riptide I remember doing the event just for the badge even though the item was gone (only at that time) Then days later people were getting the items again (this is true because I also got other items) so I deleted badge and tried again but when I went to do the event again to get Helm of Riptide after the boss It didn’t give me the badge or items at the place where it goes into that underwater area where the item is. I really messed up trying to get the Meta Shades.

  2. please guys help me get the rip tide out fit my user is gamer_knight1234

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    My username on roblox is Unicorndude52

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    1. You got this!!!

  9. Me and Simoon add the helm of rip-tide from Sharkbite as a badge.

    Opplo & simoon creator of sharkbite.

  10. Lennard is under the lighthouse with a green crack find around under the lighthouse and click super boost-phone. Click spacebar-computer/laptop. When you find the green crack.

  11. Where’s the titanic? I only confused with that step.

    1. Needed: Titanic. Location: Under the small island with two tree’s. Need to put on titanic: Four bouys. Sides: Front And Back

      1. i glitched teh game and ive tried everything but i cant respawn titanic (see earlier comment for more info on how it happened) can you help me respawn it

    2. The titanic is near the small island with two tree’s down there.

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  13. This event is really frustrating considering the fact that you need to finish those spinning lava bricks that are literally faster than you

  14. hack: u can go through lennard to get him hitted by his missles

    1. If its night and your in the telescope part, you need to find moon using telescope. And if its day, You need to find sun using telescope.

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    1. I don’t think so. Your progress should carry over to the next server, even if you die.

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    1. This event is a difficult event or challenge and the users will get it if they are pro from challenges.

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  19. Lennard isn’t a green fish, he’s an Anemone Fish, or it’s common name, the Clown Fish.

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