Pet Simulator 99 (PS99) Pets Value List

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In a game like Pet Simulator 99, trading is the best way to get unique and valuable pets. While trading is simple, you should understand the market value of your darling pets before making an offer. So, here is the Pet Simulator 99 Pets Value List to learn the value estimation of the pet market.

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Pet Simulator 99 Trading Value List - All Pets

The value of each pet is an average that includes all the versions of the pet - baby, huge, and more. So, while trading, use the value and scale it according to the version of the pet you are trading.  

Pet Simulator 99 Pets Value List - Best Pets in PS99!

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Bull20 PlatinumUnstable
Goat20 PlatinumUnstable
Bison20 PlatinumUnstable
Puma9 PlatinumUnstable
Horse9 PlatinumUnstable
Bull9 PlatinumUnstable
Cowboy Dog9 PlatinumUnstable
Scorpion4 PlatinumUnstable
Desert Ram4 PlatinumUnstable
Honey Badger4 PlatinumUnstable
Desert Cat2 PlatniumUnstable
Camel2 PlatniumUnstable
Sphinx2 PlatniumUnstable
Dino950,000 Gold BarsStable
Hyena950,000 Gold BarsStable
Fossil Dragon950,000 Gold BarsStable
Dino Cat950,000 Gold BarsStable
Rhino450,000 Gold BarsStable
Armadillo450,000 Gold BarsStable
Kangaroo450,000 Gold BarsStable
Gorilla300,000 Gold BarsStable
Quokka300,000 Gold BarsStable
Cheetah200,000 Gold BarsStable
Giraffe150,000 Gold BarsStable
Zebra150,000 Gold BarsStable
African Wild Dog150,000 Gold BarsStable
Pirate Cat100,000 Gold BarsStable
Pirate Panda100,000 Gold BarsStable
Pirate Parrot100,000 Gold BarsStable
Sailor Shark75,000 Gold BarsStable
Sailor Dolphin75,000 Gold BarsStable
Hydra Axolotl75,000 Gold BarsStable
Turtle in a Bucket50,000 Gold BarsStable
Fish in a Bucket50,000 Gold BarsStable
Sandcastle Cat35,000 Gold BarsStable
Sandcastle Dog35,000 Gold BarsStable
Tiki Dominus35,000 Gold BarsStable
Luau Cat25,000 Gold BarsStable
Luau Seal25,000 Gold BarsStable
Pineapple Cat25,000 Gold BarsStable
Flower Gecko10,000 Gold BarsStable
Shark10,000 Gold BarsStable
Midnight Axolot10,000 Gold BarsStable
Pineapple Cat10,000 Gold BarsStable
Moray Eel8,000 Gold BarsStable
Whale Shark8,000 Gold BarsStable
Mermaid Cat6,000 Gold BarsStable
Poseidon Dog6,000 Gold BarsStable
Poseidon Corgi6,000 Gold BarsStable
Kraken3,000 Gold BarsStable
Stingray3,000 Gold BarsStable
Hydra3,000 Gold BarsStable
Goldfish1,500 Gold BarsStable
Jellyfish1,500 Gold BarsStable
Mantis Shrimp1,500 Gold BarsStable
Blue Fish700 Gold BarsStable
Green Fish700 Gold BarsStable
Axolotuus700 Gold BarsStable
Seal350 Gold BarsStable
Dolphin350 Gold BarsStable
Pufferfish350 Gold BarsStable
Gecko250 Gold BarsStable
Hippo250 Gold BarsStable
Crocodile250 Gold BarsStable
Lemur150 Gold BarsStable
Jaguar150 Gold BarsStable
King Cobra150 Gold BarsStable
Sloth100 Gold BarsStable
Lion100 Gold BarsStable
Bobcat80 Gold BarsStable
Chimpanzee80 Gold BarsStable
Panther80 Gold BarsStable
Mystical Fox80 Gold BarsStable
Purple Cobra20 Gold BarsStable
Enchanted Deer20 Gold BarsStable
Butterfly20 Gold BarsStable
Mushroom Raccoon9 Gold BarsStable
Enchanted Cat9 Gold BarsStable
Enchanted Elephant9 Gold BarsStable
Enchanted Deer9 Gold BarsStable
Slime6 Gold Bars, 500K CoinsStable
Cyclops6 Gold Bars, 500K CoinsStable
Shadow Griffin6 Gold Bars, 500K CoinsStable
Agony6 Gold Bars, 500K CoinsStable
Guilded Raven4 Gold Bars, 500K CoinsStable
Black Widow4 Gold Bars, 500K CoinsStable
Black Bear2 Gold BarsStable
Griffin2 Gold BarsStable
Bat1 Gold Bars, 500K CoinsStable
Green Cobra1 Gold Bars, 500K CoinsStable
Willow Wisp1 Gold Bars, 500K CoinsStable
Sapphire Carbuncle1 Gold BarStable
Demolition Cat1 Gold BarStable
Emerald Carbuncle1 Gold BarStable
Mining Dog500K CoinsStable
Happy Rock500K CoinsStable
Platypus350K CoinsStable
Firefly350K CoinsStable
Dragon350K CoinsStable
Ugly Duckling100K CoinsStable
Froggy100K CoinsStable
Umbrella Dog100K CoinsStable
Turtle70K CoinsStable
Ladybug70K CoinsStable
Hedgehog70K CoinsStable
Cow45K CoinsStable
Flamingo45K CoinsStable
White Bunny20K CoinsStable
Chicken20K CoinsStable
Piggy9.5K CoinsStable
Scarecrow Cat9.5K CoinsStable
Llama9.5K CoinsStable
Bee6K CoinsStable
Turkey6K CoinsStable
Lamb4K CoinsStable
Raccoon4K CoinsStable
Fox4K CoinsStable
Squirrel1.5K CoinsStable
Bear1.5K CoinsStable
Tiger1.5K CoinsStable
Elephant650 CoinsStable
Parrot650 CoinsStable
Dalmatian250 CoinsStable
Ducky250 CoinsStable
Monkey250 CoinsStable
Bunny150 CoinsStable
Chick150 CoinsStable
Corgi90 CoinsStable
Cat90 CoinsStable
Axolotl90 CoinsStable
Dog90 CoinsStable

Pet Simulator 99 Pets Items Value List

Royalty Charm500K GemsStable
Fire Dragon Hoverboard200K GemsStable
Clan Voucher150K GemsStable
Glittering Charm120K GemsStable
Balloon Hoverboard100K GemsStable
Strength Charm90K GemsStable
Cat Hoverboard70K GemsStable
Diamonds Charm60K GemsStable
Bonus Charm50K GemsStable
Coins Charm40K GemsStable
Booth Slot Voucher35K GemsStable
High Tech Hoverboard35K GemsStable
Crystal Key12K GemsStable
Spinny Wheel Ticket9K GemsStable
Agility Charm7K GemsStable
Large Gift Bag6K GemsStable
Gift Bag3K GemsStable
Fortune Flag2K GemsStable
Giant Coin Jar,1.7K GemsStable
Nametag1.5K GemsStable
TNT Crate1K GemsStable
Diamonds Flag800 GemsStable
Coins Flag600 GemsStable
TNT500 GemsStable
Hasty Flag500 GemsStable
Magnet Flag500 GemsStable
Magic Coin Jar400 GemsStable
Comet300 GemsStable
Basic Coin Jar300 GemsStable
Squeaky Toy250 GemsStable
Rainbow Fruit200 GemsStable

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Pet Simulator 99 Pets Enchant Value List

Huge Hunter1M GemsStable
Shiny Hunter1M GemsStable
Chest Breaker750K GemsStable
Chest Mimic500K GemsStable
Fortune450K GemsStable
Lucky Block300K GemsStable
Exotic Pet200K GemsStable
Diamonds110K GemsStable
Lucky Eggs100K GemsStable
Midas Touch90K GemsStable
Firework75K GemsStable
Coins60K GemsStable
Lightning50K GemsStable
Strong Pets50K GemsStable
Blast35K GemsStable
Treasure Hunter30K GemsStable
Criticals20K GemsStable
Tap Power20K GemsStable

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What is a Value/Price List in Pet Simulator 99?

A value/cost list contains the current market value of all the pets in the game. Using the list, you can demand a fair price from other traders while buying/purchasing a pet.

How does a Pet Simulator 99 Value List work?

Similar to other collection-based games like the Arm Wrestle Simulator, the value estimation of each pet depends on the availability and market flow of a pet. For instance, even a weak LTE pet will cost a lot more than any normal strong pet due to being unavailable after the end of the event due to being limited in number.

What is Roblox Pet Simulator 99?

Pet Simulator 99 is a Roblox game about exploring the map and participating in mini-games. To aid in this goal, you must collect pets and use those pets to gather coins, which will help you unlock areas and other items in the game. 

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