Roblox Build It, Play It: Codes, Island of Move, Rewards!

If you've loved Roblox's Creator Challenges in the past, then you're likely going to be a fan of Roblox's Build It, Play It series! It looks like this new game type will be replacing the Creator Challenges, and giving you new ways to learn how to create games in Roblox. If that doesn't really interest you, there's going to be some great new Avatar items to obtain by completing them! So, even if you don't plan on building games, it is worth your time to seek these out.

Roblox Build It, Play It Release Date

Build It, Play It was released on July 16th, 2020. You can go to this link right here to get started with learning how to build games!

NEW Code on August 27th, 2020!

The Kinetic Staff was released previously, and now we've finally gotten the code that will give you the Crystalline Companion!

  • WorldAlive - Redeem code for a free Crystalline Companion (Must be redeemed in this game) (NEW)
  • DIY - Redeem code for Kinetic Staff

Build It, Play It Codes

These are the four codes you will need to enter into the Island of Move game to earn the four different cosmetics that can be seen below.

The codes should all be working now! Just jump into the game and enter all four to receive the rewards.

  • Code 1 (Reward: Build it Backpack): SettingTheStage
  • Code 2 (Reward: Hustle Hat): StrikeAPose
  • Code 3 (Reward: Speedy Shades): GetMoving
  • Code 4 (Reward: Cardio Cans): VictoryLap

Avatar Items from Build It, Play It

You can earn the following avatars by entering in codes into the Island of Move game.

What are Creator Challenges and Build It, Play It?

Creator Challenges were a way to earn cosmetics by entering a game and answering questions related to creating games. You could read through some tutorials to learn the answers, or you could just kind of guess your way through them. If you completed these challenges, you would be rewarded with a variety of avatar items! These Creator Challenges still exist and you can play them right now. We have a full look at all of them in our Promo Codes post, but here's a list of the ones that are still available:

The Galactic Speedway challenges were the most recent, and you can earn six different cosmetics by completing them. The other three can be finished for three new free avatar items each. So, if you haven't done these yet, you should go ahead and do them for the rewards.

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  1. This stuff is super cool!is the island of move limited edition to robotic like together in one world at home or something like that?

      1. So event their are gonna be more items rather than the build it play it backpack, cap, shades, and headphones or are their gonna be more????