How many planets does Starfield have?

Todd Howard and Bethesda Games showed off the many capabilities of Starfield during the 2022 Xbox & Bethesda Showcase. This included some of the many planets in the game and how players could inspect and visit them, which may leave you wondering exactly how many planets there are in Starfield. How many planets are there in […]

Does Starfield have a voiced protagonist?

New details have emerged about Bethesda’s highly-anticipated space exploration game, Starfield. With gameplay highlighted at the Summer Game Fest, many questions have been answered about the game’s combat, ship gameplay, and customization. However, fans were still left wondering if the protagonist in Starfield will have voice lines. Does your character talk in Starfield? Bethesda has […]

Does Starfield use a new engine?

Bethesda has reused engines across different games in the past, but Starfield is the exception. The Creation Engine is the engine Bethesda has used for over a decade and has been used from Skyrim to Fallout 76. Bethesda debuts the Creation Engine 2 with Starfield. Did Bethesda make a new engine for Starfield? The Creation […]

Will Starfield have multiplayer or co-op?

With its vast landscapes across multiple planets, Starfield is a massive game. While some players may wish to explore the frontier of space with a friend, it seems like this won’t be possible. Bethesda game director Todd Howard confirmed that Starfield is single-player only at Brighten Digital 2020, and Howard did not mention multiplayer at the Xbox […]

Everything we know about Starfield – Release date, gameplay, platforms, & more

Starfield is one of the most awaited action-adventure games of recent years. The developer of the game, Bethesda Game Studios, revealed a new gameplay trailer for the game during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 event. Here are all the major details and recent developments you need to know about Starfield. What is Starfield […]