Starfield in Their Footsteps Choice Guide

While the sandbox nature of sci-fi RPG Starfield has won a lot of players over, I’m an absolute sucker for what they’ve done with the main storyline. It makes you answer difficult moral questions, often seemingly with no right answers, while also keeping the action and tension intact. This comes to a head in the […]

10 Funny, Weird, and Silly Starfield Mods

A large part of the mod community is looking for every which way to enhance the Starfield experience. Some of these mods give much appreciated enhancements to textures and graphics of various assets in the game. Other mods do none of that, instead giving players random things to either look at or laugh at. Here […]

How long will Starfield be on Game Pass?

Starfield is one of the most anticipated video game launches this year. The open-world space RPG is being developed by Bethesda, a renowned studio owned by Microsoft. Starfield is launching on Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms and will also be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on day one. How long will Starfield be […]

How to get the Starfield Watch – Price, Features, & More

You’ll probably already know about the Starfield extra special collector’s items that developers included as additional items for the game. I know I want to get the Starfield Xbox controller, headset, and the Starfield Watch. As a sucker for collectibles, I was immediately wowed by the stunning NASA punk style they detailed in them—plus, they […]