Teamfight Tactics Best Team Comps – A Look at the Top Builds in TFT

We're taking a look at the best team comps for Teamfight Tactics!

Our Teamfight Tactics Best Team Comps Guide will walk you through some of the current best builds in the game! This post takes a look at three different comps that have been very successful in the early stages of TFT. It goes over the specific units you will need, as well as some key items that will help make the build perform its best!

Hello! My name is Khroen and I've been playing Teamfight Tactics almost nonstop since the PBE. I've also had a lot of people ask me both on my stream and on Reddit recently what I thought the strongest compositions are, so I’m here now to tell you all about three of the strongest compositions currently in Teamfight Tactics, the reasons why they’re strong, and how to go about building them.

Best TFT Team Comps

The Wild/Sorcerer (Shapeshifter/Dragon) Team Comp

Both the Wild synergy and Aurelion Sol have been nerfed, but the power of the composition still remains undeniably strong. This composition is strong versus EVERYTHING. Aurelion Sol’s massive AoE damage is far too much for many compositions to handle. There is not one composition that I have discovered that fully counters Wild/Sorcs asides for another stronger Wild/Sorc comp (because of Dragon synergy). Besides this, one of the only other strong things against it would probably be Pyke given how oppressive he is in the current meta, but Pyke will still occasionally struggle to contest a strong Wild/Sorc comp. 

The units:

  • Warwick, Nidalee, Ahri, Gnar, Kassadin, Aurelion Sol, Shyvana.

Early game you want to focus on securing as many Warwick, Nidalee, and Kassadins as possible. If you’re behind with a relatively weak start and losing a lot of HP,  I would suggest to utilize the reroll strategy that I describe here in my previous Reddit post in tip #3. If you have a strong start, focus on maintaining a win streak, sometimes spending a bit of early gold to level up at some point before the PvE Krug round. The gold you use to level up will be worth it in the long run as long as you maintain that win streak.

Your best units will be the Warwick, Nidalee, and Kassadins, for the early and some of the mid game, however, you don’t want to commit too many items to them early on, because you want to be able to give your Aurelion Sol items when you eventually find him. Something I personally like doing, is going for an early Spear of Shojin and Guinsoo’s Rageblade, put them on Lulu (try to get her to 2 stars and buy no more after that) and letting her carry you through the mid game. 

Lulu will eventually fall off towards the later portion of the game, but that’s okay because as soon as you find an Aurelion Sol, you’ll sell her and put the items onto the Aurelion. You may use Rengar (if you find him) over Gnar for 4 Wild buff but it’s important you eventually find the Gnar, both because he’s a strong unit, and for your 3 Shapeshifter buff when you put in Shyvana as your last essential part of this composition to give Dragon and Shapeshifter synergies.

This composition only requires 7 essential units before your main power spike. So you'll at least want to be level 7 and then aim to hit your 2 star Aurelion Sol. If you acquire a Force of Nature, or eventually level to 8, you can consider putting in strong front line units, preferably Cho’gath, to provide the Brawler buff to himself and Warwick and provide some strong CC.

Void/Assassin Team Comp

Void Assassin comps are one of my personal favorites due to the design of assassins in TFT. They use stealth at the beginning of the fight, causing the enemy composition to run towards the non-stealthed targets and allow your assassins to jump into the enemy backline which is extremely powerful. This strategy I feel like is one of the most consistent to place top 3, if not flat out win games if you high roll items or units. You might find it rough due to the inconsistent AI right now and sometimes enemy backlines will not walk forward towards your non stealthed targets, but for the most part this will not matter until later in the game where you should be in a fairly solid position anyway. 

The units:

  •  Kassadin, Reksai, Khazix, Zed, Pyke, Rengar, Evelynn, Katarina
    • (Chogath can later on in the game replace Kassadin or Reksai)
    • (Akali 2 star can later replace Zed, if he's only 2 star)

Early game you want to be securing as many Khazix and  Kassadins as possible, while trying to secure at least one Reksai, Pyke, and Zed. Pyke is the first of the two cost units you want to prioritize getting to level 2.

Important: The correct items are extremely important for this composition. You want to prioritize two Spear of Shojin’s over everything else and have them on a Pyke (optimally Pyke 2-star), even from the first carousel you want either a B.F. Sword or a Tear. Until he gets nerfed (and perhaps still after he gets nerfed), he will be the most valuable unit on your team, complemented by the extremely high damage output of the rest of your comp. 

This comp has two/three points in the game where it power spikes extremely hard.

The first power spike if when you get to level 5 and have 3 voids/3 assassins. Your units will need to specifically be Kassadin, Reksai, Khazix, Pyke, and Zed. If you can’t find Zed, adding in another assassin is fine.

The second power spike is whenever you managed to find your second Spear of Shojin for Pyke. Pyke with double Spear will auto-attack once, stun, and then only have to auto-attack exactly two times before ulting again, stunning multiple targets for 3 seconds (at 2-star Pyke). I’m convinced that this is the most powerful thing in the game currently until it gets nerfed.

At this point (usually when you have a tier 3 Khazix and a tier 2 Pyke, even if he doesn't have double Spear yet) you should be pretty strong, and strong enough to keep constantly leveling (while not dropping under 50 gold) to level from 5 to 8 pretty quickly. When you get to 8 you throw in your other assassins (you don’t need to worry too much about getting them to two stars quickly) as long as you have them, the 6 assassin buff should be able to carry you for a while until you have the chance to two star them. I would also consider replacing a 2-star Zed for a 2-star Akali if you have a couple of extra items for her. She does well with both offensive and defensive items IMO.

If you’re fortunate enough to come across a Force of Nature, you'll never need to level past level 7, but instead can prioritize finding upgrades to your units because that will benefit you more than leveling up further. Because the 3 Void/6 Assassins are, the vast majority of the time, all you need with this composition to win. 

Gunslinger/Pirates Team Comp

This comp has risen in strength over the course of the past few patches with multiple buffs to gunslinger units, and to Pyke. You get your power spike pretty early as long as you have a couple of good items and are able to find a Gangplank (who is essential in giving you the fourth gunslinger and third pirate). This composition will usually struggle a bit in the early game until you hit your upgrades, but will excel in the late game against nearly every composition once Tristana is Tier 3, and you find strong frontline units. The largest concerns I usually have with this composition is losing too much HP early being greedy and trying to farm gold while staying above the 50 gold threshold to maximize income, or losing to a strong Sorc/Elementalist comp later on as they can throw spells past your front line to threaten your backline. In these scenarios where you scout your opponents building strong Sorc/Elementalist comps, I would strongly consider building a Dragon’s Claw for your Tristana as her third item.

The units:

  • Tristana, Graves, Lucian, Gangplank, Pyke, Cho’gath, Sejuani.

Early game you want to be picking up as many Tristana and Graves as possible, with trying to find at least one Lucian, Gangplank, and Pyke. You don’t have to go for Graves 3-star, as he’s a pretty bad unit without items, but I would consider (if you have an extra Giants Belt and a Chain Vest) putting a Red Buff on a Graves in the early game if he’s at least 2-star. You’ll get a solid power spike from this and might even be able to go on a win streak. 

Similar to the Void/Assassin comp, your first big power spike is at level 5 when you have the Tristana, Graves, Lucian, Gangplank, and Pyke. You’ll optimally want to find at least one Spear of Shojin for your Pyke as well, and arguably these are more important than items for your Tristana at this point in the game, and through the mid game. The good thing is that there are a few good item options for this composition, Attack Speed items for Tristana, Spear of Shojin for Pyke, and Red Buff for Graves.

After you secure these 5 units, you’ll be pretty strong and want to find your 2-star Pyke and optimally your 3-star Tristana. This is when you can start leveling up to find strong front line units, such as Cho’gath and Sejuani, who are the strongest frontline CC units in the game currently.

Eventually if you’re able to find Miss Fortune in the mid/late game, I would almost always replace either Lucian or Graves with her. 

You also do have a bit of freedom after you secure your Gunslingers. If you’re a less experienced player I would recommend to just find those strong frontline units to stand in front of your Gunslingers, as that would be the most consistent. But if you’re feeling experimental, I’ve seen many variations of Gunslingers be viable, even making a 3-star Graves with the Blademaster item, along with a Titanic Hydra and Hush to mass silence and deal tons of damage with all the Gunslinger and Blademaster procs. 

In conclusion, these are not the only strong compositions in this game, but these are definitely three of the stronger ones with insight on how-to approach them. This game is still very new and evolving rapidly with frequent patches, so new comps will pop up often! These compositions have been pretty consistently strong throughout the young lifespan of TFT thus far, helping me reach top 500 in the TFT PBE, and still helping me secure wins today.

I hope this guide helps and I’ll be working on more content in the very near future.

If you're interested in a Tier List for Champions, Classes, Origins, and Items for TFT check out my Tier List here.

I stream nearly every day at starting at around 4 - 6 PM CST for several hours, so make sure to stop by, follow, and ask me any questions!

About the Author

Find Khroen On: Twitter
My name is Khroen and I originally come from a Moba focused background. I played League of Legends for several years before picking up Blizzards Moba Heroes of the Storm as a professional player in the HGC, competing at several national and international tournaments, including world championships at Blizzcon. After the competitive scene of HotS has dissolved, I've spent a lot of time playing DotA Auto Chess, achieving the highest rank of Queen. Now I've turned to play a lot of Teamfight Tactics where I've managed to achieve top 500 for the TFT PBE.

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  1. Great guide!
    One thing to nitpick though, Spear of Shoujin was bugged and was granting 20% maximum mana on hit, making Pyke able to cast his ability once every two attacks after casting ability once. With current fix, double Spear of Shoujin will allow players to build 3* Pyke without having trouble with every other spell cast not applying damage and stun to already stunned units by Pyke.

  2. Did Glacials get nerfed, or fall out of the meta somehow? They’re usually mentioned in these Composition lists.

    1. They’ve been nerfed slightly, but I still feel as though they’re strong and part of some of the strongest compositions. If I had made this list 5 compositions long they definitely would’ve been here.