Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Best Assassin Team Comp Guide (9.20 Update)

We're taking a look at the best current Assassin team comp in TFT!

Our Teamfight Tactics Best Assassin Team Comp goes over the top build for this class in TFT! If you are looking to get the jump on your opponents, then Assassins are going to be the best way to do it.

Assassins in TFT are a bit of a different playstyle then you might be used to. Instead of your pretty standard tanks in front and dps in the back setup, the Assassins will jump at the backline of your opponent's board right when combat starts. If your opponent isn't prepared for this type of attack, then you can pretty easily wreak some havoc on their weaker damage dealers!

Best Assassin Team Comp Build


Carries ~ Akali > Kennen

  • Akali ~ You have a choice between more offensive or defensive power Akali. The offensive choice is Infinity Edge + Hextech Gunblade + Guinsoo Rageblade or Seraph’s Embrace this will give her 50% crit (with Assassin 3) making her ability and auto-attacks crit every other hit! The defensive option is Dragon’s Claw + Phantom Dancer + Seraph’s Embrace, this will allow your Akali to stay alive longer. You can potentially run Quicksilver (Sparring Glove + Negatron Cloak) to provide CC prevention but this would be vs high CC teams.
  • Kennen ~ Morellonomicon & Guardian Angel. Outside of that the 3rd item has flexibility. If you are going for Assassin 6 then Ghostblade (Spatula+BF Sword) will take the last spot.
  • Zed ~ Any additional items can be given to Zed, you're looking for any item with Attack damage or Attack speed.

Assassin 6 vs. Elementalist 3

Start with going towards Ninja 4/Assassin 3/Elementalist 3. If you get a Spatula early-to-mid game, you can build towards Assassin 6. This is when you want to switch up from there. Be advised with the recent changes to Rapidfire Cannon you may run into Phantom Dancers a lot more and it can be worth going Elementalists as a result.


  • Ninja ~ Zed / Shen / Kennen / Akali (1 or 4 Ninja only)
  • Elementalist ~ Liss / Kennen / Brand (Replace one with Anivia when you get her)
  • Assassin ~ Zed / Akali & Pick 1 Between: Kai’sa/Eve/Rengar/Pyke (Pyke recommended)

Pyke gives you some CC which can greatly benefit your team! At L8 you can add Sejuani / Gnar / Cho’Gath for some more CC or an additional Assassin for more damage.



  • Assassin ~ Zed / Akali & then Pick 3-4 others: Eve / Rengar / Kha / Pyke / Kat / Kennen (Spatula) / Kai’sa.
  • Ninja ~ Zed / Shen / Kennen / Akali (1 or 4 Ninja only)

With a Spatula (Ghostblade) for Kennen you can do this build at L7, if not it will require L8 for the 6 Assassins.


You can adjust the positioning of Shen to try maximize movement of the enemy team. You will also want to check Assassin positioning and adjust them accordingly after they leap. Make sure there is no body blocking from your own team and they're all going where they should be!

Early Game 1-4

Knights + any form of damage is the recommended early game. If you happen to find an early 2* Zed you can run Assassin 3 with Kha’Zix/Zed/Pyke + any tanky unit (Brawler or Knight). Remember to only run 1 or 4 Ninjas. Collect any Zed/Shens you encounter.

Mid game 5-6

If you find an early Brand you can start running 3 Elementalists. Make sure you have at least 1 at 2*, preferably 2 before adding them in. If you find an Akali then running 4 Ninja + 3 Assassin is recommended at this time. Keep developing your current 2* team and collect the pieces for the build.

Late game 7-9

This is when the comp really starts to come online. Collect any Zed/Akali/Kennen/Shens you encounter, you should be able to 3* one or more of them. Potentially, you can look to 3* your Elementalist or other Assassins but the Ninjas are the main priority. Your additional units will be CC in the forms of Gnar/Sejuani keep an eye out for them at L8.

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