Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Best Assassin Team Comp Guide

We're taking a look at the best current Assassin team comp in TFT!

Our Teamfight Tactics Best Assassin Team Comp goes over the top build for this class in TFT! If you are looking to get the jump on your opponents, then Assassins are going to be the best way to do it.

Assassins in TFT are a bit of a different playstyle then you might be used to. Instead of your pretty standard tanks in front and dps in the back setup, the Assassins will jump at the backline of your opponent's board right when combat starts. If your opponent isn't prepared for this type of attack, then you can pretty easily wreak some havoc on their weaker damage dealers!

Best Assassin Team Comp

  • Khazix
  • Shen
  • Zed
  • Pyke
  • Rengar
  • Evelynn
  • Kennen
  • Akali

If you're able to stack up six Assassins early in the game, you'll be dealing out quite a bit of damage with that 350% critical strike damage bonus.


Keep your Assassins on the middle and back row so they don't take initial damage from your opponent's minion on the front row. That way they can immediately jump to the back of your opponent's line.

Ninja/Assassins Team Comp Guide

Early Game

We're looking for B.F. Swords and Recurve Bows as our early items. These are the best general options for our item selections. If you find a sword, then be on the look out for Tear of the Goddess to make Spear of Sho'jin that fits well on Pyke. If you find bows, then they fit a bit better on Zed for the Rapid Firecannon and the Phantom Dancer. Zed also needs swords though, you'll want two of them for Infinity Edge.

We're on the look out for Khazix, Shen (least important), Zed, and Pyke in the early game. Khazix in particular should be pretty easy to find. You will only want to have one Ninja on the board until you can get the max four bonus (you'll lose the bonus if not). However, you can place two of the SAME Ninja on the board and they will get the buff and not count extra towards the synergy. So, if you have Zed on the board, and you have an extra one waiting on the bench, you can play it together for more damage. That means, you are more focused on finding Assassins early in the game, because you won't be able to put multiple Ninjas on the board until you have four.

If you are struggling to find some of the Assassins you need, then you can run Void as an alternative. Run a Kassadin and Rek'Sai in the comp for the Void buff. You can also run a Katarina and Darius for the Imperial buff. Katarina might be very useful later to fill out our Assassin synergy.

Pyke and Zed are your targets for stacking items. Whichever you start to find the most of early on will be your target. Darius/Kassadin work as a temporary item holder, because you will eventually sell them.


Assassins do pretty well early in the game, and if you've gotten some good RNG with your champion picks you should be win-streaking. You'll want to really get to the six Assassin buff as soon as possible, so consider leveling up to get there. It gives you a huge damage increase, and you'll be dealing out a ton of dps once you've stacked your items on Zed or Pyke.

Unfortunately, we still can't go full Ninja at this point. So, stick with your single Ninja, and look for Katarina to fill out your Assassin crew for now. While you are doing this, keep an eye out for Kennen and Akali to round out your Ninja team.

Late Game

If you've got yourself a Spatula, then it might be worth picking up another one to get Force of Nature and to give yourself an earlier route to getting enough room on your board for full Ninjas. At this point, you'll want to get rid of your Katarina and swap in your Ninjas. Start rolling a lot to upgrade your units to 3-stars where possible. Anything that is 3-cost and above is going to be far more difficult to upgrade, so if you get them to 2-stars, it's probably not worth continuing to sit them on the bench (especially if someone else is running Assassins/Ninjas).

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