How to disassemble weapons and equipment in The Riftbreaker

To survive in The Riftbreaker, players will need to use their wits and strategize to defeat the challenges of Galatea 37. This includes managing resources, base-building, and exploring the biomes of the planet. As they progress, players will construct and craft weapons, equipment, and buildings. Eventually, some of these will become obsolete and only take […]

How to research in The Riftbreaker

Surviving on Galatea 37 in The Riftbreaker is no easy task. The player must manage their resources, numerous bases and fend off the wild creatures that call the planet their home. Even the environment can pose a deadly threat to Ashley and Mr. Riggs. To stay alive, players will need to plan, and one way […]

How to upgrade buildings in The Riftbreaker

If players want to survive in The Riftbreaker they will need to manage their resources, base, and their mech. Part of managing your base is upgrading your buildings. This will open up new options for the player. Additionally, early on one of your first missions will be to upgrade your headquarters. But you may be […]