How to get all endings in Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – Flowchart & Guide

Testing the Narrator's last nerve!

With over 20 different endings within Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, there are both new and old endings from the original game. As an entirely choice-based game, players can find all sorts of interesting situations, each with different endings. While not every decision will change the ending, we'll go over all of the important ones.

All Original Endings in Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

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The Normal Ending

In order to reach this ending, players will simply need to follow all of the directions given to the player by the narrator. Once players enter their boss' office, they'll find the pin pad. Enter the code given to the player by the narrator, 2-8-4-5. Afterward, players will gain access to the elevator down to the Mind Control Facility. Here players will need to turn off the device in order to free Stanley.

Control Ending

For this ending, players will need to follow all of the previous steps within the normal ending except for when they reach the Mind Control Facility. While here, players can choose to turn the device on instead of turning it off. This will take Stanley back to his usually controlled lifestyle.

Escape Ending

Players can complete this ending after doing the Normal Ending in a previous playthrough. Make sure to reset the computer between the two playthroughs. Then repeat all of the previous steps in the other endings until reaching the Mind Control Facility. This time, players will see an "Escape" sign that will appear right before entering the Mind Control Facility. Follow where this sign leads to gain this ending.

Confusion Ending

To find this ending players need to go against the grain of what the Narrator wants until they reach the Yellow Adventure Line. Here, start listening to what the Narrator has to say and start following his instructions. After the game is reset by the Narrator, players simply need to enter the new path.

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Seeing Stars Ending

For this ending, players will need to listen to the Narrator until they reach the boss' office. Instead of entering the code into the pin pad, players should go down the stairs to the basement. Down here, players simply need to wander the halls.

Office Ending

Instead of listening to the Narrator, players need to close their office door and wait inside.

Window White Void Ending

Once more, instead of listening to any of the Narrator's prodding, players need to look for the windows on the left side of Stanley's office. Get up on the desk labeled 434 and jump out the window. The player will fall into the white void and gain this ending.

Awaiting Input Ending

For this ending, players need to look out for and interact with these five computers.

  1. Desk 419 - A computer in the first room.
  2. Desk 423 - A computer in the second room.
  3. Boss' Desk - The computer at the secretary's desk in the boss' office.
  4. Desk 434 - A computer in the first room.
  5. Stanley's Desk - The computer in Stanley's office.

Indie Games Ending

From the beginning of the game, refuse to follow the Narrator's directions until reaching the warehouse. From here, ride the cargo lift over the catwalk and jump down off of the lift onto it. Again refuse to follow the Narrator's directions, and when he limits the door choice down to just one red door, head back through the door entered to reach this room. Continue to refuse all of the Narrator's requests until he quits.

Baby Clicker Ending

Follow all of the steps from the Indie Games Ending. When the Narrator creates the Baby Clicker game, make sure to press the button to save the baby from the fire for four hours straight. After the first two hours of pressing a single button, players will then have to press two buttons to keep the baby safe.

True Happiness Ending

For this ending, players need to follow the Indie Games ending until reaching the red and blue door section. Go through the first of the blue doors, then enter the red door claimed to bring True Happiness. From there, players will need to drop from a high place multiple times in order to complete this ending.

Taped Ending

From the beginning, don't listen to the Narrator until the player has reached the warehouse. Take the cargo lift, and use the box to drop down. Turn around to find the open vent. Inside, players can find and use a recorder.

Home At Last Ending

Follow the same route at the previous ending but instead of turning around after getting down from the cargo lift, reach the telephone room. Inside, simply answer the phone to gain this ending.

Unplugged Ending

Follow all of the previous ending's steps until reaching the telephone room. Inside the telephone room, unplug the phone instead of answering it.

Escape Pod Ending

Follow all of the normal ending steps until reaching the double doors into the Manager's Office. Immediately after entering, back out of the room before the doors close and head back to Stanley's office. This will open up an alternate path to follow.

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All New Endings in Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Edition

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New Content Ending

After two resets, follow the Narrator's steps until reaching the double doors into the Manager's Office. Along this path, a new door labeled "New Content" will appear. Enter this door to find this new ending.

Collectible Ending

While following the path throughout the New Content section, players can collect all of the six Stanley Figurines.

Stanley Is Famous Ending

Follow all of the Normal Ending paths until taking the elevator down to the Mind Control Facility. From here, stay in the elevator and ride it back up. Players will need to repeatedly send the elevator back up until they reach a new area.

A New Life Down Below Ending

Follow all of the pathways leading to the Normal Ending until the player reaches the Mind Control Facility. From here, walk over to where all the monitors are, and from atop the terminal, drop down into the darkness.

Epilogue Ending

After completing the New Content Ending and Collectibles Ending, every time the player starts up the game they will be able to set the time. Set the time correctly twice. On the third and fourth time set the time to any number. After this, players will receive a new Epilogue option in the main menu.

All The Bucket Endings

Every ending can be slightly modified by collecting the bucket. Players will not receive the bucket until they complete the New Content Ending. From here, carry the bucket to unlock a bucket version of nearly all the previous endings.

Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe Flowchart

To get all the endings in Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe, you need to keep track of all your choices, as sometimes, a single wrong choice can lock you out of the ending you are aiming for. The community has created Flowcharts of Stanley Parable ever since the first version was released.

With the new content, Reddit user penn_lyon has created this easy-to-follow Flowchart that includes all-new secrets and objectives to help you get all endings in Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe.

Image via Reddit user /penn_lyon

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