TikTok Slang Words and Acronyms

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TikTok trends and terms cycle even faster than memes on the rest of the internet. It can be hard to keep track of acronyms, slang terms, trends, and acronyms. Check out our comprehensive guide to make sure you stay up-to-date!

TikTok Terms Dictionary

  • #xyzbca - A hashtag that is meant to be a pointless string of letters. The hashtag represents that the viewer is putting a hashtag with the sole intent of getting more views.
  • __ Check - A way to say you fit a category and show it off. A Soccer Girl Check video may have a girl showing off her uniform and sports equipment. Can also be used to display inside jokes within communities, hobbies, or interests.
  • Accountant - A euphemistic term for a person who works in the Adult Entertainment Industry.
  • Bones/No Bones Day - A Bones Day is a good day for new challenges and efforts. A No Bones Day means one should take it easy and prioritize self-care. Based off of a TikTok user's videos with his dog.
  • BBL - The original acronym means Brazilian Butt Lift, which is a cosmetic procedure. Has evolved to sometimes mean the overall aesthetic of someone with a lot of plastic surgery.
  • Devious Lick - A stolen item or the act of stealing for a TikTok challenge.
  • Extra - Means that something or someone is over the top or excessive in behavior.
  • Fit - Short for Outfit. Usually used in a complimentary way.
  • Fruity - Usually means that something represents homosexual or bisexual content. Is sometimes used in a derogatory sense, but some LGBT creators have reclaimed the term and may use it ironically.
  • Glow Up - Can be a verb or noun. Refers to someone enhancing their looks and/or confidence over a period of time. Can be associated with weight loss, puberty, makeover, mental health improvement, or any other situation that results in some amount of aesthetic change.
  • Go Little Rockstar - This is a reference to the song Pope Is a Rockstar by SALES. The words were misunderstood and turned into a trend.
  • IB - Will usually be seen in a video caption. Means Inspired By, which is a way of crediting another user.
  • Kin - To highly support, be inspired by, relate to, and emulate a figure/person. Not to be confused with Otherkin.
  • Look - Usually seen as "x is a look". Which means that something is iconic, noteworthy or desirable. Has evolved over time to be used sarcastically or in a self-deprecating fashion.
  • Material Girl - Usually used for comedic effect, refers to a high-maintenance and luxury woman.
  • Mid - Mediocre or Middling
  • OOMF - Means One of My Followers. Usually used in casual discussion or on livestreams.
  • PFP - Profile Picture
  • Pinned - A comment that the user has pinned to the top of the comments section. Can also mean a video that is pinned to the top of the profile.
  • Rn - Right now
  • Sus - Suspicious, sometimes used jokingly. May also be a reference to the Among Us game.
  • Sneaky Link - A person someone is seeing while keeping it secret from their significant other.
  • Shadowban - This refers to the idea that TikTok may be supressing a creator's videos without formally banning them from posting.
  • Tfw - That Feeling When
  • YT - Can mean YouTube or white. If you see "yt ppl" this means white people.

What is Alt TikTok?

Alt TikTok is used to further the idea that there are mainly (outside of niche interests) two sides of TikTok: Alt and Straight TikTok. Straight TikTok can mean boring/bland, but it also has the double meaning to illuminate the lack of LGBT representation on mainstream TikTok. Alt TikTok usually means more LGBT creators, representation of Alternative music/fashion, more broad discussions of politics and philosophy, etc. Straight TikTok is considered more simple and inoffensive than Alt TikTok

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What does Cheugy mean?

Cheugy is not a TikTok-specific term, but it is very popular on the app. The term Cheugy represents fashion or other aesthetic choices that are outdated in a decidedly off-putting way. Some fashion may be old enough to be vintage, but Cheugy things are usually only recently outdated. Users of Cheugy items are considered to not be trendy and sometimes lack the awareness that they are no longer stylish.

Items labeled as Cheugy are often things from the 2010s. Some examples may include ballet flats, skinny jeans, side-parted hair, and flowy fonts that are associated with Millennial decor.

What is a Duet?

A duet on TikTok is where you record a response video while the original video plays next to yours. Not to be confused with a Stitch on TikTok, in which you show a few seconds of the original video and then display your own response separately. A duet is useful when you may want your audience to see the entirety of the original video during your response.

What does FYP mean?

On TikTok, FYP means For You Page. This refers to the main scrolling page for watching videos that each user gets on their account. This FYP is customized to each account's preferences, demographics, and past actions on the app. Sometimes on the app, a user may also comment FYP on a video to let the creator know that they found their video through that medium.

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What is a Pick-Me or Pick Me Girl?

The term Pick-Me, Pick Me, Pick Me Girl, etc. refers to an observed phenomenon of behavior by women/girls. The term finds its origins in online feminist circles going back as long as a decade ago but has found a wider audience in the last couple of years.

A Pick Me is a girl who is believed to be acting in the interest of male or otherwise patriarchal validation, usually at the detriment of other women. This might include choosing opinions that are opposed to feminism, purposefully representing themselves as a caricature of a feminine woman, or acting as One of the Guys.

The term is often misused or used more broadly in the current day, so you will see this term applied pretty liberally on the app.

What does POV mean?

POV stands for Point of View. On TikTok, more specifically, it denotes a specific type of video clip where a narrative is being presented.

For example, a video of someone painting on a canvas could say, "POV: you're watching me in my artist studio."

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TikTok Slang Words and Acronyms

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