Best Hashtags for Tiktok Gaming in 2022

Hashtags are an essential component for video navigation and creation on TikTok. It can sometimes be confusing to know how to utilize or search for these hashtags, so we’ve got you covered. How to Use Hashtags on Tiktok Hashtags are fairly simple to use on TikTok, even if you have no experience with the app. […]

TikTok Slang Words and Acronyms

TikTok trends and terms cycle even faster than memes on the rest of the internet. It can be hard to keep track of acronyms, slang terms, trends, and acronyms. Check out our comprehensive guide to make sure you stay up-to-date! TikTok Terms Dictionary #xyzbca – A hashtag that is meant to be a pointless string […]

How to moderate a stream with Tiktok LIVE Studio

Being a streamer can be fun when it doesn’t involve dealing with negative users. Sadly though, no matter what you stream or do, trolls are going to find their way to you. The best way to handle them is by moderating your stream to minimize any negative comments or spam. Moderating streams on Tiktok is […]

Can I download Tiktok LIVE Studio to stream on a Mac?

TikTok has a new streaming software called TikTok LIVE Studio that allows users to stream directly to the service from their computers instead of their phones. Unfortunately, the software is still in testing, so not everyone’s account will be eligible to download it. Currently, only a few thousand users in Western markets will have access. […]

What are Gifts in Tiktok LIVE Studio?

TikTok is well known as an entertainment platform, but you may not know that the app is entering the streaming space. TikTok LIVE Studio will be its streaming platform, and while it isn’t out yet, there is a beta that users can download. It has numerous similar to other streaming services, and one of these […]