Roblox Terms & Slang – What do they mean in Roblox?

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There is a lot of slang on the internet. Even in Roblox, there is specific slang used that outsiders are not privvy to. These colloquialisms can become very confusing if you're new to Roblox, or if you're a parent trying to figure out what your child is saying (or people are saying to your child)! No matter the reason, browse here below to find the meanings of Roblox slang. 

Roblox Terms & Slang

Below we've compiled any of words, abbreviations, and phrases we could find that were related to Roblox. Some are Roblox specific and some is slang used broadly on the internet but commonly seen on the game. If you are in a hurry for a word, use ctrl + f to find what you're looking for. 


1v1 - Refers to playing/fighting one-on-one. Could be used seriously in battle games or jokingly/rudely in casual settings. In non-game applications, it is used as a general challenge to another. 

13 - Used seldomly, but is a reference to the 13+ age requirement to be a member on Roblox. May be used to insult someone acting childish and under the age of 13. 


ABC - Commonly seen in roleplay games, it is typically a way for someone to respond to a roleplay request. The player may ask "Who wants to play as siblings? ABC me" and the willing player will respond with ABC. It is similar to asking someone to raise their hand. 

A/C - Means Accept or Counter. A phrase used when trading with another player. 

A/D - Means Accept or Decline. A phrase used when trading with another player. 

AFK - This is a common online term, but it is also used in Roblox. It means someone is Away From Keyboard, where they are temporarily unable to play or respond. Also used on mobile and console. 

AA - This refers to claims of Admin Abuse, which is an overuse of power. Games that allow admins or other player power may apply here. 

AOS - Arrest on Sight. This is used in roleplaying games that have police and/or prisoners. 


B) - This is an emoticon that signifies a smiling person wearing sunglasses. May be used for bragging or just as a silly response. 

Banned Forever - A phrase that notes someone was not just banned from an individual game, but rather their entire Roblox account was banned. 

Based - Means that an above staement is worthy or praise, or that they heavily agree with a message. 

BB - May refer to either 1) the game BrickBattles or 2) baby, usually in a joking manner. 

BBG - Means baby girl. Is usually used in a taunting way by malicious or joking players. 

Beaming/Beamed - The practice or action of stealing limited edition items. 

Beaned - Means the same as Banned, just said in a different way for humor or added effect. May refer to being banned from specific games, not Roblox entirely. 

Bloxxed - Refers to a player being killed or defeated in Roblox. In many games, players fall into block pieces when they die. 

Boosted Ape - The idea that a player is only so high up in levels/points because their friends help boost them there. Is use insultingly and implies artificial success. 

BRB - The player is saying they will Be Right Back. Similar to AFK, but usually exclusively said from the departing player. 

Bruh - Used with versatility, Bruh can be a sign of disbelief, a dismissive statement, or even a filler phrase. Comes from a meme outside of Roblox

BTW - Used to add on to the original statement. Means By The Way.

Bypass - Refers to any mode of getting around Roblox terms of service and guidelines. This can be chat phrases, Avatar Shop listings, etc. 


Comped - Means a Roblox account was hacked (compromised). 

Copypaste - Dismissive description of player who others believe have an uninspired avatar. 

Cord - Roblox does not allow uses of the word Discord. This is a way to get around it. 

DD - Used in military roleplay to mean Dishonorably Discharged. Can be used seriously or for humor. 

DM - Means direct message. Can be an observation or a request for player to message them. 

Discard/Disco - Roblox does not allow players to use the word Discord. Players will type variations on the name to indicate they are talking about Discord. There are many different ways this is spelt, so context is required. 

Dog Water - An insult on another's players gaming performance. 

E - May refer to an outdated meme that is surrealist and has no real meaning. Can also be referring how many Roblox games use the E key for interactions, like Adopt Me

Easy/EZ - Means that a player found something to not be challenging. Usually said to brag. 


Fat Legs - Refers to a type of avatar build where a woman torso and default legs are used. Usually derogatory in nature, as many feel the avatar type is ugly. 

FFA - Free-for-all. A game or match that is absent of rules; usually used in battle games. 

Filterpass - Refers to someone getting around chat filters in the game.

G2G/GTG - The player is letting others know they have Got To Go, meaning leave the game or get offline. 

Get Noobed - A taunt win a player wins. 

GG - Good game or Good match. Can be congratulatory to teammates or bragging to enemies. 

Git Gud - A challenge/insult to players who are perceived to be performing poorly.

Go Commit/Go Commit Die - References an older meme, but is also used to seriously suggest that players commit suicide. Used by malicious players, usually. 

H4x/Hax - A way to say Hacks. 

ISTG - Means I Swear to God. Used in frustration, especially at another player. 

IRL - Refers to In Real Life. 

JK/JS - A way for players to take weight off of a previous statement. Just Saying or Just Kidding. 


KO - Means a player was knocked out. Used in fighting games, mostly. 

KS - Means kiss, which is blocked by Roblox filters. 

LMAD - The player wants to trade, so they are saying Let's Make a Deal. 

LV - Either 1) a way to bypass filters and say Love or 2) someone indicating a Level Up in the game.

LVL - Means level. 

Mic-Up - A challenge to another player, sometimes meaning to meet them in Discord where they can argue more freely. 

Most/Doing the Most - Means a player is trying too hard, usually said as a criticism. 

Mwa - Is a different spelling of Muah, the kissing sound. It is used to bypass filters, but is still detected sometimes. 


N00b/Newb/Noob/Noobie - Refers to a new player, usually as a way to point out their lack of expertise or skill. 

NFT - May refer to non-fingible tokens, but more likely means that something is Not For Trade.  

NGF - Means that they are Not Going First in trading. Usually a sign of distrust. 

No you/No u - Refers to an outdated meme, usually. Is a way to joke with or taunt other players. Many view this as a childish phrase. 

Obby - Shortening of Obstacle Course. Is also a genre of game on Roblox

OOC - Means Out of Character messaging in roleplaying games. The person is talking about something outside of roleplaying. 

Oof - Refers to a sound bite that has been popularized. Used when something has gone wrong, a player has done poorly, something seems painful, or something is embarrassing. Used very broadly. 

OP - Means something or someone is overpowered. 

Owned/Pwned - A taunt when they have defeated another player. 

P2W - Means Pay To Win. Can be an objective statement or a criticism of a game that requires payments or high encourages them. 

PM - Private Message. Can be a request to be private messaged. 

QDer - An Online Dater, used especially in roleplaying games. Q is used because ODer has been blocked in chats. 


Rage - A way to refer to someone going crazy or being angry. Could be a reference to behavior in chat or in the game. 

RAP - Recent Average Price. This means the player is referring to the perceived value of an item or trade that community has given. 

RDM - Means Random Death Match, which will be seen primarily in fighting games. 

Reee - A mocking term to imply someone is overreacting. It is implying the person being made fun of his making a scream of anger in a childish way. 

Rekt - A taunt when a player has been bested. Means Wrecked. 

Salad Hair - An insulting way to describe the Holiday Crown on avatars. 

Slender - An avatar type that is portrayed in a masculine way. These avatars are thin and tall with an alternative appearance. The term is often used in a negative light, but can sometimes be neutral. 

Tags - Someone is trying to get another player to get around a chat filter. 

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TDM - Means Team Death Match. This is a game mode in many fighting and shooting games. 

TH - A shortening of "What the Hell?" as a way to show disbelief. 

Th/Thx/TY/TYSM - This means thank your or thank you so much. 

Troll - A malicious and/or mischievous player. 

UUC - Refers to a method of trade scamming that causes the transaction to seem legitimate at first, only to get stuck loading. 

Void/Voided - Used in roleplay to let someone know they will not roleplay with them any longer, usually because they are acting inappropriately. 

W8 - Means Wait. May be used to type quickly if someone is about to go offline. 

WaaPP - A shortening of the game Work at a Pizza Place. 

XD/xd - An emoticon. When capitalized, it is showing laughter. When lowercase, is a generally agreeable expression. 

YR - Means You're Right. Usually used as a quick acknowledgement, especially after a disagreement. 

Zzzz - This means the player finds either the conversation or game boring. It is supposed to represent sleeping. 

Did we miss any slang that you are still unsure of? Leave a comment below! 

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Roblox Terms & Slang – What do they mean in Roblox?

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  1. For ppl that did not know because it might not be on there TBH means to be honest

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    1. like a name or finish i think

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    1. DCUA stands for Don’t Call Us Angels, which is a Roblox group that creates adult/mature outfits and uploads them to the Avatar Shop. DCUA is often put in the description or title of shirts and pants that have some form of detail that Roblox would find inappropriate.

    1. Typically, TA in slang form means “thank you”

  4. What does ” ;-; ” mean?

    1. The ;-; emoji is meant to represent a person crying. It’s not a super intense cry, more of a defeated one!
      Person 1: Hey, do you want to play Tower of Hell? 😀
      Person 2: That game haunts my nightmares ;-;

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    1. mwa is a way of kissing. like MWAH or smooch is a kissing sound the ppl type in chat instead of kissing

    2. Hi! We’ve updated this in the article.

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    1. :3 is just a cat face, usually portrayed as happy, or sometimes when people are asking a question to others. Hope I helped!

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