Best Roblox hat codes

Are you looking to add some new headwear to your avatar in experiences that offer character customization, such as Welcome to Bloxburg? We’ve got you covered! Continue reading for our list of the best hat codes that you can use to update your fashionable look. Keep in mind, however, that these codes will not unlock and […]

Roblox Reaper 2 map breakdown and quest locations

Similar to its anime and manga inspiration Bleach, the anime RPG Reaper 2 offers an impressively detailed world for players to venture through and explore. The Reaper 2 map contains multiple areas with various quests, both story and daily, waiting to be completed and NPCs ready to fight. For a quick look at this map, and its quests, […]

Roblox’s 2022 Cinematic showcases the many feats and possibilities of the platform

While they likely aren’t a surprise for those familiar with the endless library of experiences that exist on Roblox, videos that highlight the platform’s massively impressive breadth and creativity, such as the 2022 Roblox Cinematic, can be exceptionally eye-opening for the outside viewer. These types of videos serve as a strong showcase of everything that Roblox […]

Roblox: Free Hair for Boys & Girls!

Are you looking to change up your hairstyle on a budget? We’ve got you covered! In the guide below, we’ve compiled all of the free hairstyles currently available in the Roblox catalog that you can claim by simply clicking on the links provided. Whether you want long locks or a cute up-do, a gelled quaff, […]

How to use Assemblers in Roblox Factory Simulator?

An experience that challenges players to build their own industrial empire from the ground up, Factory Simulator offers various forms of machinery, tools, and gear to help players complete numerous real-life tasks and jobs in a virtual environment. One of the most popular machines in this experience is the Assembler, an Upgrader Machine that automatically upgrades low-tier […]