How to get all badges in Roblox Doors

So many doors, so many hallways, so many badges...

Like most experiences on Roblox, the horror/survival-style experience Doors has tons of badges available for players to collect. Players can earn badges for just about anything, from surviving monsters to solving puzzles! For a closer look at all 22 of these badges and how to unlock them, continue reading below.

All badges in Doors and how to earn them

If you're looking for a quick peek at every badge, check out the list below. Or, if you're looking for a more detailed breakdown of each badge, continue reading past this list.

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To earn this badge, simply join the Doors experience—that's all there is to it!

Buddy System

The Buddy System badge is automatically earned when you and a player on your friends list join and play a game of Doors together. Just joining the same lobby isn't enough, you have actually to enter a game and go through it together!

Welcome Back

This badge is earned by anyone who plays Doors two days in a row. Playing Doors twice in-consecutively doesn't count.

Join The Group

To join the LSPLASH Roblox group and earn the Join The Group badge, simply click on the word LSPLASH listed underneath the Doors title and select the Join Group button. After pressing this button and successfully joining the group, you will receive the Join The Group badge and a free revive the next time you play Doors.


The Betrayal badge is earned when a player dies while trying to enter a closet that you're already in. You may feel like a bad teammate afterward, but hey, at least you have a shiny new badge!

Back From The Dead

Each time that you die in Doors, there's a possibility to revive yourself with Robux. You will unlock the Back From The Dead badge by purchasing one of these revives or using the free one you receive when you join the experience's Roblox group.

One Of Many, Ten Of Many, and 100 Of Many

All three of these badges are earned by dying...and dying a lot! The One Of Many badge can be earned as early as your first playthrough, depending on how long you survive. The other badges, on the other hand, Ten Of Many and 100 Of Many, will require multiple playthroughs to unlock. So get to dying!

Out Of My Way

To earn the Out Of My Way badge, players must survive the fast-moving entity, Rush. Rush is one of the first, if not the first, entities players will encounter in The Hotel. When Rush spawns, the lights in multiple rooms will flicker, and you'll hear a distorted growling sound—this is your cue to hide! Rush can be avoided/survived by hiding in a vent or closet or by crawling under a bed.

You Can Run

You Can't Run is earned by surviving Seek. Seek is one of two entities that have more than one guaranteed appearance. Players will encounter Seek for the first time sometime between doors 30 through 45, then again sometime between doors 80 through 95. Before Seek spawns, players will begin seeing unsettling eyeballs on the walls around them.

Eventually, walking through a numbered door within the ranges mentioned above will cause Seek to manifest from a pile of slime on the floor. After a brief cut scene, Seek will begin chasing players down a long hallway and through multiple doors. As you run, keep an eye out for white sparkles—these will direct you along the correct path.

During this running sequence, there's no need to use C or Shift to crouch—if you approach a path that requires you to crawl, your character will do so automatically. Also, during this sequence, avoid the fallen chandeliers and slime-covered hands, touching the chandeliers will take 40 HP, and the hands will kill you instantly. If Seek catches up to you, you will also insta-die, so look out for those sparkles!

Eviction Notice

The Eviction Notice badge is earned by those who encounter Hide, a figureless entity that spawns when players have spent too much time hiding under beds or inside vents or closets. If Hide deems that you've been hiding for too long, your screen will begin to turn red and flash the words GET OUT, and your pulse will progressively increase, growing louder and louder by the second. If you still refuse to leave, Hide will eventually kick you out of wherever you're hiding and lower your health by 40%. After you've been kicked from the closet, you will earn this badge.


Rebound is earned by those "fortunate" enough to meet Rush's angrier, faster, and rarer counterpart, Ambush. Each time that Rush is set to spawn, there's a very low chance that Ambush will spawn in its place. Similar to Rush, Ambush will make the lights flicker and create a distorted noise before it appears and will then run through all of the nearby hallways/rooms.

Unlike Rush, however, Ambush can run through these rooms up to six times. The best strategy for surviving Ambush is to hide in a closet when you hear its presence, step out of the closet when it disappears, and repeat this process until it fully disappears. Staying in the closet for too long will spawn Hide, so it's best to leave and re-enter.

Two Steps Forward

This badge is earned by those who survive the ghostly entity, Halt. Similar to Rush and Ambush, Halt makes its presence known by flickering lights. Unlike these two entities, however, Halt doesn't immediately appear after the lights flicker. Instead, it spawns behind the next numbered door that players open. Upon opening this door, players will enter a dark hallway only illuminated by Halt's glowing blue eyes.

To escape Halt, run down this hallway and out the door at the other end. As you travel down the hallway, you'll need to keep an eye out for flashing words, specifically Turn Around. When Turn Around appears on your screen, immediately turn your camera/character and walk the opposite direction. You'll need to repeat this process, turning around and walking forward each time the prompt appears, until you successfully make it through the door at the end of the hallway.

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Look At Me

Players need to survive the all-seeing entity, Eyes, to earn the Look At Me badge. As you move from room to room, opening doors as fast as possible, there's a chance you'll run into a purple glow—this is Eyes. After a few seconds, a 36-eyed entity will spawn from the purple glow and will deal 10 damage to anyone who looks at it. To survive Eyes, simply maneuver out of its area while looking at the floor, ceiling, or walls. Basically, look anywhere but at it!

I See You

The name of this badge is perhaps the most fitting of them all, as you need to survive the mischievously terrifying entity Screech to earn it. This entity only exists in dark rooms and will make its presence known by whispering a quiet "pst"—when you hear this sound, turn your camera behind you as fast as you can and look directly at Screech. If you look at it in time, it will scream loudly and jump at you, but deal no damage. If you fail to look at it in time, however, it will scream, jump, and deal 40 damage.

Having a light source, such as a flashlight or lighter, will lower the chance of Screech attacking in a dark room.


This badge is earned by anyone who successfully escapes Figure, solves the level 50 puzzle, and moves onto room 51. Check out our in-depth walkthrough for a full guide on this level, including how to solve the book puzzle and unlock the library door.

Expert Technician

To earn the Expert Technician badge, you'll need to successfully solve the level 100 puzzle in under one minute. If you're unsure how to solve this puzzle, check out our complete level 100 breakdown!

Meet Timothy

As described in its title, players can unlock the Meet Timothy badge by simply encountering the Timothy entity. Each time that you open a drawer in Doors, there's a 1/200 chance of being jump-scared by Timothy, who will jump onto the player's screen, take 5 HP, and then disappear. After meeting Timothy, you will earn the corresponding badge.

Meet Jack

Just the like the Meet Timothy badge, the Meet Jack badge is earned by those who encounter Jack, another jump-scaring entity. According to the official Doors wiki, Jack has a 1/20 chance of appearing in closets, and a 1/2000 chance of appearing behind numberless doors. When this entity does appear, it serves as a mere jump-scare and does no damage to the player. The more closets you open, the more likely Jack is to spawn behind one of them.


To earn the Error badge, players must encounter Glitch in a multiplayer server—if you're playing alone, there's a 0% chance that this encounter will happen. In multiplayer servers, Glitch only attacks those who stray from the group, taking away 10 to 40 HP and teleporting them near the other players.

Rock Bottom

The final badge in Doors is earned after completing all levels, one through one hundred, and escaping The Hotel!


That's it for our guide on how to earn every badge in Roblox Doors. Let us know in the comments below how many badges you have and which ones you're trying to earn!

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How to get all badges in Roblox Doors

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