Dota Underlords Heroes Tier List (July 2019) – Best Heroes Ranked!

We're taking a detailed look at the best heroes in Underlords with this tier list!

Our Dota Underlords Heroes Tier List Guide will provide you with all you need to know when picking which heroes and alliances to include in your builds. We're featuring a full guide with detailed hero description of all of the best unit options in the game!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that as with all tier lists based on Auto-Battler games, there are certain problems and complications that arise when determining a unit’s objective value and ranking them in tiers. This is because there are many different builds, alliances and phases of the game (early game, mid-game, late game). Units may be incredibly strong in one build, yet unusable in other builds. Units such as Enchantress & Nature’s Prophet can be powerful in the early game, yet close to unplayable in the late game.  How does a 1-cost hero compare to a 5-cost hero on these tier lists? All of these nuances will be set aside for the purpose of this article, as we rank units based on their overall impact on the game.

With that being said, don’t take the tiers too seriously. The A & B-Tier specifically have a lot of “A-”, and “B+“ heroes where they could have been upgraded or downgraded quite easily. Use these tier lists – and the details about the units - to get a general idea of a unit’s power level and impact on the game. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list!

Dota Underlords Heroes Tier List


Units in this tier are powerful enough to include in any build and are commonly seen in late-game strategies. They have great stats and abilities which allow them to be used in all kinds of comps even if their alliances aren’t necessarily beneficial.

Drow Ranger

Her proximity aura is very powerful and perfectly suited for Hunter builds who can slot ranged units such as Sniper, Windranger & Mirana next to her. She is a must-include in both the 3 and 6-Hunter builds which commonly see play in the meta. Her alliances are also great, unlocking the Heartless alliance in Hunter builds when paired with Pudge or Necrophos.


Pudge’s stats are an outlier in this game. Sporting a massive HP stat, he’s one of the tankiest units in the entire game despite costing only 2 gold. On top of that, his alliances in Warrior and Heartless make him one of the most versatile heroes. The Heartless synergy pairs perfectly with Warriors & Hunters who both want to be dealing melee damage.


The most powerful Warrior in the game – Kunkka is utilized in all types of builds due to his powerful crowd control ability. Even though his AoE was nerfed slightly, the stun and damage he can deal is very valuable in all teams. He boasts a powerful attack stat, benefits from the Warrior armor buff, and is a Human who can silence opposing frontline pieces such as Tidehunter.


Possibly the most impactful overall unit in the game, Medusa offers the perfect combination of crowd control and damage. Her ability synergizes well with items such as Skull Basher and Eye of Skadi since she’ll apply her passive ability to those items. Hunters are one of the top strategies in the game and that is largely due to Medusa, Drow Ranger and Tidehunter. Her Scaled alliance is also very useful when competing against powerful Mage builds.


Enigma makes the S-tier on our list due to being one of the best counters to Knights, which are very powerful in the current meta. His potential damage output is unrivaled in Underlords due to the radius and percentage-based damage. Additionally, he is one of the most powerful Warlocks in the game and they have received some much-needed love with recent updates.


A hero that can be used in any build; Tidehunter has the best crowd control ability in the game in the form of Ravage which damages and stuns most enemies on the opposing board. He can fit most builds due to his typing, ability, and overall versatility. The only real downside to this hero is that he is a legendary, making him extremely difficult to level up to 2.


Units in this tier play vital roles in their intended strategies. They are near auto-includes if their alliances are useful in the strategy. Heroes in this tier have powerful stats or abilities and are impactful on the meta.


Beastmaster finds himself in the A-tier mostly due to his alliances and his prowess in the early and mid-game. Unlike in Auto Chess where Hunter hopefuls could safely choose Drow Ranger Round 1 and hope for Mirana or Beastmaster on Round 2; in Underlords Beastmaster is the only 2-cost Hunter. This makes him vital to the Warrior Hunter comps who wish to have 3 Hunters & 3 Warriors by the time they have 6 units on the board. His Brawny alliance also pairs well with Warriors and allows him to benefit from the Brawny global perk which provides him with massive survivability. His stats and ability are great for a 2-cost unit, making Beastmaster a valuable and versatile hero.

Chaos Knight

After some much-needed TLC from Valve, Chaos Knight has reclaimed his role as a powerful, versatile unit in Underlords. Unlike most units who get their versatility from their alliances, Chaos Knight is versatile due to covering the three vital roles in the game – damage dealing, CC (mini-stun through his spell) and survivability (his Knight typing). In rounds 4-9, even a level 1 Chaos Knight can sometimes feel unbeatable. He also scales well into the mid and late-game due to his alliances, stats, and ability. He is vital to any early-game and late-game Knight builds.

Crystal Maiden

The most important part of any powerful Mage build – Crystal Maiden’s aura allows all of your units to cast their spells quicker – which allows you to win quicker. Despite her stats, she can silence opposing units with her Human typing, while allowing your Mages and frontliners to cast their spells sooner making her extremely impactful.


Disruptor has one of the best crowd control abilities in the game since his spell has a large radius, silences opponents and damages them. His Brawny and (brand new) Warlock typing helps him to serve as a frontline unit by giving him more survivability and therefore allowing him to activate his ability more reliably. Like Tidehunter, he is great with mages and against mages, making him one of the most versatile and useful units in the game.


Doom is the second most powerful Warrior after Kunkka. He has fantastic stats and he does all three things you want most units to do – damage, crowd control and survivability. His typing gives him damage and armor, he can silence powerful opposing units reliably and he boasts a very powerful melee attack.

Dragon Knight

While he was underwhelming upon the game’s release, Dragon Knight has now found his stride due to the updates to both his Knight & Dragon alliances. His typing makes him very versatile since he is a must-include in a 6 Knight build as well as any build with Dragons. Since Dragons and Knights are one of the more powerful strategies in the game, he now finds himself sitting pretty in the A-Tier.


Gyro makes our A-tier due to the fact that he is powerful (not surprising since he is a legendary) and actually finding a niche in popular, meta-defining late game builds! He has one of the best abilities in the game, providing crowd control and a lot of damage in two waves. The 6 Hunter 3 Warrior build loves to include Gyrocopter as its 10th unit since it allows both Gyro and Sniper to target their enemies smarter with the Deadeye alliance buff. Gyrocopter is also included in many 6-Mage builds since he has a base armor stat of 15 and can serve comfortably on the frontline to unleash his powerful spell early.

Keeper of the Light

A once meta-defining unit, KotL is now safely slotted into the A-tier due to one thing and one thing only – his extremely powerful spell. He needs to be combined with Mages (especially Crystal Maiden) and a tanky frontline in order to have a big impact on the game but once he is able to channel his ability, he can devastate an entire team in one fell swoop. Try to keep him placed at the back and diagonally to your opponents’ boards in order to get the most out of this unit.


His ability Chain Frost combined with the 6-mage alliance deals massive amounts of damage. 6 Mages can be extremely powerful in the current meta and Lich is essential to unlock the 6-mage alliance making him an important hero. His Heartless alliance is good but isn’t too helpful since Mages aren’t dealing much melee damage.


Lycan benefits greatly from his three alliances which give him a lot of versatility. He is useful in many Warrior drafts as he is the key to unlocking both the Human & Savage alliance buffs. His ability and alliances allow him to benefit greatly from Tooth & Claw as well as Summoning Stone. Lycan’s major drawback is that he is hard to find and level up in the early game, good in the mid-game, but falls off hard in the late-game; making him a little situational.


Necrophos’ alliances and spell make him one of the most versatile and powerful units in the game. With the recent rework of Warlocks, his Death Pulse and its short cooldown make Necrophos an extremely tanky damage dealer with the potential to heal many units on your board. Both the Heartless & Warlock alliance require only two units to come online, which means many late-game builds include them, making Necrophos a common sight in the current meta.


Despite being weaker in Underlords than in Auto Chess, Razor is still a powerful damage dealer who fits into every 6-mage build and many 3-mage builds. His primordial typing and ability means he can serve comfortably as a frontline unit which is helpful since his AoE radius has been reduced.


Sniper is a powerful Hunter with high DPS and range who received a nice buff in Underlords since his Deadeye ability allows him to target the weakest units on the opposing board. His ability deals massive damage to one unit, which pairs nicely with Windranger who deals solid damage to several units. You’ll want to keep Sniper, Windranger and Drow Ranger nicely bunched up in your corner to take full advantage of Drow’s proximity aura and maximize your damage output.

Shadow Fiend

Even though he is considerably weaker than his Auto Chess counterpart, Shadow Fiend is a big-time damage dealer with good alliances. He works great in Warlock and Mage builds, and his Demon typing gives him a damage bonus. The reworked Warlock alliance allows Shadow Fiend to heal itself and its linked unit when activating its spell.


Tiny just barely misses out on the S-tier and that is mostly due to the fact that he isn’t included in too many late game comps unless he is leveled to 3 or fits into your Warrior or Primordial build. He is one of the best 1-cost heroes in the game with great typing, stats and versatility. He also is one of the best early-game level 2s in the game when factoring cost and power. His ability is a mini-crowd control that can easily be activated a couple times a game. At level 3, he reliably serves 3 roles as a tank, a damage dealer, and a mini crowd-controller.

Treant Protector

Treant Protector makes the A-tier due to being one of the best early units in the game. All it takes is one Enchantress and one Treant Protector in the early rounds to get Treant to Level 2 in half your battles. Treant Protector boasts a powerful attack and HP stat and is the perfect Elusive unit as he benefits most from the evasion buff. He is extremely easy to level to 3 and his ability allows him to stay in the fight longer, making him a great overall hero.

Troll Warlord

Serving as the most impactful Troll when unlocking the powerful 4 Troll synergy, Troll Warlord finds his niche as a pure damage dealer. As with most damage dealers such as Templar Assassin, Phantom Assassin and Terrorblade, the Warlord doesn’t appreciate the fact that you can no longer stack multiple items on him to make him overpowered. With that being said, Troll Warlord’s stats and alliances make him an A-tier unit.


6 Hunters + 3 Warriors is one of the most used strategies in the game since they get to utilize a lot of the best units in the game (Medusa, Kunkka, Doom, Tidehunter, Drow Ranger, etc). You’ll want to include Windranger in every 6 Hunter comp since she is a big-time damage dealer with a damaging (but narrow) AoE ability. She benefits greatly from Drow Ranger’s aura as long as you have a frontline than can keep opposing units away from her.


Most B-Tier units are more like A -Tier units that have less versatility. Many of these units are strong; but are not used in many builds except the ones they fit best.

  • Abaddon
  • Alchemist
  • Anti-Mage
  • Batrider
  • Clockwerk
  • Juggernaut
  • Lina
  • Lone Druid
  • Luna
  • Omniknight
  • Puck
  • Slardar
  • Slark
  • Terrorblade
  • Timbersaw
  • Queen of Pain
  • Witch Doctor


Units in this tier are generally underwhelming heroes. They may not be weak but they are usually only utilized in their intended strategies or in the early game. Assassins are powerful in the early and mid-game, yet fall off in the late-game and aren’t as meta-defining as they once were. Most of the assassins in this tier are actually quite powerful at different points in the game, but are not used outside of their intended strategies.

  • Axe
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Bloodseeker
  • Mirana
  • Morphling
  • Sand King
  • Phantom Assassin
  • Techies
  • Templar Assassin
  • Tusk
  • Viper


The D-Tier units can be seen as those heroes who are not useful outside of their intended strategies. They are weak and generally have underwhelming stats and/or abilities, meaning they are only really included in comps if their alliances are useful.

  • Arc Warden
  • Enchantress
  • Nature’s Prophet
  • Ogre Magi
  • Shadow Shaman
  • Tinker
  • Venomancer
  • Warlock

Agree with our rankings? Do you think your favourite hero deserves a little more love? Stay tuned as these heroes and tiers will continue to change as the Underlords meta continues to be redefined. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Techies should be A. that unit can do 8000+ dmg in 1 second.
    Drow is good but S is too much, i think she is A-
    Besides that good tier list.