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Wuthering Waves Weapon Tier List

Weapons at the ready!

Wuthering Waves is the newest RPG on the block, and with it comes a slew of weapons to look through for your characters. If you're trying to decide which ones to use, here's a tier list for all the relevant ones in the game.

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Wuthering Waves Weapon Tier List - All weapons, ranked

Before I begin, this tier list will not include weapons that are blue rarity or lower. These weapons are all fodder and never worth using unless you just don't have a choice. However, if you're pulling on any of the banners, then chances are you do have a choice, so I won't be considering them for this list.

SEmerald of Genesis, Static Mist, Verdant Summit, Stringmaster, Autumntrace
AAbyss Surges, Cosmic Ripples, Lustrous Razor, Stonard, Augment, Commando of Conviction, Lumingloss, Lunar Cutter, Novaburst, Pistols#26, Thunderbolt,
BCadenza, Discord, Marcato, Dauntless Evernight, Helios Cleaver, Hollow Mirage, Jinzhou Keeper, Rectifier#25, Scale: Slaher, Undying Flame, Variation
CAmity Accord, Gauntlets#21D
DBroadblade#41, Comet Flare, Sword#18

S-Tier Weapons

Taoqi holding Verdant Summit - Wuthering Waves
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Every weapon listed here is one that is of the highest value and/or priority to obtain in terms of meta usage. These provide significant boosts in damage because all of them have a powerful secondary effect as well as CRIT-related substat. If you can get your hands on any of these, you absolutely should.

  • Emerald of Genesis - Universal 5* Sword that comes with a potent CRIT RATE secondary stat, with an ability that boosts Energy Regen and provides a stacking ATK% buff. This is fantastic for any character that uses a Sword and will also be a solid option for future Sword characters.
  • Static Mist - Very similar to Emerald of Genesis regarding usefulness, but for the Pistols category. It also has the added advantage of additional Energy Recharge, which is always a good stat, specifically if this weapon is wielded by a character that relies more on their Ultimate ability.
  • Verdant Summit - Extremely solid, universal 5* Broadblade that will continue to be a strong option for any characters that wield Broadswords. It has a CRIT DMG secondary stat, which is fantastic, and its ability significantly boosts the potency of Heavy Attacks: something all characters have access to.
  • Stringmaster - A strong, all-rounded 5* Rectifier with a CRIT RATE secondary stat. It is the only Rectifier in Wuthering Waves that has access to CRIT RATE, thus making it the strongest Rectifier in the game. Its ability functions for any Rectifier character as a stat stick, making it universally useful and a good investment.
  • Autumntrace - For Broadbaldes, this is the best alternative weapon if you can't get access to Verdant Summit. It comes with a powerful CRIT RATE secondary stat, and its ability provides a big boost in ATK% pretty much for free. It is a Battlepass weapon, however, so be aware.

A-Tier Weapons

Jianxin wielding Stonard - Wuthering Waves
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All of the weapons listed in this tier are extremely potent options for you to consider when gearing out your characters. All of them provide a sizable damage boost but generally lack a CRIT stat or a strong ability that makes them not quite at the same level as the S-tier weapons.

  • Abyss Surge - A 5* Gauntlet, and the best option for any Gauntlet users currently. It provides a massive boost in ATK, but lacks a CRIT STAT, which leaves it a bit below the S-Tier weapons. Also, the moment a 5* CRIT-Related Gauntlet comes out, this thing will go down in value.
  • Cosmic Ripples - Same situation as Abyss Surge. A strong 5* Rectifier, but due to its lack of a CRIT secondary stat, it pales in comparison to Stringmaster. However, this is still a very solid weapon and the second-best option for Rectifier users.
  • Lustrous Razor - Similar to the above-mentioned weapons, but for Broadblades. Likely a bit stronger than Autumntrace in terms of ATK% due to being a 5*, but the lack of CRIT hurts this weapon somewhat. Due to CRIT DMG being so strong, enough of it will probably put Autumntrace above this weapon (especially if you have copies of it) in terms of DMG output. Still, a solid 5* Broadblade if you need one.
  • Stonard - Currently, the only Gauntlet in the game with a CRIT-related secondary stat, instantly putting at a higher value than most weapons in the game. However, its ability is lesser when compared to Autumntrace, which brings it down a tier. Still, it is a fantastic 4* option for Gauntlet users if you have the Battlepass.
  • Augment - Nearly identical to Stonard, but for Rectifiers instead. Ability is also lesser to Autumntrace, but still strong nonetheless.
  • Commando of Conviction - A decent 4* Sword if you can't access Autumntrace. It comes with a decent ATK% and provides further ATK% through its ability.
  • Lumingloss - A strong 4* Sword with decent ATK%, and an ability that provides a hefty damage boost. The ability has 100% uptime provided you can use your Skill again within 10 seconds.
  • Lunar Cutter - Yet another decent 4* Sword option that comes with solid ATK%, but its buff, while strong, requires constant character swapping to maintain, which can be annoying at times.
  • Nova Burst - One of the two strongest alternative Pistols to Static Mist. As a 4*, it has less Base ATK and no CRIT secondary stat, but its ability provides a considerable ATK% buff that is easy to keep up 100% of the time.
  • Pistols#26 - The other strong alternative Pistol to Static Mist. While it has lower Base ATK, as a 4*, and a lack of CRIT secondary stat, its ability provides an even larger ATK% buff than Nova Burst. However, you must be able to completely avoid damage to maintain it, as taking damage makes you lose stacks of the buff. The buff also has a lengthy ramp-up time of 10 seconds, which works against it.
  • Thunderbolt - A solid 4* Pistol that provides a decent buff to Skill DMG just through normal gameplay. Unlike Nova Burst and Pistols#26, it is a Battlepass weapon, which is not favorable for it, as there are better options to pick from the Battlepass, and better alternative weapons to choose for Pistols.

B-Tier Weapons

Verina in Wuthering Waves
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Weapons listed here are generally fairly useful when it comes to either a supporting role or a buffing effect. A lot of them have Energy Recharge as a substat, which is useful for characters that depend a lot more on having their Liberation skill up at all times. These are also weapons that lack a significant enough ability to place them in the A-Tier.

  • Cadenza - A decent of 4* Pistol for a character in a supporting role. Provides Concerto Energy when a character's skill is used, which means faster Intro/Outro swap rotations.
  • Discord - Similar to Cadenza, but for Broadblades.
  • Marcato - Similar to Cadenza and Discord, but for Gauntlets
  • Dauntless Evernight - Strange hybrid 4* Sword that has a DEF% secondary stat and ability that provides a small bonus to ATK%, and a much larger bonus to DEF%. As a weapon, it has minimal use cases but could prove to be a strong option if a DEF% scaling Sword user is released in the future.
  • Helios Cleaver - A solid 4* DPS-based Sword with reasonable ATK% and a decent ATK% buff that, unfortunately, comes with the caveat of resetting once you've obtained too many stacks of it. It is for this reason that this sword is behind the other 4* options in A-Tier.
  • Hollow Mirage - An alright 4* Gauntlet that comes with ATK% as its secondary stat. However, its ability, while solid, comes with the negative of reduced effectiveness if you take any form of damage.
  • Jinzhou Keeper - A solid 4* Rectifier for DPS characters. It has ATK% as its secondary stat, but its ability provides little additional ATK%, making it fall behind the other options.
  • Rectifier #25 - A situational 4* Rectifier that provides a reasonable ATK% buff if a character's skill is activated while above 60% health. If their health is lower, it heals for 5% health instead while not providing the ATK%. Not great, but far from the worst.
  • Scale: Slasher - Similar to Discord and Marcato, but for Swords
  • Undying Flame - A decent 4* Pistol that has solid ATK% and an ATK% secondary stat. It comes with a strong buff to Ultimate DMG, but is outclassed by the other 4* Pistol options.
  • Variation - Similar to Marcato and Scale: Slasher, but for Rectifiers.

C-Tier Weapons

Yuanwu in Wuthering Waves
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Weapons in the C-Tier are generally not great but have some useability if you have no other weapons at your disposal. If you have something better, then these will never be worth your time using. They're great as back-up weapons until you get a real one.

  • Amity Accord - A strange 4* Gauntlet that has a DEF% secondary stat. Despite this, it has a strong Ultimate DMG buff. Its hybrid nature limits the number of use cases, making it a mediocre weapon overall.
  • Gauntlets#21D - An extremely niche 4* Gauntlet that has an Energy Regen secondary stat. Its ability is highly unique, providing a small ATK% buff with 100% uptime, and a massive 50% DMG boost to Counter Damage. The only character who can make use of this weapon is Jianxin, but its use is highly dependent on her Skill. I can see this weapon being used on her if you want to use her for swap-in counter and Ultimate suction. It is solely in this tier for being so highly specific to one character.

D-Tier Weapons

Baizhi in Wuthering Waves
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These weapons are terrible and should be used by any characters due to their mismatched stats, largely useless substat, or an ability that is not good on any of the current characters. These are, at best, a last resort if you don't have anything else to use. I'd avoid these unless you're using a blue weapon. Then, maybe, you can consider using one of these.

  • Broadblade#41 - This 4* Broadblade has a ATK% buff, Energy Regen as a Secondary stat, and heals on successful hits. However, this widespread spectrum of buffs is a detriment as it has no central focus, thus no real purpose on any character. Very mediocre overall.
  • Comet Flare - Only Jianxin can make use of this 4* Gauntlet because of its ability, which provides a stacking Healing Bonus. However, this bonus is extraordinarily small and makes this not worth using at all.
  • Sword#18 - This 4* Sword is awful as it requires you to be below 40% health before it provides any sort of DMG buff. However, Danjin is the one character who can reasonably make use of this effect, as she is constantly lowering her health for max damage. Being at this low health also provides self-healing, which is a benefit to Danjin as well.

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Wuthering Waves Weapon Tier List

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