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The Squire’s Tale – Full Walkthrough, Chapters 7 and 8

The final battle awaits!

The Squire’s Tale is a medieval fantasy-themed AE Mysteries adventure game in their usual tried and tested format. You’re given a series of point-and-lick set pieces in which to find and combine objects, with the story taking you through a series of fun yet tricky puzzles along the way. If you’re finding any of the challenges too frustrating and you just can’t see the wood for the trees, read on for my full walkthrough of chapters seven and eight of The Squire’s Tale. 

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As we begin Chapter Seven, our heroes Martin, Cederick, and Nira are off to take on the Monster King despite having failed to collect the Sword of Light. I’ve walked through all the scenes and puzzles below, so expect lots of spoilers if you read on (You can click the section required in the contents list to avoid seeing sections you don’t want to see). Also, remember you can use any spare stars you have for clues!

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This guide only covers the final two chapters (seven and eight) of the game of the game. If you need some information about earlier chapters instead, check out my The Squire’s Tale - Full Walkthrough hub page. You’ll find links to my guides for all the earlier chapters there.

The Squire’s Tale Chapter 7 Guide - The Monster King’s Lair

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Arriving at the elevator system, take the Old Key (a1), Gloves (a2), and Rope (a3). Use the key to open the red box (a4) and take the Can of Tuna and Screwdriver from inside. Click the rocks a few times (a5) to get a Shield, then use the screwdriver to open the grate (a6) and use the gloves to search the rubbish inside and get the Fishbone and Medallion Half

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Place the can of tuna and fishbone on the two offering discs (a7) and then click the anchor on the shark statue. Attach the rope to it to get an Anchor Hook and use it on the tower (a8). When the tower falls, click the hole in it (you can see a green wardrobe poking through) for a close-up and use the shield to move the rock (b1) blocking the wardrobe (b2). Click it to open it and take the Umbrella, then use that to snag the second Medallion Half (b3). 

Go back to the main image and place the two medallion halves into the altar (a9). The lift appears, starting a ball-rolling puzzle. Only go through the circles where they are numbered below:

Image by Pro Game Guides
  • Go through 1 heading north
  • Go through 2 heading south
  • Go back through 2 and then through 3, heading east
  • Go north through 4 and 5, then east through 6, 5, and 7
  • Head west through 8, then south through 6, 9, and 3
  • Go north through 10, west through 11, then east through 12 and 10
  • Head north through 12, 11, 13, and 7, then north through 8
  • Go west through 14, and finally east through 1, 9, 4, and 13.

Now you can enter the elevator.

The Elevator

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Take the Wooden Plank leaning against the wall, then click the two curtains to reveal the walls. Click the green mask (c1) take the Gemstone that falls from its mouth, and collect a second Gemstone from the elevator floor indicator (c2). Click the button panel (c3) and click the + button in the close-up, which opens the emergency kit (c4) below it. Take the Bandages and Hand Saw from inside.

Use the saw to cut the bars (c5) and use the plank on the torch (in the close-up of the other side of the bars) to get a Burning Plank. Select the rug on the floor (c6) to reveal the hatch, click it to open, then get a close-up of the hatch and use the bandages to fix the wires

Now that the wires are fixed, select the button panel once more and click the button for floor B10 (on each floor you visit, note the number of statues you can see through the window on the right - you’ll need this info later). Add the two gems to the panel to open a panel and take the Candelabra. Now select the button panel and flip the switch at the bottom to turn off the elevator lights, noting the colors and positions (top to bottom) of the revealed faces. 

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Turn the lights back on in the lift and click button B30. Get a close-up of the panel and set the sliders (top to bottom) as follows: Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, and Red (see above). Take the Key. Now move to B20, get a close-up of the combination in the lift, and enter (top to bottom) 3532, which is the number of statues through the window on each floor (see below). A panel will open, giving you your second Key.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Head to floor B40 and place the candelabra in the slot in the lift. You need to light the correct candles with your torch to open the hatch and get the final key. For this, you’ll need to note which stars burn orange in the mural on the roof of the lift (click c7). Select the torch, light the correct candles (snuff out the ones in white in the mural; see below), and take the third Key.

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Move back down to B50, use the keys on the locks (c8), and move forward to the forge.

The Forge

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Grab the Bolt Cutters (d1) and use them on the cupboard lock (d2), taking the Tongs from inside. Turn the valve (d3) to find out that you need to make the forge hotter before you can use it. Use the tongs to pull down the ladder (d4), then take the Crowbar (d5) and use it to open the crate (d6) and take out the Valve Wheel.

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Use the crowbar again to get the Gum from the switch (d7). You can now flick the switch to get the forge up to the second heat level. Use the gum to fix the pipe (d8) and add the valve to the pipe (d9) to fully power the furnace. You can now press the large button (d10) that opens the armory door (d11). Click it to go inside.

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Take the Hammer (e1), then select the broken sword in your inventory and click and take the Spoon (e2), Shield (e3), and Jug (e4), then place them into the forge. Open the tray (d12) to get the Magic Ore and place it on the anvil (d13), starting a puzzle to remove the impurities. Press the up, down, left, and right keys in the following order: Right, Right, Left, Up, Right, Left, Up, Right, Right

Put the sword on the anvil, add the Purified Magic Ore, then use the hammer on the sword to complete the chapter. Just one to go!

Chapter 8 - The Doomsday Device

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Pick up the metal ball and use it to break the grate (f1) and get the Coin. Click the wall chain (f2) until the wall collapses, give the coin to the dungeon rat that appears, and then take the Silver Needle. Use the needle on the door lock (f3) and head into the hallway.

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Take the Tin Ladle (g1) then click the switch on the wall (g2) to raise the pillar in the middle of the hallway. Click the back-left cell door (g3) for a close-up of the gelatinous cube and pick up a Handful of Rocks. Keep picking them up and adding them (along with the ladle) until it explodes. Take back the Tin Ladle, then grab the Torch and open the chest to get Cedrick’s Sword. Finally (still in the close-up) use the ladle on the toilet hole to fish out the Key.

Light the torch via the one burning in the hallway (g4), then use the key on the right-side cell door (g5) to open it. Click your lit torch in your inventory and then the dark close-up to reveal a skeleton. You can drag the light around the image and collect a Spear on the right, also noting the code scratched into the wall (24637). 

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Select the front-left cell door (g6) to reveal a grid. Move the stars with the buttons until the stars are in the positions (from left to right, top to bottom) that match the code from the cell (see above). You can now go in and speak to Cedrick. Give him his sword, and he’ll come with you. While still in the cell close-up, click the three loose stones to open a secret compartment and take the Gear (see below).

Image by Pro Game Guides

Add the gear to the pillar (g7), then use the spear on the hole (g8), finally clicking Cedrick to get him to help you turn it. You’ll first need to cheer him up, though. Choose the following options:

  • The dragon (two points)
  • The orb (two points)
  • The mind tournament (two points)
  • Shoveling snow (two points)
  • Destroying the sword (two points)

Cedrick will now help if you click the spear, allowing you to escape the dungeon.

Getting to the Doomsday Device

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Pick up the Fish Statue (h1) and the Hook (h2), then use the hook on the ladder on the right (h3). You can now enter the door at the top (h4).

Image by Pro Game Guides

Grab Another Shovel (i1) and use it to dig out the Ballista Bolt (i2). Also, take the Book (i3), alongside a Second Book and the Moon Chart from the other alcove (i4). Head back outside, add the bolt to the ballista (h5), and shoot it, revealing a moon puzzle. Use the moon chart to solve it, or check out the image below for the solution (all that is left to do in the image is change the bottom left moon to be completely dark). Once complete, take the second Fish Statue and Shadow Orb.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Head back into the room and put the two fish statues on the pedestal (i5), then alter the stone bowls so that the water flows into the ring on the ground (see image below). Take the Staff. Back in the main area, take the anchor back and use it on the opposite ladder (h6), taking the third Book from the top. Use the anchor to go through the right door once more, add the books to the shelves (i6), and take the Red Crystal.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Outside once more, add the staff to the statue on the right (h1) and the crystal to the one on the left (h7), revealing a puzzle in the center of the arena. Add the shadow orb to the center to start the puzzle. You need to energize each orb by making each area have four different symbols, so click the purple central orbs in the following order:

2, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 1, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1, 3, 3, 3, 1 (image below)

Image by Pro Game Guides

Click the stairs to head onwards.

Underneath the Device

Image by Pro Game Guides

Take the Crystal Shard (k1) and add it to the disc (k2), which opens the trapdoor (k3), so head down. Take the Horn Blueprint (l1), then click the skeleton (l2), revealing a scroll. Click the scroll, take the Winding Key, and read that you need the robot’s horns and heart to make it function.

Image by Pro Game Guides

Take the Hammer and Chisel (l3) and the Butter Knife from the cupboard (l4), then use the hammer on the crack in the floorboards (l5) to get the Filament. With the filament selected in your inventory, click the device (l6) to find you need to power it somehow.

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Back upstairs, use the hammer on the crystals (k4) to get a second Crystal Shard and add it to the other disc (k5), powering up the stone (k6). Also, use the knife on the panel on the front of the robot (k7), taking the Plate Cover.

Go back downstairs to find the machine powered up. Add the filament to it in the close-up by clicking the cog (bottom-left) twice with the filament selected. It’s now ready to go. Use the blueprint in your inventory to find the six buttons you need to press (they’re bolded), or use my image below. Once selected, click the hammer button (bottom right) to make and collect the Metal Horns

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Now do the same, taking the symbols from the plate cover to make the and collect the Heart. Again, see my image below for the correct symbols to choose from. 

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Add the heart and horns to the robot to activate the Robot Yeti. When it turns around, use the key on its back to finish the repair. Reattach the front panel to the robot, then travel up in the elevator.

The Final Battle  

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Once Nira breaks up the platform you’re standing on, you’ll start a mini-game. The idea is to cover all the floor squares (turning them orange) while avoiding the lightning strikes (these go across from where the ball is after the number of turns indicated).For the solution:

  • Up and then left (lightning)
  • Down twice (lightning)
  • Right and up (lightning)
  • Left and down (lightning)
  • Up twice (lightning)
  • Down once.

Now Cedrick has to do the same on a slightly more difficult grid:

  • Down 3 (lightning)
  • Right twice, then up (lightning)
  • Right, down, up (lightning)
  • Up, left, left (lightning)
  • Down, right, right (lightning)
  • Left, up, up (lightning)
  • Right, left, down (lightning)
  • Up, left, left (lightning)

And once more, for the win:

  • Down, down, left (lightning)
  • Left, up, right (lightning)
  • Up, left, up (lightning)
  • Up, right, right (lightning)
  • Down, left, down (lightning)
  • Right, left, right (lightning)
  • Right, up, up (lightning)
  • Right, down, down (lightning)
  • Right, right, left (lightning)
  • Down, down, right (lightning)
  • Up.

Enjoy the final cut scenes, and congratulations, you’ve completed The Squire’s Tale!

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The Squire’s Tale – Full Walkthrough, Chapters 7 and 8

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