Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster Walkthrough

Beat the story that kicked off the Final Fantasy series.

If you're looking to jump into the Final Fantasy title that started it all, you may get stuck at times due to the game not always being completely clear on where to go or what to do. Follow our Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster story walkthrough so you always know your next objective.

How to beat Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster - Walkthrough & Guide

When first starting Final Fantasy, you'll be asked to choose between four of the six classes that make up your party. They are as follows:

  • Warrior
  • Thief
  • Monk
  • White Mage
  • Black Mage
  • Red Mage

To pick the best team to help you through the game, click here to go the bottom of the page, where we give you three teams to choose from.

Speak to the King of Cornelia

After gaining access to your character after going through the naming sequence, instantly walk west from your starting position into the town of Cornelia. Speak to the guard at the entrance, who sees your party's crystals and takes you to see the King. He asks you to rescue his daughter, Princess Sarah, who has been taken captive by a former knight named Garland.

The kidnapper is posted in the Chaos Shrine to the north of Cornelia, which is Final Fantasy 1's first dungeon. There are 12 dungeons in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster, all of which you must visit to beat the game:

Rescue Sarah from the Chaos Shrine

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After making sure that your party is well-equipped by purchasing weapons, armor, and magic from Cornelia's various stores, leave the town and travel northwest past the broken bridge to find the Chaos Shrine.

In the northwest section of the Chaos Shrine, you'll find two chests containing a Potion and a Tent and one containing a Leather Cap in the southwest.

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Once you're ready, go through the door in the center of the room to face off against Garland. Once the battle ends, you'll save Sarah, and she'll take you to the Castle. After you've spoken to the King, talk to her once more, and she'll give you the Lute.

How to defeat Garland in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

There's no special strategy for defeating Garland here, just stay alive, giving him all you've got until he's defeated. If you're not at least level five, you may have a harder time, so ensure you're well-equipped with healing items.

Obtain the Crown from Marsh Cave

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Cross the newly fixed bridge and head east to reach the town of Pravoca. Defeat the nine pirates in the west section of the town, and you'll receive the Ship. Leave and head south to the dock, where you can board your new Ship.

Sail southwest until you get to another dock. Alight, then travel north slightly to reach Elfheim. Enter the castle here, where the Prince is in eternal slumber due to a curse that you're asked to lift. Exit the town and go west until you come to the edge of the island, then go south to find a swampy area and, to the south of it, Marsh Cave. Here, you need to find the Crown.

From the dungeon's entrance, walk south until you reach a room with a ladder. Go down it to enter a large room. Open the door to the southeast, then exit through the southeast door here to find a set of stairs. Take the stairs, and you'll be in a huge room with several doors. To find the Crown, open the door in the mid-center of the room, and you'll spot a chest that's surrounded by statues. You'll be attacked by Piscodemons as you open it, so make sure you're stocked up on Potions and, ideally, at least level 10.

Take back Matoya's Crystal Eye from Western Keep

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With the Crown in hand, leave Marsh Cave and backtrack to the edge of the island you walked to find Marsh Cave. But instead of going south toward the swamp, head north this time, and you'll come to Western Keep.

Walk forward through the door, and you'll enter into a battle with Astos, who has stolen the Crystal Eye from a witch named Matoya. Defeat him to grab the Eye, then return to the newly-repaired bridge by Cornelia. From here, travel northeast to Matoya's Cave and give the witch her Crystal Eye back, who will gift you the Jolt Tonic in return.

Go back to Elfheim Castle and through the door in the northwest. Give the tonic to the Healer standing next to the sleeping Prince to wake him up. He'll reward you with the Mystic Key.

How to beat Astos in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

Astos isn't a particularly difficult fight, though he does use the Reaper attack, which causes instant death to a party member, so make sure you're stocked up on Phoenix Down to revive if needed. If you have a Black or Red Mage in your party, spam him with Blizzard, Thunder, and Fire attacks; otherwise, attack with your physical moves until he's down.

Restore the Earth Crystal at the Cavern of Earth

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Return to Cornelia Castle and use the Mystic Key on the two doors to the north, one of which contains a chest with the Nitro Powder. With the Powder secured, go to the dock and then travel northwest to another dock. Anchor here, then go west until you reach Mount Duergar.

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In the southwest section, you'll find a dwarf standing outside a large room filled with chests. Speak with him and give him the Nitro Powder. He'll clear out a canal you can sail through in your Ship. Return to your Ship and head west through the new passage to reach the town of Melmond.

How to get the Star Ruby

Once you've stocked up on equipment and healing items, travel southwest to the Cavern of Earth. Enter, and then take the stairs to the east. Go east in this new room and down another set of stairs, then walk northwest and around to the door in the southwest, where you'll face off against the Vampire.

Defeat it, then open the chest in the room to obtain the Star Ruby. Leave the dungeon, then go northwest to the Giant's Cave. Give the giant the Star Ruby, and he'll let you pass. Take the nearby stairs and exit the Giant's Cave, then travel south to the Sage's Cave.

Speak to the Sage here, who will give you the Earth Rod. Return to the Cavern of Earth and to the room where you fought the Vampire. Exit through the door to the east and then use the Earth Rod on the stone tablet here, revealing a set of stairs. Go down, and you'll battle Lich.

Once he's defeated, you'll restore power to the Earth Crystal. Return to the overworld map.

How to beat the Vampire in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

The Vampire is weak to Fire, so if you have a Black or Red Mage on your team, hit him with flames. Even if you don't, it is an easy fight, so don't expect to be taking too much damage, as you'll likely down him in a couple of rounds.

How to beat Lich in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

Unlike the Vampire, there's a challenge in Lich's fight. Though, like the previous boss, he is weak to Fire, so spam firey attacks if you have them. Remember to bring healing items as he can pack a punch, but it's simply a battle of attrition. Survive and deal as much damage as you can until he's down.

Restore the Fire Crystal at Mount Gulg

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Go back to Melmond and then head southeast on your Ship, wrapping all the way around the large island that Cornelia is on. You'll eventually reach a dock; anchor here, then wrap around to the west until you reach a town called Crescent Lake. Once in the town, go east past the magic shops and you'll find a circle of Sages. Speak to them all to obtain the Canoe.

Return to the overworld and use the Canoe on the water. Follow the path around to the north, where you'll reach a volcano: Mount Gulg. Once inside, use the stairs to the northwest. Note that you'll take damage when you step onto the lava, which is unavoidable, so stock up on Potions and heal as needed.

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Cross the lava here and take the west stairs to the next floor, then use the stairs in the east of this room to reach another floor. Take yet another set of stairs in the southeast, where you'll enter a room with stairs in the very southwest.

After all that stair climbing, travel south in this new room and, you'll never guess, take another set of stairs to a room with multiple paths. Take the southwestern one and enter the door here, where you'll get into a battle with Marilith. Defeat her, then restore the Fire Crystal and return to Crescent Lake.

How to beat Marilith in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

Marilith is the hardest foe you'll have met at this point, so make sure you're stocked up on healing items and healing spells if you have a White Mage because you'll definitely need them. The boss is weak to Darkness, Sleep, and Stun, so use those elements often if you have them in your arsenal.

There are no special gimmicks in this fight; it's simply about staying alive and dealing as much damage as you can until she's dead.

Collect the Levistone from the Cavern of Ice

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Return to the dock by Crescent Lake and use your Ship to travel north, where you'll soon reach another dock. You'll see a river here: use your Canoe on it and head west along the winding waterways until you reach some land. Alight here and follow the path to find the Cavern of Ice.

How to complete the Cavern of Ice

Follow the path east and go down the staircase. In the next room, walk to the southwest, and you'll see another set of stairs; take them down, and then go up the next set of stairs in the tiny room. Follow the path around to the west to reach a door where you'll see cracked floor tiles on the other side. Step on one to fall through the floor.

Go around to the southeast and take the stairs, then head through the door. Walk southeast slightly to another door, then go through the door in the bottom-middle of this room to find three chests. There's a crack in the floor just before them: step on it, and you'll fall inside of the cracked area from earlier. Interact with the object here, and you'll jump into an encounter with the Evil Eye, which is extremely easy and can be knocked out in two to three turns just by spamming your regular attacks.

Once it's down, collect the Levistone and then leave the dungeon.

Get the Rat's Tail from the Citadel of Trials

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Return to Crescent Lake once again, then travel south until you reach the desert. As soon as you step onto the sand, your party will use the Levistone, and you'll obtain the Airship. Use it to ride northeast until you spot a castle. Unfortunately, you can't land directly outside of it, so travel east slightly, where you'll find a patch of light green grass where you'll be able to park the Airship.

Head northwest across a small area of desert, then southwest across a canal with the Canoe. Then continue around to the southwest, where you'll be able to enter the castle known as the Citadel of Trials.

How to solve the Citadel of Trials

Speak to the old man here, then walk northwest through the doors and sit on the throne. You'll be teleported to a new area with many teleporters on the floor. Go through the doors to the south and then take the bottom teleporter. In the next area, take the bottom teleporter again.

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In this new room, step on the east teleporter. Then take the left path down to yet another teleporter, where you'll come to some stairs. Take them, then walk through the doors to the north and around to another throne with a chest by it. Open the chest to obtain the Rat's Tail, then sit on the throne to return to the entrance. Leave the Citadel of Trials.

How to change class in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

With the Rat's Tail in hand, you can now upgrade your classes. Return to your Airship and travel northwest from the Citadel of Trials, where you'll find the Cardian Islands with a series of holes on. Land at the island with two holes and a forest on, and enter the south hole. Walk through the doors to the south and then north into a large room where you'll find Bahamut. Hand him the Rat's Tail, and you'll automatically have your party's classes upgraded.

Restore the Water Crystal at the Sunken Shrine

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Get back into your Airship and go northeast of the Citadel of Trials to reach the town of Gaia, a small town sandwiched between mountains. Heal here if needed, then return to your Airship once again and travel east to a desert. Land on the light green grass patch to the south and then walk to the northern section, where you'll see a forest. To the left of it is a small area of sand; walk up across the two tiny patches that look like commas (pictured above), and you'll enter the Caravan.

Go into the tent here and speak to the trader. Buy the Bottled Faerie for 40,000 Gil, then return to Gaia. The Faerie will escape from its bottle. Head to the item shop, then walk around to the west to find a Spring and the Faerie. Speak to her, and she'll gift you Oxyale as a thank you.

Take the Airship back to where you entered the Caravan and fly south slightly to a light green patch of grass you can land on. Get out, then travel northeast to the town of Onrac. Talk to the girl on a wooden dock in the southeast section of the town, give her the Oxyale, and you'll ride a submarine to the Sunken Shrine.

How to complete the Sunken Shrine

Once you've climbed the ladder, go north and then east to find a staircase. Take it, then head south for another set of stairs you need to take. Enter one of the rooms to the northwest of this large room, and you'll see three chests: open the one on the right for the Rosetta Stone.

Return to the very first room of the dungeon, then go down the stairs to the northwest. In this new room, take the stairs to the northwest and then the next set of stairs following that. And if your legs weren't tired enough, there are more stairs to the south in this room.

You'll emerge next to a door to the north. Go through it, then down more stairs to the south, where you'll find a final set of stairs to the northwest. Take them, and follow the path south until you enter a fight with the Kraken. Defeat it, and power will restore to the Water Crystal. Exit the dungeon.

How to beat Kraken in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

Kraken is weak to Thunder, so if you've got a Red or Black Mage in your team, spam it with lightning. The boss has 1,600 HP, so it'll take a few rounds to whittle its health down. If you have a White Mage, keep them reserved for healing only, as Kraken is a heavy hitter, but as long as you can keep your party alive while dealing consistent damage, you'll beat it in no time.

Grab the Warp Cube from Waterfall Cavern

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Return to outside of Onrac, then use your Canoe in the river to the west to travel north and enter the waterfall into Waterfall Cavern. Enter the room to the southwest and speak to the robot to receive the Warp Cube.

Enter the Mirage Tower

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With the Warp Cube in hand, go back to Melmond. Talk to Unne the researcher by the graveyard in the north of town, who notices the Rosetta Stone and teaches you to speak Lufenian. Exit the town and travel northeast of Pravoca to the town of Lufenia. Land your Airship on the small patch of grass to the north of the location and then walk south back to the town.

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After entering Lufenia, speak to every NPC here until you are given the Chime. Get back into your Airship and fly west; you'll see a big stone tower in the middle of a large desert. Land on the grass to the southeast of the tower and then enter the Mirage Tower.

How to get into the Flying Fortress in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

Once inside the Mirage Tower, go through the door straight ahead and then exit to the left. Take the stairs up. This next room is shaped like a big circle; run around to the east until you reach another staircase leading up.

Go south and you'll see a pair of doors. Go through and stand on the teleporter pad here to ascend into the Flying Fortress.

Restore the Wind Crystal in the Flying Fortress

Step off the teleporter pad and travel north to another teleporter pad. Take it, then move southwest to a room with a chest containing the Adamantite. Return to the first warp pad but instead of taking it, walk south to another pad, warping you to another floor.

In this next area, walk onto the teleporter pad to the west, where you'll be in an enormous room. It looks empty, but travel northwest and you'll eventually come to a teleporter pad; use it. Go north and you'll come to the Wind Crystal. Interact with it and you'll be thrown into a fight with Tiamat.

Defeat him, then return to the overworld map.

How to beat Tiamat in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

Tiamat is a difficult fight, with the foe having 2,000 HP. Like the other boss fights in the game, it's a battle of brute force so it's a matter of surviving until it's defeated. Tiamat is weak to Petrify and Poison, and Ice, Thunder, Fire, and Earth won't work, so use physical attacks.

Head to the Chaos Shrine and finish the game

Go back to Mount Duergar and hand the Adamantite to the Smith in the northwestern room, who will use it to craft the Excalibur sword for you. Then return to Cordelia and travel northwest to the Chaos Shrine. Walk north to the Black Crystal, where your party will use their crystals to send you back in time 2,000 years.

Exit to the south and go east and then south through a corridor to some stairs you need to go up. You'll see another set of stairs; take them, then walk all the way to the south, taking the east path at the end until you come to some pillars and a door. Go through the door.

Defeat the Death Eye here, then use the Lute you got all the way back in the beginning of the game on the stone tablet in the center of the room to reveal a ladder. Go down it and head down the stairs in the northwest and continue west to another staircase in the northwest.

In this next room, travel around the room to the east until you see a staircase guarded by a yellow orb. Interact with the orb and you'll be thrown into a fight with Lich, the boss you battled previously in the Cavern of the Earth.

Once he's beaten, go down the stairs and you'll see another staircase to the east, guarded by Marilith, the boss from Mount Gulg. Defeat her, and descend the stairs into a large room with another guarded staircase to the southeast, this time watched over by Kraken from the Sunken Shrine.

Beat Kraken and take the set of stairs down before coming to another guarded staircase in the northeast. Defeat Tiamat once more and then prepare for one final fight...Chaos.

Enter the door to the south and interact with the NPC here to start the last boss of Final Fantasy. He is, as you'd expect, the toughest fight in the game, so don't expect to roll the credits quickly.

How to beat Chaos in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

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Chaos has a health bar with a whopping 4,000 HP, meaning you're in for a ride here. He has zero weaknesses and magic offense spells are ineffective, so you'll be relying on regular physical attacks for this one. If you have Mages, Flare and Holy are your best friends here, otherwise save your White Mage purely for healing as you'll most definitely need it.

It is a hard battle, but once beaten, you'll finish the Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster.

Best Classes and Team to pick in Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Which classes you choose in Final Fantasy depends on your playstyle. For example, you wouldn't choose a Final Fantasy 1 team filled with Mages if you prefer physical combat, and vice versa.

Final Fantasy 1 all-rounder build

  • Warrior
  • Monk
  • White Mage
  • Black Mage

This is the classic Final Fantasy build that gives your team strength in all areas. It isn't the best option off the bat, but once you can upgrade the Monk to Grand Master, it becomes worth it. Though its key weakness is poor Magic Defense, so you'll want to offset this with equipment.

Final Fantasy 1 magic offense build

  • Red Mage
  • White Mage
  • Black Mage
  • Black Mage

If magic is more your style, an all-out Mage build is for you. Red Mage is there for balance as it can wield both White and Black Mage magic, and White is crucial for healing your party. Where this build shines, though, is through the two Black Mages, who ensure that you're dealing massive magic damage at all times.

Final Fantasy 1 physical offense build

  • Red Mage
  • Warrior
  • Warrior
  • Warrior

For an almost-unstoppable team, physical offense is your priority. By having four Warriors, you ensure that you're outputting the most damage possible, and Red Mage is there to be both a magic damage user and your healer.

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Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster Walkthrough

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