New Horizons Gold Nuggets Guide – Recipes & Uses

If you've come across a gold nugget in Animal Crossing: New Horizons then you're no doubt wondering what you can do with it! Well, we'll walk you through the recipes and uses for this item in our Gold Nugget Guide!

Gold Nugget Recipes

Gold Nuggets aka Gold Ore are only used in very rare recipes, and those are for Golden Tools. These tools can be obtained by completing difficult tasks like catching all of the bugs and fish in your Critterpedia. Once you've completed the task, you will be given the DIY recipe for the particular tool. Each of these requires one Gold Nugget to craft:

  • Golden Axe: 1x Axe and 1x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Fishing Rod: 1x Fishing Rod and 1x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Net: 1x Net and 1x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Shovel: 1x Shovel and 1x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Slingshot: 1x Slingshot and 1x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Watering Can: 1x Watering Can and 1x Gold Nugget

While you would think these tools would be indestructible... they aren't. These can break the same as any other tool, they just obviously have way more durability. It might be better just display these somewhere rather than use them since finding Gold Nuggets is pretty difficult.

You can also craft some rare furniture. The DIY recipes for these can be hard to find, and we're likely missing some of the options available at the moment.

  • Aries Rocking Chair: 5x Stone, 1x Gold Nugget, 3x Star Fragment, 2x Aries Fragment
  • Cancer Table: 3x Stone, 2x Gold Nugget, 3x Star Fragment, 2x Cancer Fragment
  • Garden Rock: 15x Stone, 1x Gold Nugget
  • Gemini Closet: 6x Stone, 2x Gold Nugget, 3x Star Fragment, 2x Gemini Fragment
  • Gold Armor: 8x Gold Nugget
  • Gold Bars: 3x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Arowana Model: 3x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Candlestick: 2x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Dishes: 1x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Dung Beetle: 3x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Flooring: 4x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Gears: 1x Gold Nugget, 3x Iron Nugget
  • Golden Wall: 4x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Wand: 2x Gold Nugget, 3x Star Fragment
  • Lucky Gold Cat: 3x Gold Nugget, 1x Lucky Cat
  • Pisces Lamp: 3x Star Fragment, 2x Pisces Fragment, 2x Gold Nugget, 4x Stone
  • Taurus Bathtub: 3x Star Fragment, 2x Taurus Fragment, 1x Gold Nugget, 8x Stone
  • Trophy Case: 3x Gold Nuggets, 6x Iron Nuggets, and 24 Hardwood
  • Golden Seat: 5x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Casket: 8x Gold Nugget
  • Golden Toilet: 6x Gold Nugget
  • Gold-Screen Wall: 2x Gold Nugget, 1x Screen Wall
  • Gold Helmet: 5x Gold Nugget

How to Get Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets are a rare drop out of boulders you can smack. These are the same ones you hit daily to get clay, rock, and iron. They are a very rare drop, so if you find one you should hold onto it unless you know for sure that you aren't going to craft any Golden Tools. Your island has a set amount of rocks/boulders on it, so make sure you smack all of them each day. If you don't like the position of one of your rocks, you can break it by eating a piece of fruit before hitting it. The rock will respawn in a different position the next day, so hopefully it becomes easier to farm for you.

Once you've run out of rocks on your own island, you can always take a flight to a mystery island. Each of these islands will usually have rocks to hit on them. So, if you've got quite a few Nook Miles, you can fly at 2,000 a pop to other islands to smack rocks and farm some gold.

Selling Gold Nuggets

I wouldn't recommend selling your Gold Nuggets. They will get you 10,000 Bells, but money is pretty easy to get (check out our money guide). I've smacked quite a few rocks myself and have only gotten a couple of nuggets. I would save these for the time being, and wait and see what kind of recipes you find or look to create some golden tools!

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