Archero Chapter 5 Guide – Tips & Tricks

We're taking a look at some tips and tricks for Chapter 5 of Archero!

Our Archero Chapter 5 Tips & Tricks Guide will walk you through some tips and tricks that should help you complete this stage and all its levels in the game. Chapter five seems to be where a lot of people get stuck at, and the major issue is that you just can't do enough damage to kill enemies quickly enough. Your main path to victory is going to be that you'll need to grind up some of the previous levels to gain gear and get your armor and weapon strong enough to survive the chapter. However, there are some tricks to learn that will help you take down the enemies and bosses of chapter five!

Archero Chapter 5: General Tips & Ability Choices

Ability Choices

You are going to just pick the pretty standard stuff from the tier list for chapter 5. Extra Life, Ricochet, Multishot, Front Arrow (one only), Bouncy Arrow, Piercing (if you aren't using Tornado), Diagonal Arrows (best with Bouncy Arrow, if you don't have that it might be better to take the rest of the following), Attack Boost, Attack Speed Boost, Crit Master, HP Boost, Invincibility Star, and Blaze are your primary targets.

General Tips

  • Always try to grab the buff from the Angel in the middle of the level. Only take health if it's absolutely necessary. You will get a heal from the angry chest right before the boss, so you should hopefully be able to avoid losing up until then. You can also sometimes get a random heal from an enemy you've killed.
    • If you get the Health Boost option, then this will actually give you a small heal because it increases your health pool by a percentage. So, if you need to heal, you might just want to take the boost instead.
  • Always be very careful around environmental hazards like spikes. While they are usually pretty easy to avoid, sometimes they are placed in a way that can set you up to take unnecessary damage. Go slow around these to make sure you don't take a hit!
  • Focus on dodging rather than damaging. It's easy to get in the habit of just wanting to deal a ton of damage, but it's usually better to focus on maneuvering around projectiles and enemies to preserve your health.
  • Always try to take the Devil's offer. This is a pretty valuable ability, and unless it's a really bad option, you should always be trying to take it. I generally avoid the walking on water and walk through walls abilities. They aren't bad, but I don't find them super useful.
  • Use the water spots on the map to separate yourself from melee monsters. They will have to walk around these obstacles to get to you, and that gives you time to deal a bunch of damage before they do!

Archero Chapter 5: Enemy Tips

  • Laser Bats: These lock onto you and then fire a laser in a straight line. Let them lock on to you, and then sidestep away to avoid the damage.
  • Purple Electric Orbs: Fires a purple lightning attack at you that has two orbs on either side and electricity going between them. You just need to make sure to stay out of the attacks way and kill these off quickly.
  • Skeletons: These will run after you, so you really need to keep your distance and get rid of them as quickly as you can. They can be problematic because they'll get you stuck into walls or corner you, which makes you really easy to hit.
  • Arrow Turrets: These machines will line you up like the Laser Bats, and fire off an attack you. The difference with these is that they basically have the Diagonal Arrow ability. They don't just fire one straight arrow at you, they fire another two on each diagonal! So, let it lock on to you, and then step into the area that is clear.
  • Rock Elementals: The Rock Elementals are back again, but this time they spin around in a tornado like fashion! They also fire off projectiles in kind of a random direction, so just be sure to avoid those and they shouldn't be too difficult.
  • Scythe Mages: These are exactly like the pets you can collect and equip in the game. They deal quite a bit of damage and rapidly wing scythes at you. Make sure you are moving as quickly as possible out of the way, and try to burn these down as fast as you can!
  • Red Crystal Turret: This is similar to the Electric Turret you fought in the past, but instead of dropping lightning everywhere, it fires off fire orbs in kind of a circle. It's not too difficult to dodge, and the turret doesn't move.
  • Dogs/Wolves: Melee monster that dash around the map kind of randomly. Just try to avoid being in the direction they are facing and you should be okay. Scythe is a good weapon for these to knock them back away from you.

Archero Chapter 5: Boss Tips

Dog/Wolf Boss

The dog does either three dashes after you, or it will do a jump towards you. If it is dashing after you, move diagonally away from it and get one hit in and then prepare to move again. If it does the jump at you (you'll know it when it makes kind of a ground pound and shows a blue impact circle), you can usually get three hits on it afterwards! Just follow that pattern, and you should be able to take it down pretty easily.

Green Archer Skeleton Boss

You've fought a very similar enemy to this in the past, and the boss is kind of the same as the Arrow Turrets. Basically, the boss has the skill Bouncy Walls, and you'll need to avoid the projectile as it bounces around the room. The good thing about this boss is that you can kind of control how the arrow is going to bounce. What you want to do is kind of try to stay dead straight in front of the skeleton so the arrow will just bounce back and forth in a predictable manner. Try to avoid giving the boss too much of a weird angle or it can be pretty difficult to dodge and remember the pattern. The greatest difficulty of the boss is that it fires arrows pretty quickly, so you'll need to try to remember which path the previous arrow is headed and make sure not to run into it!

Plant Boss

This is a big version of one of the plant monsters you fought in chapter one. It spawns smaller versions of itself, as well as fires off big red projectiles that explode and scatter smaller red projectiles around. Try to kill the little versions quickly if they are in range, and then go back to focusing your damage on the main boss. The mini versions just fire a few projectiles at you, but if you let them stack up, you'll be in a lot of trouble and not have much room to move.

Flying Pig Boss

Kind of a weird boss, it fires off little white/blue orbs at you and they bounce off the walls in a horizontal and vertical manner. It fires two orbs at a diagonal, and those will then split into four smaller orbs each that go horizontal and vertical. That's the first big obstacle you'll need to avoid. They will bounce off the walls twice, and then kind of explode in a small area on the last bounce. Try to stick to the wall and avoid as many projectiles as possible. Keep your focus on your character so you don't get distracted by other things.

Fire Demon - Final Boss

This Demon boss is like nothing we've seen in Archero up to this point. It fires off a bunch of fire projectiles, it kind of reminds me of Diablo from... Diablo. While you're running from these, they tend to be faster than you, so you kind of need to double back at a certain point to avoid running into one of the orbs. The second attack it does is a clap attack that launches some damaging explosions straight in front of it. So, just make sure to keep moving away to the side from the front of it when that attack is about to happen. The third attack is three lunging swings in your current direction. This is the best time to get in some attacks, the boss continues in whatever direction it start to swipe towards, so avoid the initial attack and get in as many attacks as you can! The final attack is a jumping lunge that will send projectiles off in all angles when the monster lands on the ground. You just need to make sure to avoid the initial jump and then position yourself in between the gaps of the projectiles.

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  1. Level 7 any help. I’m stage 7/10 imposible can’t get past.

  2. Hi, same here plant boss is a pain with no pink weapon. Still locked here since two weeks now…

  3. im level 41 and my best stage was 39 in this chapter. im stuck basically. whats the best rings for this chapter?

    1. The snake and the bear got me to round 49/50…
      I want to find a list of all the monster’s and it says what each type is. Like skeletons gotta be ground, but are the pink ghosts that shoot lightning flying or ranged? Seems like both to me… if you know of a site like that, please share!
      But try the snake and bear rings.

    2. I’m thee exact same level as you and my highest has been 49. I have equipped the falcon ring and the bear ring i think it helps the most im not 100% sure but the waves are alot of ranged shooting enemies and some ground units. I’m still experimenting to see which rings does the most damage because I’m not sure if the enemies are ranged units and ground units more than the others so yea.

      1. It’s been a month and yet the furthest I’ve got in 39. Most games i cant even get past round 8 because of the total bullshit that happens. I’ve never known a game to go to great lengths to justify hits that never were. My attack has gone up my 90 and my health by 280 no improvements whatsoever…

  4. I’m really stuck at this chapter 🙁
    I’m lvl 24

    1. Lvl 34 sorry

  5. what are best pests for this chapter?

  6. Flying pig? That’s a dragon!

    1. Eh, it’s kind of a mix of a pig and a dragon.