How to Create a Custom Character in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 welcomes back many classic characters and some exciting new characters, but along with those characters, it also features a new way to play—with character creation. I could probably spend hours creating characters for video games, and with Street Fighter 6’s endless customization options, even more so. Here’s how you can show off […]

One Shot Codes (June 2023)

In One Shot’s open-world map, you are given a random ability on your first spawning. With that ability, it is up to you to explore the city, fight enemies, and complete quests to power up your stats and earn some Yen. You can also earn a Skillset, which gives you powerful superpowers to use in […]

Roadman Odyssey Codes (June 2023)

I found out real quick that you can’t get anywhere in Roblox anime games without a little training. You’ll need to build up your strength and train with special teachers to learn better abilities. However, you’ll need some money to purchase training equipment and to learn new abilities. You can earn some money by defeating […]

Lone Tower Codes (June 2023)

When playing a casual mobile game in my free time, I want something that won’t require me to grind or sweat too much. Thankfully, in Lone Tower, you can earn gold and Gems simply by defending your Tower successfully each day. You can use those currencies to purchase upgrades, items, and special cards that will […]