My Prison Codes (May 2023)

My Prison is all about building and growing your Prison empire. To do that, players need to earn money to buy objects to care for their inmates and continue to expand their facilities. Players earn money by arresting and keeping prisoners secure in prison. They can make money steadily as they keep their prison running […]

Off-Road Trail System Codes (May 2023)

Whether you’re a free spirit or a homebody like me, you can get the best of both worlds with this ultra-exploration trail game. There are tons of vehicles you can choose from as you set off on a road trip around various maps, like Brazil, Cypress Island, and all various terrain types. Vehicles cost money, […]

Clicker Fighting Simulator Codes (May 2023)

I enjoy a casual game every once in a while that I can just chill and enjoy without the added stress. Clicker Fighting Simulator is the perfect solution. It allows me to grind out NPC enemies, build power as I go along, earn weapons, and collect a variety of my favorite anime heroes to fight […]