Temtem: How to Get the Temessence Vial

If you’re looking for the Temessence Vial to continue your completion of the story in Temtem then look no further! We’ve got exactly where you need to go to obtain the item, and what you need to have done to obtain it. How to Obtain the Temessence Vial This is part of the First Steps […]

Temtem Where to Find the Slip of Paper for Josep

We’re taking a quick look at where to find that slip of paper that has Josep’s locker combination on it! This is for the small side-quest called, No Head for Numbers in Temtem. It’s a pretty simple quest, but because it’s early in the game you might have a bit of trouble with it. No […]

Temtem How to Heal & Revive Your Team!

Healing your Temtem is going to be an important aspect to learn in this new game! There will be parts of your adventure where you are out exploring, battling, and catching Temtem that have you outside of town areas. If this is the case, you might find that your team is getting low on health! […]

Temtem: How to Beat Sophia (Arissola Dojo Leader)

If you’ve just gotten into Temtem, you are likely getting close to your first Dojo (Gym). This is the Arissola Dojo, and you will need to go there and defeat the leader to progress in the story! We’re taking an in-depth look at how to beat Sophia, the leader of the Arissola Dojo! Beating the […]

Temtem Exp Share (Coward’s Cloak) – How to Get It!

One of the burning questions on everyone’s mind when it comes to Temtem is whether or not there’s Exp. Share? Well, it’s not the same as what Pokemon has been featuring recently, but there is an item you can obtain that will help you spread the experience you earn to another Temtem! This guide will […]