Roblox Star Codes (June 2021)

Roblox has created a partnership program of sorts that gives content creators and influencers a chance to earn revenue from their fans. These are called Star Codes, and they are only given out to some of the top Roblox video creators! So, we’re taking a look at all the influencers that have codes, and we’ll […]

BitLife Dark Knight Challenge Guide

It’s time to become a hero and put on the cape to strike fear in criminals across the city! This challenge will require you to be a male, live in New York, become a CEO, own a haunted Victorian home, own a Lamborghini and a helicopter, and achieve many black belts. If you want to […]

Fortnite Season 5 Punch Cards (Milestones)

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, it appears that punch cards have disappeared and been replaced by a milestones system! These are very similar to Punch Cards, but there’s currently no central location where you can view what you have completed. A lot of the requirements for completion are very similar as before, so many […]

Fortnite Master Chief Halo Skin possibly in the works!

Epic appears to be really accelerating the amount of crossovers they are doing in Fortnite. It is becoming a place for various different well-known media entities to promote their brands to a younger audience. We’ve recently gotten a whole season of Marvel, as well as a bunch of Ghostbuster skins that entered the game. There […]

A Fortnite Kratos skin is coming soon!

It looks like Fortnite could be getting some God of War influence in the near future. Kratos headlined the revamped God of War for the PlayStation which was well received and many people’s game of the year when it was released. He is a pretty iconic character for many gamers out there, and according to […]