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Fortnite Baseball Skins Could Be On The Way According to Leak!

The MLB season is almost underway, and according to a leak we might be seeing some baseball skins in Fortnite! Epic has done some partnerships in the past, most notably with the NFL to bring some great skins into the game that allow you to show off your favorite team. A partnership with the MLB […]

Fortnite Treasure Maps Coming Soon!

It is now official that the Buried Treasure Item is on the way to Fortnite! This was leaked previously when the Season 8 patch hit servers, but has now been officially announced in the Fortnite news feed. What does this all mean? Well, it looks like you’ll be able to find a map from a […]

Fortnite’s Next Vehicle Could Be a Hamster Ball?!

Fortnite has always kind of been a wacky game, but they seem to continue to push the envelope! If you look closely at the Season 8 Battle Pass promotion image, you will find a transparent ball sitting in the background behind the Ember skin. This is pretty clearly a Hamster Ball. These were created to […]