How to make pineapple pizza in Roblox Islands?

Whether the world thinks they belong together or not, Islands has made pineapple pizza a new recipe thanks to their Jan. 8, 2022 update. This recipe, which can be found in more detail below, consists of pineapple slices, tomato sauce, and dough—three ingredients that offer players an additional 50 HP boost when combined. For a brief overview […]

How to get pineapple seeds in Roblox Islands?

It’s no secret that the popular Roblox experience Islands takes many of its mechanics from the sandbox-style game Minecraft, including farming various fruits and vegetables. Recently added with the Jan. 8, 2022, update, players can now purchase pineapple seeds to help them make a new, and dare we say controversial, type of pizza. In this quick and easy […]

How to get exclusive Roblox gift card items? | January 2022

Are you looking for some exclusive items that few Robloxians will have? Grab some gift cards! Starting Jan. 1, 2022, Roblox has added free bonuses for those who purchase a Roblox gift card anytime during January. These items include hats, eyewear, backpacks, shoulder accessories, and more and can only be unlocked by entering the code found […]

How to complete all 2022 New Year’s Quests in Roblox Royale High?

The Royale High New Year’s quests for 2022 have officially been released, and they’re available until Jan. 15, 2022! Similar to the 2021 New Year’s Quests, players are attempting to earn the coveted Midnight’s Strike Popstar set. There are a total of six quests to be completed this year, with each quest awarding a different part of the […]

How to get the 2022 Celebration Headband in Roblox Royale High? | 2022 New Year’s Party

The Royale High 2022 New Year’s Party has officially started! Similar to the 2021 New Year’s celebration, players this year have the chance to earn a handful of in-game clothes and accessories that can be combined to form the coveted Midnight’s Strike Popstar set. Unique to this year, however, players can also earn an exclusive 2022 headband. In […]