Best Pool 1 Discard Deck in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap does offer a unique departure from typical collectible card games through its location and power systems, but it seems no card game can stay away from adding a discard theme to its library. This is the case with Marvel Snap, which features viable Discard packages at all levels of play, including Pool one. […]

Fallout 4 Trophy Guide

For achievement and trophy hunters, knowing is half the battle, be it how to unlock trophies or what trophies they have left to acquire. In the case of a game as massive as Fallout 4, information like a trophy list is imperative to success, and before they start to install mods on Fallout 4, many […]

Best Miles Morales PC Mods and How to install them

Modding games have gone from being viewed as hacking to a widely accepted and loved facet of gaming that can improve or transform a game. This is the case with Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which also features some great mods that allow tweaking the game experience to players’ liking. Below are some of the best PC […]

Best Moveset for Buzzwole in Pokemon GO

Being one of the Ultrabeasts, Buzzwole is an incredibly strong Pokemon. Sporting the rare Bug/Fighting type combination, Buzzwole can hit a ton of different Pokemon for supereffective damage and has great one-hit-knock-out potential. However, what is the best moveset for this exoskeletal eliminator? Pokemon GO – Best Buzzwole moveset Counter The Fast Fighting-type move Counter […]