How to link your Twitch and accounts

Twitch works with several other companies in the gaming industry to give their viewers items, loot, gear, and more through Twitch drops. This is done by linking your Twitch account with other accounts, such as your Blizzard Battle.Net account. How to connect to Twitch Here is how to link your Battle.Net and Twitch accounts. […]

How to buy a Twitch Gift Card Online

If you’re a gamer, chances are you have found yourself on Twitch at least once. This online streaming platform is one of the top places to watch your favorite streamer play. You can even support your favorite streamer by donating to their channel. One way you can do this is to buy Twitch Gift Cards. […]

How to download Twitch VODs

Downloading a Twitch VOD can be urgent, especially if you are worried about losing access to that content in the future. Thankfully, it doesn’t require too much work to take Twitch videos offline and into your gallery. How to save your own VODs Saving your Twitch account’s own VODs is a matter of planning ahead. […]

Chess player and Twitch Partner ‘GMHikaru’ has been banned from Twitch

A popular streamer on Twitch most known for his content surrounding Chess has been temporarily banned from Twitch. The punishment comes after GMHikaru was found to be streaming the content of another streamer who had been previously banned from the platform. Hikaru Nakamura, known on Twitch by his username GMHikaru, confirmed the reported ban on […]