How to change Channel in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is divided into servers that your character gets locked into upon creation. While it’s impossible to transfer servers, you can move from one Channel to another within your server to meet up with friends or play in a quieter or noisier environment—whichever you prefer! What does changing your Channel do in Tower […]

Does Tower of Fantasy have an official Discord?

Discord servers are some of the best ways to get guidance for quick questions, make new friends, and hang out with the Tower of Fantasy community outside of the game. Much like many other modern live service titles, Tower of Fantasy has a complete roster of social media accounts—including Discord. Here’s how you can find […]

Can you rename your character in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is an MMO, but desperate re-rollers may have missed that little detail while mass-creating accounts named reroll1, reroll2, and so on. If you find yourself regretting a bad naming decision and are too invested in your account to restart, don’t worry—you can certainly change your character username in Tower of Fantasy. But […]