Prove Dad Wrong By Selling Rocks Tycoon Codes (December 2023)

Updated December 7, 2023 On the lookout for the most recent codes! Forget about proving mom wrong—Roblox Prove Dad Wrong By Selling Rocks Tycoon challenges players to prove that they can get rich by selling rocks, even if Dad doubts it! This game allows you to run your own factory, hire workers, and even The […]

Strength Simulator Codes (December 2023)

Updated: December 7, 2023 We looked for additional codes! Roblox Strength Simulator is a training and fighting game where you can spend hours auto-training with punching bags to gain strength. Rebirth to gain more stats and show off your powers by punching walls, then top the leaderboards with the most wins. You can also explore […]

Roblox Basketball Legends Codes (December 2023)

Updated December 7, 2023 Checked for new codes! Roblox Basketball Legends is a multiplayer game where you can show off your skill on the court by forming teams and battling it out in classic basketball matches. You can train your blocks, passes, and other skills in a dedicated training area, gain stats, and earn Coins […]

Genshin Impact Version 4.3 Livestream schedule – Special Program date, time, and how to watch

Genshin Impact’s Livestream Special Program is an exciting event that the community can tune in to as HoYoverse announces what’s in store for the game’s next big update. You can preview new areas, characters, banners, events, Story Quests, and other announcements introduced by Genshin’s cast of characters. Most importantly, HoYoverse sends out around three Genshin […]

How to get the Fulgura Frango Challenger Series VIII Achievement in Genshin Impact

Fulgura Frango is a Genshin Impact Achievement under the Challenger: Series VIII series. You can get it by defeating the Millennial Pearl Seahorse while it’s attempting to reconstruct a Xenomare Pearl. This Achievement can be quite frustrating to unlock as it requires careful timing. It took me about seven times to complete it myself, so […]