How to get Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

Red Nucleus is a special currency in Tower of Fantasy, used to pull characters from the limited banner. Most players will want to focus their resources on this banner, as it offers a 50 percent chance of getting the featured character at pity, and a guaranteed featured character with a little more persistence. With that […]

Where to find Dandelions in Tower of Fantasy

Dandelions can be found all over Aesperia in Tower of Fantasy. They’re giant flowers that look like cotton balls, and sometimes hide amazing rewards inside! Dandelions always drop Dandelion Seeds, but a few flowers will float into the air, and you need to shoot them down to claim additional loot. Here’s everything you need to […]

How to claim Plot Rewards in Tower of Fantasy

Players can follow Tower of Fantasy’s main storyline by completing Story Missions, which are characterized by the orange quest navigator. Apart from receiving rewards for completing puzzles and Mission objectives, you can also claim Plot Rewards after reaching certain milestones in each Story Chapter. Here’s how you can claim them in-game. Where to claim Plot […]

How to unlock vehicles in Tower of Fantasy

Running around a giant map is a last-century affair. In Tower of Fantasy, you can explore the vast open world decked with a fancy motorcycle, a robo-bird, a flying car—or whatever mech floats your boat. Vehicles help you move quickly and can help you cross difficult terrain. They’re photogenic, too. Here’s how you can unlock […]