Warframe Blind Rage, explained and how to get

As a Tenno, getting the best mods is one of your prime objectives as you loot and shoot your way through waves of enemies in Warframe. Mods are attachments that attribute bonus stats and effects to your warframe, weapon, or your companion. One of the best mods for mid-to-late game players is the Blind Rage […]

Destiny 2 – Best Hand Cannons for PvP

Hand cannons are often some of the most popular weapons used by players for Crucible battles in Destiny 2. While they are not always the most efficient weapons for eliminating hordes of enemies in PvE, they are extremely viable in PvP combat due to their high damage potential. There are tons of hand cannons to […]

How to get Shin Godzilla in Kaiju Universe – Roblox

In Kaiju Universe, players get to live out their fantasy of being a city-ravaging monster as they destroy structures, gain experience, and fight other Kaijus on the map to assert dominance. Along the way, you can earn experience and G-Cells to unlock various bigger, better, and meaner Kaijus. One of these is fourth form of […]