Shuudan Best Personality Tier List – Roblox

Shuudan is an experience on Roblox where you play as a soccer player competing in matches against other players to establish yourself as the best egoist. When you start the game, you get a random player to train and level up their attributes. Each player can have one of nine different Personalities, each of which […]

Is Bomb Fruit good in Blox Fruits? – Roblox

In Blox Fruits, players have a large collection of Blox Fruits to choose from. When consumed, they grant you a host of unique abilities that can deal massive damage, but only one Blox Fruit’s powers can be wielded at a time. One Fruit that has been a matter of contention within the Blox Fruit community […]

Roblox The Survival Game Beginner’s Guide – The Survival Game Tips and Tricks

The Survival Game is a crafting and survival experience on Roblox where players collect resources and build a variety of structures. You spawn randomly in an archipelagic world filled with small islands, collect simple resources, build a boat, and set off to find a land to settle in. While the premise is simple, the sheer […]

All Gold Bar Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption is widely regarded as one of the best open world RPGs, thanks its brilliant storytelling and world building. While you traverse through the world, you will occasionally come across valuable items like jewelry and gold bars hidden away in the most obscure locations, as well as treasure maps that could lead you […]