Holocure Tier List (December 2023)

Holocure is a free-to-play fan-made game inspired by Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival. You play as a Vtuber idol from Hololive as you try to fight your way through enemies and save your fans. As you play, you’ll unlock a variety of characters who are also idols. I’ve made a list of these characters for […]

All Holocure Collabs – Weapon Combos

Holocure is an indie rogue-like based on the world of vtubers from Hololive, with gameplay drawing inspiration from the likes of Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival. As with all the best rogue-like shoot-em-ups, Holocure boasts an impressive arsenal of Items and Super Items. However, reaching the final stages of the game will require the player […]

All Holocure Unlocks & How To Get Them

HoloCure is an unofficial Hololive Productions fan-made game, created by Kay Yu, that you can download for free from the itch.io website. It’s an action-packed game like Vampire Survivors, but here you can play as depictions of any of your favorite Hololive VTubers as they battle to survive against waves of brainwashed fans. I’ve found […]

All Items and Super Items in Holocure

Holocure: Save The Fans is an indie roguelike game heavily inspired by games like Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival. In this frenetic shoot-em-up, you play as a Vtuber idol, taking on swarms of fans to reach the number one spot in the rankings. There are tons of characters to choose from and even more items […]