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Holocure is an indie rogue-like based on the world of vtubers from Hololive, with gameplay drawing inspiration from the likes of Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival. As with all the best rogue-like shoot-em-ups, Holocure boasts an impressive arsenal of Items and Super Items. However, reaching the final stages of the game will require the player to combine items to create weapons known as Collabs and Super Collabs. To do so means choosing the right items from the get-go.

In the following guide, I'll explain how you can create Collabs and all the possible Collab combinations available in Holocure.

All Holocure Weapon Combos

All Collabs in Holocure

Collabs in Holocure are high-tier items that can be crafted by combining two weapons. To craft a Collab item in Holocure, players must require a Golden Anvil to drop. The Golden Anvil will only have a chance to drop once the player has at least two weapons that have a valid Collab combination at level seven or higher. Once a Golden Anvil drops, simply walk up to it to start crafting a Collab.

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With that said, the following are all weapon Collabs available in Holocure.

CollabItems RequiredEffect
Absolute WallBounce Ball + Cutting BoardSummons four permanent walls around the player that deal damage and knockback enemies. Has a 10% chance to block enemy projectiles with one second cooldown.
BL FujoshiBL Book + Psycho AxeCreates two rings of books and axes that permanently spin around the player, dealing damage to enemies on contact.
Bone Bros.Cutting Board + EN's CurseRapidly launches volleys of wide slash attacks in the aimed direction while simultaneously firing a spray of gunshots in the opposite direction.
Breathe-In Type AsacocoHolo Bomb + Plug Type AsacocoRandomly throws out clusters of bombs around the player that explode and deal damage on impact.
Broken DreamsCEO's Tears + Spider CookingCreates a ring around the players that slows and deals damage to enemies in its radius and also causes a rain of damaging tears that bombard the entire map.
Crescent BardicheIdol Song + Psycho AxeCreates a large Halberd that swings in the aimed direction, deals heavy damage, and causes falling stars to drop on enemies hit to deal further damage.
Curse BallBounce Ball + EN's CurseCreates large stationary balls that emit damaging pulses in a small radius. When the player makes contact with a ball, it will be kicked away, bouncing off the edges of the screen and damaging any enemies they run over until the balls come to a stop, as well as extending their active duration.
Dragon FireFan Beam + Plug Type AsacocoBlasts a constant stream of flame in the aimed direction, dealing heavy and sustained damage to any enemy caught in its path.
Eldritch HorrorEN's Curse + Spider CookingPeriodically creates a massive vortex underneath enemies that continuously deals damage and slows them. When an enemy is defeated inside the vortex, there is a chance for the player to recover a random amount of HP, up to 5% of their max HP.
Elite CookingElite Lava Bucket + Spider CookingPeriodically generates large puddles of miasma from Spider Cooking at random areas around the screen, dealing continuous damage to all enemies inside the zones.
Flattening BoardCutting Board + Holo BombDrops huge cutting boards from above that hit enemies and deal heavy damage.
Frozen SeaBL Book + Warmy WaterSurrounds the player with a permanent ring of books that spin and deal damage to enemies. The books also fire random ice shards at targets, dealing further damage and slowing them.
Idol ConcertGlow Stick + Idol SongThrows out eight glowsticks around the player in a ring pattern that damages enemies and then explodes into musical notes after traveling a certain distance, dealing further damage to enemies.
I'm Die, Thank You ForeverHolo Bomb + X-PotatoThrows out bombs that attach to targets on contact and deal minor initial damage. When the targets are defeated, it triggers an explosion, dealing massive damage to enemies in a wide radius.
Legendary SausageBL Book + SausageCreates a long white sausage that spins around the player slowly and deals damage. The sausage spins faster when the player is moving.
Light BeamFan Beam + GlowstickThrows out multiple glowsticks around the player that explode into aimed laser beams after a small duration.
Lightning WienerPlug Type Asacoco + SausageUp to three glowsticks are thrown out, which home in on enemies. Upon contact, it causes lightning to strike the enemies and deal damage.
MiCometElite Lava Bucket + Psycho AxePeriodically throws three meteors at random locations that deal heavy damage on impact and leave behind a lava pool that deals continuous damage to enemies that step in them.
MiKoroneElite Lava Bucket + X-PotatoPeriodically launches several potatoes in random locations on the map. All enemies hit will be ignited, taking damage over time and leaving behind lingering pools of lava that deal damage to enemies who step in them.
Rap DogIdol Song + X-PotatoRapidly throws potatoes that bounce around the screen, causing all enemies hit to take 20% bonus damage from all sources.
Ring of FitnessBounce Ball + CEO's TearsThrows out a ring of bounce balls around the player that bounce off of enemies and terrain.
Snow Flower SakeGlowstick + Warmy WaterThrows out several bottles that cause snow-flake-shaped explosions on impact. All enemies hit have a 30% chance to freeze. Frozen enemies are immobilized and take continuous damage.
Stream of TearsCEO's Tears + Fan BeamCreates two permanent beams of tears that shoot out in opposite directions, and spin counterclockwise around the player.

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All Super Collabs in Holocure

Super Collabs are even stronger late-game items that are crafted by combining a Collab weapon with a max-level item. However, to craft a Super Collab, players will require a Golden Hammer. This item only drops once the player reaches level 50 or has acquired three Collab weapons. Additionally, the player must also have the necessary Collab weapon and items required to craft a Super Collab. Once these requirements are met, a Golden Hammer will appear. Now, whenever a Golden Anvil drops, players can craft a Super Collab weapon.

The following are all the Super Collab combinations available in Holocure.

Super CollabItems RequiredEffect
Holy FireDragon Fire + Gorilla's PawFires a stream of flames in a cone in front of the character, and also fires a stream of blue flames both at the aimed direction and at nearby enemies that wrap around them to deal damage over time. Additionally, multiplies all attack damage by 1.3x.
Idol LiveIdol Concert + Idol CostumeReduce your Special Move cooldown by 30%. When you activate your Special Move, increase all stats by 50% for 10 seconds. (30 second cooldown)
JingisukanElite Cooking + Uber SheepThrows out green zones of food around the player that deal continuous damage to enemies standing in them. If the player stands in these zones, they heal 3 HP per second. Additionally, passively increases max HP by 100.
Snow QueenSnow Flower Sake + SakeContinuously emits a stream of mist around the player that instantly freezes enemies on contact and deals damage. Also increases critical chance by 20%.

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All Holocure Collabs – Weapon Combos

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