How to throw a Party in Roblox Adopt Me

In Roblox Adopt Me, players can dress up in cool outfits, adopt cute legendary pets, and build awesome houses. But keeping up with the latest styles and decorating your house can be so much work! Sometimes all you want is to relax with your friends and forget about all the hard work you’ve completed.  Luckily, […]

How to get a Trident in Minecraft

The Trident is a rare item that can be used for both melee and ranged attacks in Minecraft. It can also be enchanted with magical abilities, like returning to the player when thrown and moving the player faster in water. Unfortunately, however, the Trident is a rare item that cannot be crafted with any materials. […]

Roblox files to go Public on the U.S. Stock Market

In uncertain economic times, the video game industry has managed to stay afloat all throughout the pandemic. One of those games in particular is Roblox, who has officially disclosed its filing to go public on the U.S. stock market, according to VentureBeat. At this time, the Roblox company did not comment on how much it […]

Among Us: How to check Server Status

This year, Among Us soared as one of the most popular online party experiences, and for good reason. This multiplayer social deduction game allowed us to interact with a host of friends while maintaining social distance. From the comfort of our own PCs and mobile devices, players have taken the roles of Impostor and Crewmate, […]

Shinobi Life 2 All Spawn Times

Weapons. Modes. Companions. Jutsu. Yeah, Shinobi Life 2 offers an overwhelming amount of content to discover. But it is not all available at once, which might frustrate some players or be a blessing to others. All of this content spawns twice throughout the day at specific times, so don’t fret – if you see someone […]