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All Teamfight Tactics Little Legend skins and how to get them

We're taking a look at all of the Little Legends cosmetics you can find in Teamfight Tactics!

Our Teamfight Tactics Little Legends List Guide features each and every tactician available to collect in TFT. Within the Little Legends List, I have listed every variant skin you can expect to receive when hatching an egg.

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How to get Little Legends in TFT

You start out with the River Sprite as your default avatar for free. After playing a few games, you will be able to choose from Silverwing, Runespirit, or Molediver as an option. After that, however, you will need to pay some money to get the ones you want. These are unlocked through Eggs (Loot Boxes), which can be obtained with Riot Points (RP), purchased with real-world money. You can also unlock various little legends through eggs obtained from the current season passes.

You can purchase eggs in the Tacticians section of the Store in TFT. You can narrow down the variant by purchasing a specific egg of the one you might want, but not all variants are available for purchase in that manner.

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General Egg and Bundle Prices

  • Individual Little Legend - 260 to 1900 Riot Points
  • Event Bundle: 5965 RP
  • Sentinels Starter Bundle 1: 260
  • Sentinels Starter Bundle 2: 650
  • Ruined Pengu Bundle: 650
  • Pass: 1295 RP

How to get Riot Points in TFT

The only real way to get Riot Points is to purchase them with real money. Here's a break up of how much they cost:

  • 575 RP - $4.99 USD
  • 1,380 RP - $10.99 USD
  • 2,800 RP - $21.99 USD
  • 4,500 RP - $34.99 USD
  • 6,500 RP - $49.99 USD
  • 13,500 RP - $99.99 USD

How to Upgrade Little Legends (Tacticians) in TFT

Each one currently has three tiers, similar to the stars that champions have in the game. To upgrade one of these, you need to have a specific variant and then acquire the same variant from an egg. That will level it up to the next tier! So, if you were to purchase three Molten Furyhorn Eggs, each one would tier up every time you opened it.

The good news is that if you have a specific variant fully leveled up, you will not receive it in a random Egg again. That means you should always get a unique variant you don't already own or upgrade to one that isn't maxed out.

All Available Eggs & Little Legends (Tacticians) – TFT Little Legends List

Here is a comprehensive list of all the Little Legends available for collection in the game. Each one of them has three tiers. You'll start at tier one, and if you open up the same one via an egg, it will level up to the next tier! Once you have one fully tiered, you will no longer receive them in eggs.

AatroxAbyssiaAhriAkaliAnnieAo ShinAshe
Chino DRX AatroxDarkin AbyssiaChibi AhriChibi AkaliChibi AnnieDark Star Ao ShinChibi Ashe
Chibi AatroxCalcite AbyssiaChibi Star Guardian AhriChibi K/DA ALL OUT AkaliChibi Panda AnnieFire Cracker Ao ShinChibi Dragonmancer Ashe
Willowbark AbyssiaChibi Spirit Blossom AhriDivine Ao Shin
Galaxy Slayer AbyssiaElder Ao Shin
Cosmic AbyssiaStar Forger Ao Shin
PROJECT: AbyssiaAo Shin
AbyssiaTerra Inktales Ao Shin
Darkspark Inktales Ao shin
Galeborn Inktales Ao Shin
Ember Inktales Ao Shin
Azure Inktales Ao Shin
Summer Splash Ao Shin
Power Chord Ao Shin
Pentakill Ao Shin
Disco Ao Shin
Mixmaster Ao Shin
Emo Ao Shin

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BaronBellswayerBun BunBungoBurno
BaronSugar Rush BellswayerBun BunBungoSugarcone Burno
Super Squad BaronBlood Moon BellswayerLunar Revel Bun BunHoneybuzz BungoBurno
Odyssey BaronBlack Mist BellswayerPorcelain Bun BunRosebloom BungoPROJECT: Burno
Star Guardian BaronBellswayerRed Hare Bun BunJade BungoFlametongue Burno
Star Nemesis BaronThunderstorm BellswayerLotus Bun BunAstral BungoGnarly Burno
Cosmic Scourge BaronYuletide BellswayerDelicious Bun BunDearest BungoBurno the Brilliant
Porcelain BellswayerChubby Coco Bun BunFeudal Future Burno
Triumphant BellswayerBattle Bunny Bun BunSpace Groove Burno
Victorious BellswayerRed Riding Bun BunGalactic Victory Burno
Space Groove Bun BunCooking Master Burno
Bunana Bun BunMech Pilot Burno
ChonccCraggleDangoDowiseDuckbillChibi Ekko
Earth Titan ChonccHextech CraggleGingersnap DangoKoi DowiseHoneybuzz Duckbill
Fireborn ChonccBlack Mist CraggleSugar Crash DangoIridescent DowiseDelivery Rush Duckbill
Atlantean ChonccTrue Ice CraggleBubblegum DangoJelly DowisePajama Party Duckbill
Precious Panda ChonccLegionnaire CraggleLemondrop DangoWaffle DowiseSugarcone Duckbill
Honeybuzz ChonccSandbringer CraggleLimeberry DangoNightbringer DowiseZaunite Duckbill
Lunar Beast ChonccSentinel CragglePorcelain DangoURF DowisePiltover Duckbill
Lunar Revel ChonccTriumphant CraggleLucky Lantern DangoPorcelain DowiseGoodest Duckbill
Lifeguard ChonccVictorious CraggleFirecracker DangoFortune DowiseJade Dragon Duckbill
Splash Town ChonccLion Dancer DangoLucky Noodle DowiseMost Festive Duckbill
Sun Kissed ChonccFiercest DangoExtra Spicy DowiseLunar Scholar Duckbill
Choncc the WiseRed Hot DangoSweet Petal DowiseFirecracker Duckbill
Drip Drummer ChonccLightning Quick DangoShan Hai Scrolls DowiseMischief Maker Duckbill
Disco ChonccSwift Blue DangoSpirit Blossom Kanmei Dowise
Mixmaster ChonccFierce Rose DangoSpirit Blossom Akana Dowsie
Pentakill ChonccResplendent DangoImmortal Journey Dowise
Emo Choncc
Pengu FeatherknightFenroarFlutterbugVoid-marked FuryhornFuwaGloopGrizzle
Sakura FeatherknightShurima FenroarSandbringer FlutterbugLionheart FuryhornDaystar FuwaHoneybuzz GloopSuper Squad Grizzle
Extra Spicy FeatherknightGolden FenroarBeevil FlutterbugTundra FuryhornLovestruck FuwaHextech GloopStar Guardian Grizzle
Cheeper FeatherknightKanmei FenroarIxtal FlutterbugSugarcone FuryhornEclipse FuwaFireborn GloopDark Star Grizzle
Ravenlord FeatherknightNightbringer FenroarTrue Ice FlutterbugMolten FuryhornLast Wish FuwaArcade GloopGroovy Grizzle
True Ice FeatherknightSkyborn FenroarLegionnaire FlutterbugWillowbark FuryhornFirecracker FuwaSugarcone GloopStar Nemesis Grizzle
Akana FeatherknightSodapop FenroarSentinel FlutterbugVictorious FuryhornLucky FuwaPop Groove Gloop
Kanmei FeatherknightAfterburner FenroarBirthday FluttercakeK/DA ALL OUT FuryhornChaos FuwaPizza Time Gloop
K/DA POP/STARS FeatherknightHextech FenroarTriumphant FlutterbugLunar Revel FuryhornVerdant FuwaPeachy Gloop
K/DA ALL OUT FeatherknightPulsefire FenroarVictorious FlutterbugLunar Beast FuryhornOrder FuwaShrimpy Gloop
Chaos PenguBounty Hunter FenroarK/DA POP/STARS FuryhornBirthday Surprise FuwaHearty Soup Gloop
Esports PenguStarchaser FuryhornPorcelain Gloop
Order PenguBlazing Star FuryhornGolden Custard Gloop
Ember Inktales FeatherknightStarcrossed FuryhornDJ Gloop
Terra Inktales FeatherknightDawnstar Furyhorn
Galeborn Inktales FeatherknightStar Nemesis Furyhorn
Darkspark Inktales Featherknight
Azure Inktales Featherknight
Ruined Pengu
Dragon Trainer Pengu
Chibi GwenShadowmask HauntlingHundunMoontipped HushtailChibi IreliaChibi JinxChibi Kai'Sa
Chibi Soul Fighter GwenLunar Claw HauntlingBlooming HundunFae HushtailChibi Divine Sword IreliaChibi Firecracker JinxChibi Dragonmancer Kai'Sa
Toxic HauntlingTwin Spirit HundunMonarch HushtailChibi Headliner K/DA POP/STARS Kai'Sa
Shadow Isles HauntlingNebulous HundunUntamed Hushtail
Fireborn HauntlingAll Seeing HundunMistberry Hushtail
Dark Matter HauntlingEternal Hushtail
Triumphant HauntlingKanmei Hushtail
Victorious HauntlingAkana Hushtail
Sentinel HauntlingK/DA POP/STARS Hushtail
Infernal HauntlingK/DA ALL OUT Hushtail
Elder HauntlingStardust Hushtail
Ocean HauntlingFoxfire Hushtail
Mountain HauntlingCloud Catcher Hushtail
Cloud HauntlingLovely Guardian Hushtail
Star Nemesis Hushtail

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Khat'SaiKnife HoundKnife PupLee SinLightchargerLuxMalphite
Khat'SaiKnife HoundKnife PupChibi Lee SinHigh Noon LightchargerChibi LuxChibi Malphite
Kraken Khat'SaiThunderstorm Knife HoundKernel Knife PupChibi Dragonmancer Lee SinCrystal LightchargerChibi Star Guardian luxChibi Mecha Malphite
Petricite Khat'SaiSoul Fighter Knife HoundLone Loaf Knife PupChibi Prestige Dragon Fist Lee SinLightchargerChibi Porcelain Lux
Sugarcone Khat'SaiAksana Knife HoundSoul Fighter Knife PupBlack Mist Lightcharger
Cosmic Khat'SaiShurima Knife HoundThunderstorm Knife PupSugarcone Lightcharger
Khaat'SaiShiba Knife HoundKanmei Knife PupArcade Lightcharger
K/DA POP/STARS Lightcharger
K/DA ALL OUT Lightcharger
Hot Rod Lightcharger
Hextech Lightcharger
Pulsefire Lightcharger
Groovy Lightcharger
Bubblegum Racer Lightcharger
Stellacorn Lightcharger

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Pop Queen MelismaBlazebattle MolediverChibi MorganaNimblefootVampire NixieNocteroSoloist Ossia
Prodigy MelismaSoft-nosed MolediverChibi Majestic Empress MorganaRedeemed NimblefootExtra Spicy NixiePulsfire NocteroProdigy Ossia
Hardhitter MelismaFresh-water MolediverForgotten NimblefootNeexieStar Guardian NocteroPumped Up Ossia
Shadow Beat MelismaSkydance MolediverNightbringer NimblefootMermaid NixieStar Nemesis NocteroBeatmaker Ossia
Beatmaker MelismaClumsy MolediverVerdant NimblefootNixieGentle Host NocteroPop Queen Ossia
MelismaAstronaut MolediverKinkou NimblefootRosebloom NixieSuper NocteroDragon Dancer Ossia
Kanmei MelismaToxic MolediverNemesis NimblefootVictorious Nixie
Akana MelismaChaos MolediverTriumphant Nixie
Lotus Dancer MelismaIronclad MolediverSocialite Nixie
Festive Fire MelismaOrder Molediver
Porcelain Melisma
Heavely Jade Melisma
Lucky Rabbit Melisma
Victorious Melisma

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Rosebloom PaddlemarPiximanderSugarcone PogglesPoroPrancieJeweled ProtectorQiQi
Tidepool PaddlemarHoneybuzz PiximanderFlametongue PogglesRed-Nosed PoroKoi PrancieReigning ProtectorBeatmaker QiQi
Glamorous PaddlemarShimmering PiximanderPogglesPo'RoRagewing PrancieSkygem ProtectorHardhitter QiQi
Caldera PaddlemarRioFroggo PogglesForgefire PoroJade PrancieShadowgem ProtectorBass Queen QiQi
Yuletide PaddlemarFruity Tooty PiximanderDeep Sea PogglesValiant PoroDarkflight PrancieSunborn ProtectorProdigy QiQi
Jade PaddlemarHextech PiximanderHoneybuzz PogglesSugarcone PoroEverfrost PrancieFierce ProtectorSololist QiQi
Galeborn Inktales PaddlemarSpotted PiximanderLion Dancer PogglesFluft of PorosLiu Li PrancieTriumphant ProtectorElectric QiQi
Terra Inktales PaddlemarLotus PrancieVictorious ProtectorGroovy QiQi
Azure Inktales PaddlemarPorcelain PrancieYear of the Tiger ProtectorHextech QiQi
Ember Inktales PaddlemarLantern PrancieArcade QiQi
Darkspark Inktales PaddlemarRoyal PranciePulsefire QiQi

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RaptorsRiver SpriteSentinel RunespiritScratchScuttleChibi SettShisa
Toucan RaptorsUFO SpriteGlacial RunespiritSwole ScuttleChibi HEARTSTEEL SettSundrop Shisa
Extra Spicy RaptorsStar Gurdian SpriteBlack Mist RunespiritDapper ScuttleHeroic Shisa
Koi RaptorsJade Emperor SpriteSeedling RunespiritSuper ScuttleCorrupted Shisa
Shuriman RaptorsDumpling SpriteBrambleback RunespiritStar Guardian ScuttleFirecracker Shisa
Murder of RaptorsChaos SpriteSakura RunespiritStar Nemesis ScuttleLittlest Shisa
Order SpriteBirthday RunespiritLunar Revel Shisa
Arcane SpriteTower Defense RunespiritLunar Beast Shisa
Plant Buddy SpriteDr. Shisa
Egg SpriteGalactic Destiny Shisa
Sauna SpriteSupreme Emperor Shisa
Super Squad SpriteSpace Groove Shisa
Super Evil SpriteMech Pilot Shisa
Potion SpriteCooking Master Shisa
Explorer Sprite
Scuba Sprite
Boba Sprite
Superfan Sprite
Mega Fan Sprite
Serenity Sprite
Ink Sprite

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ShorkSilverwingChibi SonaSquinkStarmawTeemoTocker
ShorkDemacian SilverwingChibi Guqin SonaSquinkGalaxy Slayer StarmawChibi TeemoPetal Dancer Tocker
Super ShorkRisebloom SilverwingChibi SonaOdyssey SquinkStarmawChibi Little Devil TeemoTocker
Kingpin ShorkLost SilverwingDreadnova SquinkGoo StarmawChemtech Tocker
Star Guardian ShorkSnow Cherry SilverwingCosmic SquinkOrcus StarmawLegionnaire Tocker
Star Nemesis ShorkDawnglow SilverwingSugarcone SquinkCosmic StarmawBlack Mist Tocker
Bite Size ShorkTropical SilverwingFruity-tooty SquinkDreadnova StarmawPetricite Tocker
Victorious SilverwingK/DA POP/STARS SquinkRegal Koi StarmawTriumphant Tocker
Star Guardian SilverwingK/DA ALL OUT SquinkVictorious Tocker
Cloud SilverwingCactus SquinkStar Guardian Tocker
Infernal SilverwingHigh Noon Squink
Ocean SilverwingOrder Squink
Mountain SilverwingKernel Squink
Elder SilverwingOutlaw Squink
Takoyaki Squink
Galactic Justice Squink
Mech Pilot Squink
Space Groove Squink
Edge Lord Squink
Ink Squink

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UmbraChibi ViWhiskerChibi YasuoChibi Zed
Thunderbeast UmbraStar Guardian WhiskerChibi Dragonmaster YasuoChibi PROJECT: Zed
Hexgold UmbraSuper Squad WhiskerChibi Prestige Dragonmancer Yasuo
Fruity-tooty UmbraStitched Whisker
Black Mist UmbraStar Nemesis Whisker
Blood Moon UmbraDark Star Whisker
Chaos UmbraUltra Threat Whisker
Draconic Umbra
Order Umbra
Lifeguard Umbra
Little Shark Umbra
Scuba Shark Umbra
Fruity Smoothie Umbra
Sunkissed Umbra
Slow Burn Umbra
Pentakill Umbra
Mixmaster Umbra
Emo Umbra
Disco Umbra

These are all the Little Legends you can obtain in Teamfight Tactics. Since updates come to TFT very frequently, we also get to obtain newer Little Legends often. So, be sure to check back soon to see if there are any new Little Legends for you to unlock for yourself in TFT.

For more Teamfight Tactics content, check out Teamfight Tactics Hotkeys – TFT Shortcuts You Should Know! and Is TFT down? How to check TFT PBE status here on Pro Game Guides.

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