Borderlands 3 Zane Builds – Digi-Clone, Barrier, & SNTNL Builds

We're taking a look at some of the top builds for Zane in Borderlands 3!

Our Borderlands 3 Zane Builds Guide features a look at some of the top options for the character and class. Zane has a lot of tactical ability on the battlefield! He can a clone for his enemies to strike at that takes the heat off of him, but can also spawn the SNTNL drone which will deliver heavy fire onto any nearby foes. If you're more of a team player, then you can run the Barrier ability which provides cover for you and your teammates in an open area!

Zane Builds

We're featuring multiple builds that you can choose from which take advantage of the different skill trees. It's very early in the game's lifespan, so we'll be rotating out builds here and there as more powerful options are discovered!

All-Around Build: Digi-Clone & Cryo

This is a great build that takes advantage of a lot of Zane's different skills that he has access to. If you're looking to be a bit more on the defensive side, we pick up a lot of different skills that will keep our enemies frozen in place! We max out Brain Freeze which slows our enemies repeatedly until they are frozen, and we combine that with abilities like Best Served Cold and Refreshment. These all pair very well with Calm, Cool, Collected which will regenerate our shield, health, or will instantly reset the cooldowns on our Action Skills if those are already full! That's pretty powerful in a build where we focus heavily on freezing enemies, and we can dish out a ton of punishment with our active abilities.

The build utilizes the Digi-Clone ability which also synergizes with our cryo passives by augmenting it with Binary System. This ability is also great for getting around the battlefield safely when we get into trouble. If we swap places with our clone, we'll immediately start recharging our shield due to the Quick Breather passive.

While we've got the bad guys focusing on the clone, we'll also have the SNTNL drone dishing out tons of damage as it flies around picking off foes. We pump up the damage with the augments by taking Boomsday which adds a rocket pod to SNTNL. This is taken further by the Almighty Ordnance augment that gives us the ability to target an area and have the bot launch a barrage of missiles on top of it. If we get a kill in this area, then the duration of SNTNL is reset!

We've got a full leveling guide for this build which you can find right here!

Under Cover Barrier Build

Build Credit to Crazymanfish90

We're going full on into the Under Cover skill tree for this build which will give us a lot of potential for protecting ourselves and teammates in the open. This is one of the ultimate team builds, but could also be used for solo gameplay because of the powerful Barrier. This build takes just about all the early skills to the max in the early parts of the tree, these skills either buff up our Barrier or reduce the cooldown rate on our abilities. This part of the tree is also very defensive. We take Stiff Upper Lip which gives us a lot of resistance, and we also grab Rise to the Occasion which ups our health regeneration.

To upgrade our Barrier, we take the All-Rounder augment that makes our barrier an all encompassing dome that will protect us from all sides. Maybe more importantly, we grab the Deterrence Field which deals shock damage and staggers any enemy that touches the shield! At the very end of the tree, we get ourselves Distributed Denial.  This is pretty sweet, it allows us to customize our Barrier because it gains the effects of our equipped Shield Mod.

This build combines the Under Cover tree with the Doubled Agent tree. This will give us a bit more options when our Barrier is on cooldown and allows us to jump around out of harm by utilizing the Digi-Clone!


Build Credit to Dragonslider12

We're focusing heavily on the Hitman tree in this build and looking to buff up our SNTNL and Kill Skills. This build is powerful because we can chain kills back-to-back which continually buffs our damage and increases the time our SNTNL and Barrier will be on the battlefield!

As mentioned, we're running a lot of skills that buff us up when we get kills, so look to get easy kills early in a battle and then set your targets on the beefier targets. The Kill Skills include gains and the activation of life steal, reload speed, movement speed, and even upgrading our shots to fire additional projectiles! We take SNTNL in this tree which is augmented by Winter's Drone that adds cryo damage that can freeze our enemies. We also grab the Almighty Ordinance that gives us the ability to paint an area for our drone to demolish with missiles.

All the way down at the bottom of the tree is the Seein' Red passive that activates all of our Kill Skills when we use our Action Skill. We've got two actions with Zane, so we should be able to trigger this quite often!

In the Under Cover tree, we're mainly concerned with grabbing some additional cryo skills to pair with our SNTNL. This also gets us buffs to Barrier which will make it easier on us to get kills and gain a ton of upgrades in relative safety!

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