Borderlands 3 Shift Codes List – VIP Codes, Golden Keys, & Rewards

We're taking a detailed look at Shift Codes, Golden Keys, and the VIP Program in Borderlands 3!

Our Borderlands 3 Shift Codes List Guide features a detailed look at how-to redeem and take advantage of these gifted codes! With Shift Codes you can gain access to cosmetics and Golden Keys! Those keys lead to you pretty sweet loot within the game, and can help you along your journey as you explore BL3. If you want to go even further, you can sign up for free to the VIP Rewards program as a Vault Insider and get a bunch of additional rewards!

What are Shift Codes?

Shift Codes are used to collect Golden Keys and various cosmetics for the different characters and classes in the game. They are distributed sometimes at random by following Gearbox and the Borderlands social channels, or they can be distributed during various events. You need a Shift Account to use the keys, so be sure to sign up for one.

How-to Get Golden Keys

Golden Keys can be obtained via Shift Codes or the VIP Rewards program. These Golden Keys can be used within the game to open up a chest that will give you random rewards. These rewards are usually a few weapons of different types that are at your current level. You can also get armor and grenade mods as well. Golden Keys are  redeemable at Sanctuary 3, which is your main hub in Borderlands 3.

Collecting Keys/Rewards

Once you get into the game, you might be wondering how-to obtain the keys. Well, go into a game, open up the game menu, and press Social. You should see an envelope icon at the top, press that to go to the Mail menu. From here, you should be able to collect any VIP rewards or Golden Keys you've obtained!

Borderlands 3 Shift Codes List

More Borderlands 3 Shift Codes have been popping up now that the game has been released. We're updating this post frequently with new codes, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often!

Redeeming Keys

You can redeem keys via the following three options:

Temporary Keys

Occasionally, limited time keys will be given out that have a short lifespan. We'll be updating this post with them, but we'll also be tweeting them out so follow us here. Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, gives out keys from time to time, so you might want to follow him as well right here!

  • (9/20/19) 1 Golden Key: KSK3T-SJJSB-Z5B5K-3TTBT-TX3TT
    • Expires on Sunday, 9/22 at Midnight CT!
  • (9/20/19) 1 Golden Key: CHKB3-FJT9J-SK3K5-T33JJ-95J56
    • Expires on Tuesday, 9/24 at Midnight CT!
    • You might need to redeem this code in-game if you're having trouble with the websites.

All Platforms

  • (9/14/19) Diamond Loot Chest Golden Key: ZFKJ3-TT6FF-KTFKT-T3JJT-JWX36
  • (9/14/19) Diamond Loot Chest Golden Key: 9XCBT-WBXFR-5TRWJ-JJJ33-TX53Z
  • (9/13/19) Diamond Loot Chest Golden Key: HXKBT-XJ6FR-WBRKJ-J3TTB-RSBHR
  • (9/13/19) Diamond Loot Chest Golden Key: Z65B3-JCXX6-5JXW3-3B33J-9SWT6
  • (9/13/19) Diamond Loot Chest Golden Key: ZRWBJ-ST6XR-CBFKT-JT3J3-FRXJ5
  • (9/13/19) 3 Golden Keys: ZFKJ3-TT3BB-JTBJT-T3JJT-JWX9H

Borderlands 3 VIP Codes List

The VIP Insider Program is something that you will have to separately sign up for if you haven't already. You'll first need to sign up for the aforementioned Shift Account, then you will then need to go to the Borderlands VIP area to connect your Shift Account to the program! Codes will from time to time be released for VIP Points where all you have to do is enter them on the VIP Code Redemption Page. Each code has a specific way to be redeemed which will be listed below. The date represents when it was added to this list so you can keep track of which ones you've likely already added!

Creator Codes

  • (9/14/19) 500 Points: EARLYACCESS
  • (9/14/19) 200 Points: PIETSMIET-BL3LAUNCH
  • (9/14/19) 200 Points: LARALOFT-BL3LAUNCH
  • (9/14/19) 200 Points: BONJWA-BL3LAUNCH

E-Mail Codes

  • (9/20/19) 250 Points: THEBORDERLANDSSHOW
  • (9/18/19) 1,000 Points: DONTFORGET
  • (9/17/19) 250 Points: JOYPUKE
  • (9/17/19) 250 Points: ALLBORDERLANDSALLDAY
  • (9/16/19) 500 Points: PS4MAYHEM
  • (9/15/19) 500 Points: 2KLOVE
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: BL3ATE3
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: BL3WELCOME
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: BUILDURSQUAD
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: CLAPTASTIC
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: DASHERZ
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: FIGHT4SANCTUARY
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: FORTNITEXMAYHEM
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: HEYSUGAR
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: LESSTHANTHREE
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: LOOTLOOTLOOT
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: MYMAIN
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: ONTHEHUNT
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: OVERONEBILLION
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: POWERUPEMAIL
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: SOHAPPYTOGETHER
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: FRESHBOOTY
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: DUCTTAPEMOD
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: ABCEASYAS123
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: OVERCLOCKED
  • (9/15/19) 100 Points: BL3REVEAL
  • (9/14/19) 1,000 Points: OVERABILLION
  • (9/14/19) 1,000 Points: JABBER
  • (9/14/19) 1,000 Points: ITSHERE
  • (9/14/19) 1,000 Points: UNBLINKINGEYE
  • (9/14/19) 1,000 Points: ALMOSTTHERE
  • (9/14/19) 250 Points: MADSKILLZ

Vault Codes

  • (9/20/19) 250 Points: ITSBEEN
  • (9/15/19) 300 Points: JOYPUKE
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: AIRLEMAGVIP
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: DIGISTRUCT
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: JVMVIP
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: LOADINGBAR
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: MAYHEM
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: PWR2PLYRS
  • (9/15/19) 250 Points: SEVENDAYS
  • (9/15/19) 100 Points: MEDIAMARKTVIP
  • (9/15/19) 100 Points: NEDGAMEVIP
  • (9/15/19) 100 Points: PLAYERONEVIP
  • (9/15/19) 100 Points: ALLYOURGAMESVIP
  • (9/15/19) 100 Points: BOLVIP
  • (9/15/19) 100 Points: GAMEMANIAVIP
  • (9/15/19) 100 Points: GAMEVIP
  • (9/15/19) 100 Points: INTERTOYSVIP
  • (9/15/19) 100 Points: SMARTOYSVIP
  • (9/15/19) 100 Points: YOURGAMEZONEVIP
  • (9/14/19) 1,000 Points: CHILDRENOFTHEVAULT
  • (9/14/19) 500 Points: ITSABOUTTIME
  • (9/14/19) 100 Points: DREAMLANDVIP

How-to Gain More VIP Points

Once you've got your Shift Account linked to your Vault Insider account, you can start doing things that will gain you points right away! You can check out all of the ways to gain points right here! For the curious, here's some of the ways they can be gained:

  • Take a Borderlands 3 Pre-Order Survey (If you've pre-ordered): 250 Points
  • Link a 2k Account or Twitch Account: 750 Points
  • Take a VIP Season 1 Survey: 250 Points
  • Watch Borderlands 3 Trailers/Videos: 250 Points
  • Check out Borderlands on social media platforms: 100 Points per Week
  • Many more...

VIP Rewards

VIP Rewards include various cosmetics, golden keys, wallpapers, and even weapons for the game! Take a look at all of the rewards right here. While you are there, you might as well spin the Weaponizer and receive a free weapon for Borderlands 2 & 3!

Heads & Skins

There are currently eight different cosmetics you can purchase with VIP points, two for each character. The heads cost 4,000 and the skins cost 3,000 points.

Golden Keys

Keys are available for 1,500 points, but you can't currently purchase them for Borderlands 3. They are only available for the previous games. I wouldn't waste your points on these, there's still a lot of Shift Keys floating around for those games at the moment.


If you want to dress up your desktop or mobile device, you can purchase wallpapers for 500 points each.


Believe it or not, you can purchase guns with your points as well. For 4,000 points you can purchase a variety of different guns, some for each game in the franchise. The Borderlands 3 options are level 10, so they could be useful to you while you are leveling up. These weapons count towards the eight reward weapons you need to obtain to unlock the special legendary Maliwan weapon for Borderlands 3!

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  1. Vault codes :

    AIRLEMAGVIP (250 Borderlands VIP points)
    ALLYOURGAMESVIP (100 Borderlands VIP points)
    Bolvip (100 Borderlands VIP points)
    DIGISTRUCT (250 Borderlands VIP points)
    GAMEMANIAVIP (100 Borderlands VIP points)
    GAMEVIP (100 Borderlands VIP points)
    INTERTOYSVIP (100 Borderlands VIP points)
    JOYPUKE (300 Borderlands VIP points)
    JVMVIP (250 Borderlands VIP points)
    LOADINGBAR (250 Borderlands VIP points)
    MAYHEM (250 Borderlands VIP points)
    MEDIAMARKTVIP (100 Borderlands VIP points)
    NEDGAMEVIP (100 Borderlands VIP points)
    PLAYERONEVIP (100 Borderlands VIP points)
    PWR2PLYRS (250 Borderlands VIP points)
    SEVENDAYS (250 Borderlands VIP points)
    SMARTOYSVIP (100 Borderlands VIP points)
    YOURGAMEZONEVIP (100 Borderlands VIP points)

  2. There are even more e-mail codes :

    2kLove -500
    BL3REVEAL – 100
    BL3ATE3 – 250
    BL3WELCOME -250
    Dasherz -250
    HEYSUGAR – 250
    MYMAIN -250
    ONTHEHUNT – 250

  3. 4 More missing E-Mail codes, not sure theirs point worth since they are pretty old(and I wasn’t even bothered to look when activated them)probably all of them are 250 ones, but still work flawlessly.


  4. I can confirm that all the current Golden Key codes for BL3 work when redeemed in-game, using the site is not necessary. (Only tested on PC version.)

      1. If you are having issues with your keys not going into your inventory go to your menu, click social, and then mail if it is not there wait about 10 minutes restart your game and check again this has worked for me.

    1. It work on all I’ve tested it on pc and ps4 and both work Fine just into the codes in the game not on the website and you get the keys

  5. The 3 golden key code can be used on the shift screen in game on BL3 as well now. I know that wasn’t an option at the writing of this, but just wanted to throw this out there now.

  6. I redeemed the codes. The 3-key Code on the old website and the 3 codes for PC on the new website. But I still don`t have any keys ingame. Someone got the same issue?

  7. If you claim the golden key code on the shift website it isn’t just for PC you can select which platform, I just claimed it for PSN