Borderlands 3 Money Farming Guide – Get SDUs & Cash Fast!

We're taking a look at some of the best farming methods for obtaining money in Borderlands 3!

Our Borderlands 3 Money Farm Guide will walk you through the best methods of gathering cash in the game! You'll need quite a bit of this cash to purchase all of those SDU upgrades that are a huge quality of life improvement when playing BL3.

What is Money Used for in Borderlands 3?

Money is used quite a bit more in Borderlands 3. It wasn't that great of a resource previously, but now it's the only way to purchase SDUs. Money can also be used for purchasing items and guns out of vending machines, and you'll be spending a fair amount to top off your ammunition.

What's an SDU?

SDU stands for Storage Deck Upgrade. What these do is enable you to carry more ammunition for the variety of weapons you will be using in the game. There's also SDUs for the amount of money you can carry, bank items you can store, lost items you can retrieve, and even the amount of items you can carry in your backpack. You will for SURE want to be upgrading these, and each time you upgrade one of them the price goes up significantly for the next upgrade.

These can be purchased on Sanctuary from Marcus' Munitions.

Borderlands 3 Money Farming

Here are some of the top options available to you if you're looking to farm for money! If you want to gather a bunch of Eridium, check out this guide here.

Grenade Farming: Rubber Cheddar Shredder

This method is a bit cheesy (literally), but it is very effective. You will need to have ordered the deluxe version of Borderlands 3 (Affiliate Link) to do it. This includes the Toy Box Pack, which gives you the Rubber Cheddar Shredder grenade mod. If for some reason you sold off this mod, you can always start a new character and you will receive your bonuses again. If you want to get it to your main character, you can join up with a friend on your new character, drop it on the ground, and then return with your main character to pick it up. Also, if you didn't purchase the deluxe version, have a friend who did create a new character and drop the grenade for you!

The Rubber Cheddar Shredder grenade mod features the perk, "Enemies drop a holy metric buttload of cash when damaged." That means, whenever you hurl a grenade at an enemy with this equipped, they will drop a bunch of money on the ground. There's two ways to take advantage of this to farm cash.

First, you can go out into the world and look for spawns of enemies that congregate together so you can damage many of them at a time. Boss fights are generally a good way to do this. This is an okay way to go, and you can do it solo. However, the next method is extremely more profitable.

The second method is to join up with a friend on Sanctuary. Go right next to the ammo vending machine and challenge each other to a duel. Once the duel starts, just start throwing grenades at each other. You'll deal damage and the money will start to fly! This is even better if your friend has the grenade mod as well. Once you run out of grenades, just refill your ammo at the vending machine. Continue to do this over and over until you have all the money you need. This method is even more convenient because you'll be right next to the SDUs that you can purchase!

Selling Items

This is a more traditional way to grind money if you don't want to use the previously mentioned method. It's also that farm gets removed, so it'd be good to know another way to get cash if you need it. The basic idea is pretty simple, find a way to get a bunch of guns quickly and then sell them at a nearby vending machine.

Early Level Farm

If you want to get some cash early in the game, then there's a pretty good monster spawn that yields some quick weapons that you can immediately return to the vending machine for some money. You'll want to be on Pandora and then travel to Ascension Bluff using the southwestern Fast Travel Station. Once there, pick up a vehicle that has weapons on it and drive south towards the area indicated on the following map.

You'll see a small cave in this area and some skags will spawn. Kill all of those until the special skag comes from out of the cave area. Kill that skag and collect its loot.

Run inside the cave area and you will find a gun chest. Loot the items from that and then exit to the main menu and re-enter the game. You will spawn right next to the vending machines so you can sell all the loot you just got, and you can then grab a vehicle and repeat the process again and again!

Late Level Farming

If you're further along in the game and have made it to the planet Eden-6, then there's a really easy way to farm up cash. Head on over to Floodmoor Basin and you will want to complete the with Wainwright Jakobs who has a mansion at the following area.

Once you complete his mission, he will invite you into his home. The home features two Jakobs weapon chests that are right inside of the house on either side of the entryway. Loot the chests and then sell all of the items at the nearby vending machine. Close out of the game to the main menu and then jump back in. You will be spawned right next to the chests again and you can loot them and sell as many times as you'd like!

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