Boyfriend Dungeon Gift Guide | best gifts for all characters

Despite all the dungeon crawling you’ll be doing in Boyfriend Dungeon, the “Boyfriend” (or girlfriend, platonic pal, etc.) part is what’s really important. Boost your relationship points fast by treating your favorite characters to the perfect gifts. Gifts will elicit one of three reactions: Love (+75 points), Like (+50 points), or Reject (0 points). You […]

Boyfriend Dungeon phone number puzzle guide

Boyfriend Dungeon is a pretty straightforward game—well, as straightforward as romancing shapeshifting weapons can be—but in order to recruit the elusive scythe witch Rowan into your circle of potential dates, you’ll need to first solve a number puzzle.  Some time after your first encounter with Rowan (which unlocks immediately after Jesse’s BBQ), you’ll return home […]

How to get Rowan in Boyfriend Dungeon

In Kitfox Games’s Boyfriend Dungeon, players go on dates with characters who shapeshift into different types of weapons. The higher your relationship rank, the more perks you’ll unlock with your weapon-beau, which is super helpful for exploring the dunji and defeating enemy hordes. For players who prefer an edgier approach to hack-and-slashing rather than, say, […]