All CS2 Spray Patterns

Spray and pray.

CS2 is one of the most popular FPS games on PC—one with a wide variety of weapons with unique spray patterns. Below, I'll show you how spray patterns work in CS2.

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All recoil patterns in CS2

Mastering the recoil patterns in Counter-Strike 2 is one of the most important things if you are trying to become a skilled player. Not only do you have to learn these spray patterns, but you also need to learn how to compensate for them with your mouse movements.

All rifles spray compensation in CS2

AK47 recoil compensation in CS2

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The AK-47 has been one of the most crucial weapons to master, as it is more powerful than its CT counterpart. While the first two to three shots are on target, the weapon then sprays in a wide pattern, as indicated by the transition from lighter to darker colors. To compensate for the recoil of the AK-47, you need to gradually move your mouse downwards, then to the left, right, and left again as the magazine runs out of rounds.

M4A4 recoil compensation in CS2

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The M4A4 is the counter-terrorist counterpart of the AK-47. This weapon is capable of hitting the first two to three shots on target before moving up in a pattern that is smaller than that of the AK-47. To compensate for the recoil of the M4A4, you will need to move your mouse downwards while slightly curving to the right, then move it to the left and back down to the right again.

M4A1-S recoil compensation in CS2

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The M4A1-S is another exclusive weapon for counter-terrorists. In my opinion, this rifle has the easiest spray pattern to learn among all the rifles in CS2. The M4A1-S is a suppressed weapon, meaning that its spray pattern is tightly packed. Even if you don't get it right the first few times, you will still be able to hit your enemy enough times to take them out.

The first three consecutive shots hit the target directly before slightly spreading out with the subsequent rounds. The method to compensate for the spray is similar to the M4A4. Move down slowly, then gradually move your mouse to the left and then to the right. If you remove the suppressor, the pattern is roughly the same, just a bit bigger.

SG553 recoil compensation in CS2

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The SG553 is a great purchase when you are running an eco round. You can use the weapon scoped or unscoped, with the pattern only slightly decreasing if you do scope it in. The pattern of the SG553 resembles the shape of the letter L. You can expect the first two shots to hit the target and then slowly move your mouse downwards in a loop before returning to the right. If you narrow down your focus, you will do the same thing, just on a smaller scale than before.

AUG recoil compensation in CS2

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The AUG is yet another great eco buy with a scope. The only difference is that the recoil pattern is smaller when scoped in. The AUG's recoil compensation method is quite similar to that of the M4A1-S, except for moving slightly back and to the left as your magazine is almost out of rounds. This allows you to get those last shots in. The first two shots are likely to hit the target with little need for adjustment.

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Famas recoil compensation in CS2

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The Famas is one of the best eco rifles you can buy on the counter-terrorist side. The only downside it has is its magazine capacity of 25 rounds, which means you have to be selective with your shots. The recoil pattern of the Famas is quite similar to that of the AK-47 but slightly tighter, with less leftward movement and a loop back. You can expect the first three shots to always hit the enemy.

Galil recoil compensation in CS2

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The Galil is the closest weapon to an AK-47 in my opinion. Not only is it exclusive to terrorists, but it also has an almost identical spray pattern to the AK, albeit slightly shorter. You can almost always expect the first three shots to hit the target, with the remaining shots being more spread out unless you can adjust your mouse movements to compensate for the spray.

All SMG spray compensation in CS2

MP7 recoil compensation in CS2

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The MP7 is a submachine gun available to both terrorists and counter-terrorists. Since the MP7 has a higher rate of fire, the pattern is a lot tighter compared to rifles. As a result, you can expect the first five to seven shots to hit the target more accurately. Following this, you need to maintain a firm grip on the right side while gradually moving back to the left side as you lift your mouse upwards.

MAC-10 recoil compensation in CS2

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The MAC-10 is one of the easiest submachine guns to use, in my opinion, and its spray pattern is quite straightforward. You just have to position your spray line in a backward letter L shape, starting from the top and moving downwards. Make sure to return sharply to the right as your clip runs out. The SMG's spray pattern is spaced quite uniformly, and when combined with its high rate of fire, it increases the likelihood of hitting someone.

UMP-45 recoil compensation in CS2

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The UMP-45's spray pattern is closest to a straight line compared to any other SMG you will fire in CS2. The only downside is that it only has 25 rounds in its magazine, so you may run out of bullets before you even realize it. To compensate for the recoil, you simply need to pull down on the weapon for the first half of the clip, then make a small loop from left to right to finish it off.

P90 recoil compensation in CS2

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The P90 is the most legendary SMG in CS2, not only because it is the easiest SMG to use but also because it has become the foundation of plenty of memes for the Counter-Strike community. The P90 contributes to the "spray and pray" culture due to its 50-round magazine size.

With that being said, it's also easy to use the P90 since the number of bullets gives you plenty of time to correct your spray pattern. In general, you'll do just fine by pulling your mouse down halfway through the magazine. However, you should also make a right turn as you bring it back to the left and finish off with short left and right movements by the time you're out of rounds.

PP-Bizon recoil compensation in CS2

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PP-Bizon has the highest magazine capacity among all the SMGs in CS2. The only downside is its low damage and rate of fire, so you would really need to catch an enemy off guard in order to take them out using the PP-Bizon. The spray pattern may seem complicated, but it can be easily executed due to the high rate of fire. You can simply pull down on your mouse after about 20 rounds, moving left and right in a continuous horizontal circle until you reach the end.

LMGs such as the M249 and Negev have large magazines, allowing you to easily control the recoil by pulling down on your mouse while bullets are being fired from the barrel towards the enemy. Also, it is worth mentioning that the Negev has a spray pattern that resembles a straight line.

As a matter of fact, all weapons in Counter-Strike can be mastered through practice. Over time, you develop a sense for each weapon as you fire it, automatically learning to adjust your shots based on the pattern of bullet formation on any surface.

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How to practice spray in CS2?

There are hundreds of community-made maps on the Steam Workshop with unique and complex mechanics designed to help you practice spraying in CS2. You can try using the following as an example:

Simply subscribe to the map, launch the game, and start a practice session on the map. Everything else is pretty straightforward. In case you are not a fan of this, you can simply start an offline session with or without bots and practice shooting at a wall.

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All CS2 Spray Patterns

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