Cube World Pets Guide – Pet Food List, How-to Tame!

Our Cube World Pets Guide will teach you how-to tame pets and features a full list of the foods you will need to make your favorite pet friendly! You'll want to get yourself a pet if you want to go far in Cube World, they make valuable allies and can even be ridden on.

How-to Tame

It's pretty simple! You just need the specific food for the particular pet you want to tame (listed below). Once you have that, go to your inventory and click on it. Your character should now be holding the item out in front of them. You can now walk up to the animal and they should attempt to eat the food and have a heart over their head once they are tame!

How-to Ride

You'll need to find Reins. These are region-locked items, so you'll have to find them each time you enter a new region. Talk to NPCs all over and they will hopefully tell you where they are eventually (you can also just get lucky and run into them while exploring). Once you learn their location, head over there and collect them. You can now use the T key on a rideable pet to hop on!

Naming Your Pet

You can use the "/namepet NAME" command to name your pet! Press Enter to enter a command or chat with other players.

Where-to Find Pet Food

The food can be found by slaying various creatures or out of chests you can find around the lands! You can also oddly enough find them from deposits. For example, I found a Lollipop from an Emerald Deposit! This is pretty random, so hopefully there ends up a way to more reliably find some of these items. You'll know the food is for a pet because it will be listed under the pets tab in your inventory.

Pet Food Taming List

If you want to avoid spoilers, you can talk to NPCs in game and they will sometimes give you tips on which food is required for what animal. If you just want to know what to use, then take a look at the list below! Let us know in the comments if there's something we're missing.

  • Apple Ring - Crocodile (Rideable)
  • Banana Mash - Warthog
  • Banana Split - Monkey
  • Biscuit Roll - Bumblebee
  • Blackberry Marmalade - Porcupine (Rideable)
  • Bloodorange Juice - Mosquito
  • Bubble Gum - Collie (Rideable)
  • Blue Jelly - Blue Slime (Rideable)
  • Bread - Bark Bettle (Rideable)
  • Buckhorn - Beaver (Rideable)
  • Cabbage Rolls - Snail (Rideable)
  • Candied Apple - Horse (Rideable)
  • Candy - Black Cat (Rideable)
  • Caramel Chocolate Bar - Desert Runner (Rideable)
  • Carrot - Bunny (Rideable)
  • Cereal Bar - Chicken (Rideable)
  • Cinnamon Roll - Turtle (Rideable)
  • Chocolate Cake - Raccoon
  • Chocolate Cookie - Peacock (Rideable)
  • Chocolate Cupcake - Brown Alpaca (Rideable)
  • Chocolate Donut - Mole
  • Chocolate Ice Cream - Baby Mammoth
  • Cotton Candy - Sheep (Rideable)
  • Croissant - Scottish Terrier (Rideable)
  • Curry - Fire Beetle (Rideable)
  • Date Cookie - Camel (Rideable)
  • Eucalyptus Candy - Koala
  • Fruit Basket - Fly
  • Ginger Tartlet - Parrot
  • Green Jelly - Green Slime (Rideable)
  • Lemon Tart - Lemon Beetle (Rideable)
  • Licorice Candy - Crow (Rideable)
  • Lollipop - Owl
  • Lolly - Snout Beetle (Rideable)
  • Mango Juice - Bat
  • Melon Ice Cream - Midge
  • Milk Chocolate Bar - Plain Runner (Rideable)
  • Mineral Water - Radishling Sprout
  • Mint Chocolate Bar - Leaf Runner (Rideable)
  • Mixed Salad - Caterpillar (Rideable)
  • Pancakes - Biter
  • Peanut - Baby Elephant (Rideable)
  • Pink Jelly - Pink Slime (Rideable)
  • Popcorn - Hornet (Rideable)
  • Pumpkin Mash - Pig (Rideable)
  • Radicchio Salad - Earth Catepillar (Rideable)
  • Raspberry Juice - Flamingo
  • Salted Caramel - Seagull
  • Soft Ice - Penguin
  • Spring Water - Cormling Sprout (Rideable)
  • Strawberry Cake - Squirrel
  • Strawberry Cocktail - Crab (Rideable)
  • Sugar Candy - Duckbill (Rideable)
  • Vanilla Cupcake - Light Alpaca (Rideable)
  • Waffle - Terrier (Rideable)
  • Water Ice - Spitter
  • White Chocolate Bar - Snow Runner (Rideable)
  • Yellow Jelly - Yellow Slime (Rideable)
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  1. Is there a way to tame a snow leopard?

  2. Chicken is rideable

    1. Fixed, thanks.

  3. Just got a Rice Milk chocolate bar. No idea what animal it’s for

  4. Snail and earth caterpillar are rideable. So is the hornet though the speed seems to be slower. You can also pick up/throw the hornet. I’ve also noticed chocolate donuts dont seem to work for Moles? Has anyone else encountered this issue?

    1. Fixed, thanks!

  5. The cormling sprout is rideable, but is slower than other pets

    1. Fixed, thanks!

  6. Can the Shepherd dog finally be tamed?

  7. what is the one for Shepard dogs?

    1. Pretty sure they can’t be tamed.

  8. Someone know if the alpha dog can be tamed?

  9. Just wanted to say that Raspberry Juice – Flamingo is said twice in the list.

    1. Whoops, fixed!

  10. Caterpillar is rideable! Also the turtle was rideable in alpha (im guessing and hoping that is rideable now as well). And the baby mammoth and chocolate ice cream are mixed up in order in the list(first is the mammoth and then the food)

    1. Fixed, thanks!

  11. Any ideas what pet the chocolate ice cream goes to?

    1. Baby Mammoth!

  12. Buckhorn – Beaver – Rideable

    1. Added, thanks!

  13. I have a Mineral Water. wonder what its for, not listed here but I do have one under pets.

    1. It’s for the Radishling Sprout apparently. I’ve updated the list!

  14. Carterpillar – Mixed Salad

    1. Crab is rideable

      1. Thanks, fixed!

    1. Fixed, thanks.

  15. Eucalyptus Candy=koala

    1. Updated, thanks!