Dark and Darker Server Unavailable – How to Fix

Dark and Darker combines the thrill of dungeon crawling with the exhilarating challenge of permadeath. Work alone or together as you dive into the depths of Dark and Darker’s dungeons in this online title. However, an online game can cause issues like an unavailable server error. This may leave you wondering how to fix the […]

Best Dark and Darker Solo Classes

Dark and Darker is a challenging dungeon-crawling title sending players into the depths of danger with little chance of escaping alive. You can play with a group to increase your odds of success, but some players prefer to go it alone, regardless. This may leave you wondering what the best Dark and Dark solo class […]

How to extract in Dark and Darker

Hardcore dungeon-crawling awaits you in Dark and Darker, whether you prefer to dive in alone or in a party. You will often die as you battle monsters, fight other players, and collect loot. With each death, you will notice that you lose everything collected, which may leave you wondering how to keep loot in Dark […]